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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Hillary Was On Walmart Board Of Directors

Why Such A Big Secret ?

Even Wal-Mart, the largest and arguably most powerful corporation in the country, is no match for the triangulation, pandering and obfuscation of Hillary Clinton. With Wal-Mart rating as public enemy number one among many liberals, progressives and just regular voters, Clinton is finding her past ties to Wal-Mart too hot to handle so, presto, over the side the Beast of Bentonville must go.

For those not in the know, Clinton served on Wal-Mart's board for six years prior to her husband's run for the presidency. She recently received $5,000 from Wal-Mart. I've raised the Wal-Mart relationship repeatedly in my current race against Clinton and it causes deep unease among voters. I believe it speaks to the incumbent's close ties to abusive corporate power: her large corporate financial contributions, her support for so-called "free trade" (which is simply trade to benefit corporations) and her unwillingness to confront corporate power that denies every American, among other things, universal health insurance.
So, I had to chuckle when I read that Clinton, having never said a bad word about the company in the past, recently said that Wal-Mart should pay more for its workers' health benefits. And, to boot, she returned the $5,000 she had received from the company. But, when asked what she did about the company's benefits for workers when she served on the board, she replied, "Well, you know, I, that was a long time ago ... have to remember..."
You can't have it both ways. You can't promote an image of being an intelligent woman who has a pile of facts at her fingertips but, at the same time, you suffer a sudden bout of amnesia when asked to answer for your record. And it would be an inconvenient record to defend.
In 1992, Wal-Mart was simply smaller than it is today. But it was still huge, with $43.9 billion in net sales, 1,714 stores and 371,000 employees. Even in 1992, Wal-Mart was already the world's largest retailer.
And the board Hillary Clinton sat on was rabidly anti-union, was exploiting sweatshop labor around the world, discriminating against women workers, forcing workers to labor off the clock and destroying communities that did not want them. This should not be a shock: Clinton was a partner in the Rose law firm, one of the most active anti-union law firms in the country.
So, the question still remains: what did Hillary Clinton do -- or, not do -- when she served on the board of Wal-Mart? Maybe, if her memory was refreshed, she could tell us how she protested the company's relentless union-busting, expressed feminist outrage at the widespread discrimination against women and was horrified that the mushrooming wealth of the Wal-Mart family was made possible on the backs of slave labor around the world.
Her behavior then, when the spotlight was not on and her record did not matter to voters, should tell voters a lot more about her principles and values than the carefully orchestrated image New Yorkers try to figure out now. The voters deserve to know.
By: Jonathan Tasini

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Want WAR in IRAN ?....VOTE HILLARY !!!

(Despite recent NIE findings we must ask ourselves if Hillary's commitment to the PNAC is stronger than her commitment to America)

From: Jerusalem Post
Democratic presidential candidate and New York Senator Hillary Clinton said Tuesday that it might be necessary for America to confront Iran militarily, addressing that possibility more directly than any of the other presidential candidates who spoke this week to the National Jewish Democratic Council.

Clinton first said that the US should be engaging directly with Iran to foil any effort to gain nuclear weapons and faulted the Bush administration for "considerably narrowing" the options available to America in countering Iran.
Still, she said, all avenues should be explored, since "if we do have to take offensive military action against Iran, it would be far better if the rest of the world saw it as a position of last resort, not first resort, because the effect and consequences will be global."


Sunday, September 9, 2007


The key to seeing Barack Obama become our next President is for ALL voters (particularly black) to turnout in heavy numbers to vote in their primary election. The primaries will determine who the 1 Democrat and the 1 Republican will be who are on the November ballot for President. In other words, if Barack does not win the's all over !!!! Some people are not aware of the vital importance of voting in the primary. Maybe that's the way the system wants it to be. They also make it a bit confusing, on different days per state, possibly in hopes of deterring people from casting their vote. So we have to defeat the tactics of the system and show up in record numbers. Below is a chart which shows the dates of all of the primaries per state. Find your state, then ...MARK YOUR CALENDAR !!! You MUST vote in the primary ! Tell your friends, family, co-workers, everyone you know....the primary vote is the key ! When Barack wins the primary, he will be the Democratic candidate for President of The United States. If he loses, his race for Presidency is over. We have the our vote.....

2008 Primary election dates per state. Find your state...mark your calendar...and vote BARACK OBAMA in 2008 !


January 14, 2008 Iowa
January 19, 2008 Nevada caucus
January 22, 2008 New Hampshire primary
January 29, 2008 South Carolina primary
January 29, 2008 Florida primary
Super Tuesday, or the National Primary.


Alabama primary
Alaska caucus
Arizona primary
Arkansas primary
California primary
Colorado caucus
Delaware primary
Georgia primary
Idaho primary
Illinois primary
Missouri primary
New Jersey primary
New Mexico caucus
New York primary
North Dakota caucus
Oklahoma primary
Tennessee primary
Utah primary

February (remaining)

February 9, 2008 Lousiana primary
February 9, 2008 Michigan caucus
February 9 2008 Nebraska caucus
[18] 51 17 10 78 19 97 February 10, 2008 Maine caucus
February 12, 2008 District of Columbia primary
February 12, 2008 Maryland primary
February 12, 2008 Virginia primary
February 19, 2008 Wisconsin primary
February 26, 2008 Hawaii primary
March, 2008 American Samoa primary
March, 2008 Democrats Abroad primary
March, 2008 Guam primary
March, 2008 U.S. Virgin Islands primary
March, 2008 Wyoming primary
March 4, 2008 Connecticut primary
March 4, 2008 Massachusetts primary
March 4, 2008 Minnesota
March 4, 2008 Ohio primary
March 4, 2008 Rhode Island primary
March 4, 2008 Texas[21] primary
March 4, 2008 Ohio primary
March 8, 2008 Kansas primary
March 11, 2008 Mississippi primary


April 22, 2008 Pennsylvania primary May 6, 2008 Indiana primary
May 6, 2008 North Carolina primary
May 13, 2008 West Virginia primary
May 20, 2008 Kentucky primary
May 20, 2008 Oregon primary
June 1, 2008 Puerto Rico primary
June 3, 2008 Montana primary
June 3, 2008 South Dakota primary MARK YOUR CALENDAR......
Vote BARACK OBAMA in your Primary !


There are only 18 states with 1 million or more black residents....these are key states where blacks must come out in record numbers for Obama ! The states are:
New York, Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, N. Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, S. Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia

MARK YOUR CALENDARS: Together....we WILL make a Difference !!!