Sunday, October 31, 2010


There have already been numerous attempts to suppress the vote, particularly in minority communities. Fliers in Texas have been passed out telling voters that if they vote a straight Democratic ticket their ballots will not count, which of course is an absolute lie. Robo-calls are being made telling voters that they have such a good record of voting Dem that they don't have to go to the polls to vote this year. Goon squads posing as "voter fraud police" (which there is no such thing) have been harassing voters at various polling stations including standing outside claiming you need all kinds of additional (unnecessary) ID to vote. In Alabama, the polling station in a Black community 'ran out' of ballots. Telling people their names are not on the list is also a common tactic. And the list goes on.

ANYONE who experiences any irregularities or voter suppression attempts should call the


Take this number with you to the polls.
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