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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Senate Health Care Debate Kicks-Off
Time For US To Fight !

On Monday, the Senate began debate toward crafting the final health care reform bill. During this process, which is anticipated to take at least a few weeks, Senators will have the opportunity to propose amendments or changes to the House and Senate bill(s) as they currently exist. During this process it is important that We The People stay engaged by speaking out to fight and DEMAND that certain measures are included in the final bill. Most important is the inclusion of a strong, competitive public option which will help drive insurance premium costs down through competition. Another very important element will be the start-up date. In the House version start-up is scheduled for 2013 while the Senate's start-up is one year later 2014. (Read House Bill vs. Senate Bill below for quick summary of each). Also important is the question of whether the public option will contain an opt-out or opt-in clause: allowing each state to deny participation in the public option program. There is also the question of the financial assistance or 'subsidies'-which come in different forms (see link below 'What Are Health Care Subsidies') designed to make insurance premiums more affordable, a very important aspect of the bill considering the mandate or law certain to be included in the bill forcing all Americans to have/purchase health insurance or be penalized.

The Senate debates can be seen LIVE on CSPAN 2 and we recommend watching whenever possible.

Get your Congressperson/Senator's

Contact Senator Harry Reid

Call the White House Comment Line:
202-456-1111 / 202-456-1112
State that we MUST have a strong Public Option

Comparing Health Care Bills:
House vs. Senate (a quick summary)

What are health insurance 'subsidies'
(read pdf)

The most important changes in American history occurred, not out of the kindness of our politician's hearts, but due to the mass voices of The People. Civil Rights...Women's Rights...Voter's Rights...Fair Housing Rights...the Right to Freedom...just to name a few. Now, We The People must do everything we can to call...fight...DEMAND the Right to
Quality Health Care for ALL !

Spread the word...Recruit others to
Join The Fight...

Yes We WILL !