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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Blacks 4 Barack !
For Barack Obama

The powerful rally in support of the Jena 6 showed the world the power of black radio. When the trumpet was sounded....Black America responded in mass number with just 3 weeks notice. With all of the major issues that exist in our country and particularly in our black communities, it is now time to sound the trumpet for a new America. It's time to sound the trumpet for Barack Obama !YOU'RE THE KEY !To get the trumpet roaring we need everyone to contact the national black radio talk shows to show your support for Barack Obama for President 2008. You can help by contacting all of these programs regularly to shout it out on the national airwaves....'Say It Loud....Barack & I'm PROUD !"In the Bible, when the trumpet sounded the people gathered and immediate action was taken. The time is now for we the people to sound the trumpet for the change that is needed in our land.START CALLING TODAY !!! TELL YOUR FRIENDS !!!

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