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Sunday, November 22, 2009

With 60 Vote Win-Senate
Health Care Battle Begins

Going To Be Up To WE THE PEOPLE !

Greg Jones

In a rare Saturday session the Senate voted 60-39 for the Senate health reform bill to proceed to the full Senate floor for debate. At this next stage, which begins after Thanksgiving break, all 100 Senators will have the opportunity to add amendments/changes or take things away from the current version of the bill. There are a number of key components of the bill which are certain to stir much discussion including the mandate (law that everyone must have/buy health insurance), the end of discrimination due to pre-existing health conditions, the barring of federal funds to be used for abortions (which is already in the bill but certain obstructionists want to use this issue to block health reform), anti-trust exceptions which currently allow private insurance companies to continue monopolies in different regions, whether there will be a public option and how strong (competitive) it will be, subsidies and the opt-out clause giving each state the right to NOT offer the public option (more affordable insurance) to residents of their state.

During Saturday's Senate 'discussion' leading up to the vote certain Democratic Senators have already voiced their opposition to a strong public option including Senators Lieberman, Landrieu and Lincoln.

Throughout the upcoming debate, which could take weeks if not longer, it is of vital importance that We The People work diligently contacting all of our Senators to let them know that we MUST have a STRONG public option, the ONLY method that could truly drive unaffordable premium costs down, particularly since there will be the law/mandate forcing everyone to have or buy insurance or be penalized. Considering the current economic conditions, a mandate, combined with high-priced, unaffordable insurance rates would be a true recipe for disastrous results.

We must also contact Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in mass to let him know that WE KNOW that he CAN use the procedure known as RECONCILIATION to get the bill passed in which only 51 votes are needed for passage instead of 60-making Lieberman, Landrieu, Lincoln, Stupak and a few others irrelevant, and therefore should NOT be catered to.

Now, the true, hard work begins. We are hearing numerous politicians, including former President Bill Clinton say that we 'must pass something'. That is incorrect...fact is if the wrong thing is passed it could actually be worse for millions of Americans than it is now. We must pass something that TRULY creates access to quality health care FOR ALL ! Currently 44,000 Americans are DYING per year due to the lack of health care.

It will be up to We The People to...

Quality Health Care For ALL !!!

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