Saturday, October 23, 2010

Major Job Losses Started Under Bush-
NOT President Obama

By Greg Jones
National Director
Blacks4Barack Org.

While the media-assisted G-No-P attempt to claim that all of the job losses in America are the fault of President Obama, FACT IS, during the last 6 months of the Bush administration, close to 4 MILLION jobs were lost, as displayed by the above chart. Also, the chart proves that in January of 2009, America experienced the worse job losses in a single month with close to 763,000 in total. President Obama was not sworn into office until Inauguration Day January 20, 2009, which means that 2/3rds of January's loss was during Bush's watch. What's disappointing is the fact that these facts/numbers are readily available (and known) by our 'great' media but due to their obvious desire to manipulate to benefit (cheat for) the G-No-P, the corporate media has purposefully withheld these facts from the American people, in order to falsely allow The President to be blamed INSTEAD of Bush.

As evident by the above chart, which was tabulated by the U.S. Congress, it is obvious that there has also been a steady decline in unemployment beginning the very first full month of President Obama's term. The President stresses regularly that we have a long way to go to solve America's unemployment problems, and now when The President states that the Republicans " drove the car (economy) into the ditch "...and that the Democrats are trying to get it out...there's nothing like a simple chart to drive the point home. Share this everywhere....since the media WON'T.

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