Saturday, October 30, 2010

Black Vote Will Be The Key Tuesday
If You Think It's Bad Now-
Just Let The GOP Win.

By Greg Jones
National Director

ith less than 48 hours until the most imp
ortant midterm election in modern day history, the 'expert' pundits continue the rants that the GOP/Tea Party is certain to take over the House and possibly the Senate as well. During the past two weeks President Obama has traveled the country holding Moving America Forward rallies which have generated upwards of 30,000 attendees, all Fired Up and Ready To Win, proving false the media claims that Dems are not energized.

Early voting across the country has witnessed long lines of eager voters with reports that the vast majority are, in fact, Dem voters, another sign of the Fired Up spirit of Dems. Also, during the past couple weeks, Rev. Al Sharpton has traveled the country with a GOTV campaign designed to emphasize the importance of voting in this midterm to Black voters. On his daily nationally syndicated radio show, Black callers regularly voice their views regarding the upcoming election. Most are Fired Up...Ready to Win. Then there's the group which starts their calls with the same statement..." Obama hasn't done anything for Black why should I vote ?"

Recently, I posted The 244 Accomplishments of President Barack Obama (click link to read) which has received a decent amount of exposure tha
nks to the power of social media, although his accomplishments are rarely discussed in our 'great' media. Just one quick glance at the list proves that The President has done more in the last 20 months than most presidents have in 2 full terms. And the interesting thing about the list is that none of the accomplishments listed say 'for non-Blacks only'.

My point is, every one of the accomplishments that have been achieved have been for all Americans, which certainly includes all of my
Black bothers and sisters. Looking at the list from a Black perspective helps one realize just how ignorant the 'he hasn't done anything for us' statement actually is. And although all of this has been accomplished in just 20 months, The President regularly states that there's still much work ahead.

Despite the inclusion of increased funding to HBCU's which is obviously for Blacks, some will still claim "yea, but that list isn't specifically for us Black folks !" To those well caring brothers and sisters I must remind of the fact that, despite his pigmentation, he is The President of ALL Americans...NOT just Black America. Also, it would be political suicide for America's 1st Black President to get behind the podium and rant...." that I'm The's a list of what I'm going to do JUST for Blacks." Can you imagine ? Better yet, imagine if Dubya had gotten behind the podium and said "'s a list of everything I want to do JUST for White folks !" There would be rioting in the streets....and justifiably so.

So The President has to do all he can in an all-inclusive manner, just as he has been doing....and don't forget, he's really just getting started. On the other hand, we have the G-No-P/Tea Party bunch, of whom every word that comes out of their mouths speaks against the needs of We The People...particularly We The BLACK (minority) People. I also recently compiled a list of what the GOP will do (click link) if they regain ultimate power and just one glance proves that they are one, very scary bunch, destined to literally ruining the Future of America....starting with all minorities.

They'll block all funding needed to avoid additional massive state layoffs of teachers, police, fire, etc.. They'll dedicate themselv
es to repealing health care reform, cut funds for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and public education. You can kiss the funding to HBCU's goodbye and food stamps, unemployment checks, Section 8, aid for the homeless, all the social programs to help folks...what they ignorantly call 'entitlement programs' will be slashed drastically, while they fight for tax cuts for their rich cronies. They'll push for more state's rights, which is actually their way of saying " going back to the good ol' days (of supremacy) ", while simultaneously working to abolish the 14th Amendment. Let's not forget that they want to abolish the minimum wage, reverse financial reform so people, including Blacks, can get legally ripped off by the banksters. And don't forget their desire to increase the privatization of the prison system, which means the more folks put in jail, the more money their other cronies make. And what color do you think those prisoners will be ?

It's time to wake up. Sure, there's a lot of work ahead. But if Black folks don't turn out in mass numbers this coming Tuesday to literally block what I call the evil plot of the GOP...then if you think it's bad now (
while you're whining all the time about The President) haven't seen ANYTHING yet. Lastly, despite the fake polls pre-claiming GOP victory, most races across the country are actually VERY close. The one group that they are hoping or counting on to not show up at the ballot box Tuesday is the Black voters. Why ? Because they know, the Black Vote WILL Make The Difference ! Prove them wrong. It's time to vote as if your life depends on it....because It Does !

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