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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Blacks 4 Barack Announces:
Phone Campaign To DNC !

Out of desperation, the Clinton campaign is now stooping to extreme lows by having surrogate Geraldine Ferraro in the media making racist statements against Barack Obama. Also, it is a fact that even if Hillary wins Pennsylvania there is absolutely no way she can get enough delegate votes to defeat Obama. And her BIG ploy now is to have a 're-do' in Michigan and Florida, despite the fact that this would be a changing of the rules in the middle of the game which should not be allowed. She then hopes that, after stealing the nomination, she will offer Obama the V.P. slot....figuring that if he excepts, Obama supporters will vote for her....while if he does not....she would at least look like she offered the slot. THIS IS UNEXCEPTABLE !

Hillary Clinton's coniving tactics will end up extremely detrimental to the Democratic Party. Now is the time to let the DNC know that if Hillary wins through ANY methods deemed trickery (which is the only way she can win) WE....THE PEOPLE WILL NOT SUPPORT HER IN THE GENERAL ELECTION !

National radio talk show host Warren Ballentine is asking EVERYONE to call the DNC at 202-863-8000 to let them know 'We Will Not Support A Cheater !'We need 50 thousand Americans of all ages, races and creeds to FLOOD THE PHONES !!! So Call Today !!!! 202-863-8000. Say It Loud....WE WILL NOT SUPPORT A CHEATER.....PERIOD!!! Tell everyone you know to make this call. The Time Is NOW....for the Re-Birth of America !!!!

NOTE: The Media refuses to inform America that OBAMA WON TEXAS !!!!!

Visit: Blacks 4 Barack Official Site