Tuesday, October 19, 2010

John Boehner CRIED to
Get BUSH Bankste
r-Bailout Passed !

By Greg Jones
National Director

As the GOP, with the aid of the media, constantly and falsely tells Americans that everything is President Obama's fault; from the high deficit and high unemployment rate to the wallstreet/bankster bailout itself, just an elementary degree of research shows that not only was President Obama NOT President at the time of the Bush bailout, but REPUBLICANS were actually the driving force in the bailout's passage, a fact unreported by our 'great' media. Below is a video of Republican House Minority Leader John Boehner who, in the midst of the Bush economic collapse in September of 2008, to convince his fellow Congresspeople to vote yes, literally begged, complete with tears, for the passage of the Bush bankster bailout.

So when folks try to blame President Obama for America's economic condition (which was actually caused by Bush)...or they try to blame The President for our high deficit (which was also caused by Bush)...or they try to blame The President for the high unemployment or the bailout itself (definitely Bush) simply forward this video to them, post haste. The GOP, in cahoots with the corporate media, are both hoping America has attracted a bad case of amnesia with their constant "Obama did it" meme. But here it is....the TRUTH ! Hate to see a Republican grown man cry...especially to give our taxpayer dollars to the wallstreet crooks....but here it is.


Fight Lies With TRUTH !
...and GOTV !

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