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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Message From Media Matters:
Fundamentally flawed stimulus coverage !

(B4B NOTE: AKA....More Mis-Truths From Our Media)

by Jamison Foser

If there's one fact that should be made clear in every news report about the stimulus package working its way through Congress, it is this: Government spending is stimulative. That's a basic principle of economics, and understanding it is essential to assessing any stimulus package. So it should be an underlying premise of the media's coverage of the stimulus debate. Unfortunately, that hasn't been the case.

Indeed, reporters routinely suggest that spending is not stimulative. Economist Dean Baker, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, explains: "Spending that is not stimulus is like cash that is not money. Spending is stimulus, spending is stimulus. Any spending will generate jobs. It is that simple. ... Any reporter who does not understand this fact has no business reporting on the economy." Unfortunately, many of the reporters who have shaped the stimulus debate don't seem to understand that. ABC's Charles Gibson portrayed spending and stimulus as opposing concepts in a question to President Obama: "And as you know, there's a lot of people in the public, a lot of members of Congress who think this is pork-stuffed and that it really doesn't stimulate. A lot of people have said it's a spending bill and not a stimulus." That formulation -- "it's a spending bill and not a stimulus" -- is complete nonsense; it's like saying, "This is a hot fudge sundae, not a dessert."

But nonsensical as it is, it has also been quite common in recent news reports. There's another problem with Gibson's formulation, though -- in describing the stimulus as a "spending bill," he ignores the fact that the bill contains tax cuts, too. Lots and lots of tax cuts. And those tax cuts, by the way, provide less stimulus than government spending on things like food stamps and extending unemployment benefits. It probably goes without saying that Gibson didn't ask if the bill would be more effective if the tax cuts were replaced by additional spending. MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski, among others, has repeatedly suggested "welfare" provisions in the bill wouldn't stimulate the economy.

This is the exact opposite of true; those provisions are among the most stimulative things the government can possibly do. There are some fairly obvious reasons why that is true, beginning with the fact that if you give a poor person $100 in food stamps, you can be pretty sure they're going to spend all $100 of it; but if you give a rich person $100 in tax cuts, they probably won't spend much of it at all. But we needn't rely on logic and common sense to know that welfare spending is stimulative; economists study these things. One such economist is Mark Zandi of Moody's, who served as an adviser to John McCain's presidential campaign. Zandi has produced a handy chart showing how much a variety of spending increases and tax cuts would stimulate the economy.

According to Zandi, a dollar spent on increasing unemployment benefits yields $1.64 in increased gross domestic product, and a dollar spent on food stamps yields $1.73 in GDP. As for tax cuts, Zandi says the most effective form is a payroll tax holiday. A one dollar reduction in federal revenues as a result of such a tax holiday would produce a $1.29 increase in GDP -- far less than the benefit realized from extending unemployment benefits, increasing food stamps, providing general aid to state governments, or spending on infrastructure. Yet if you turn on MSNBC any given morning, you're likely to find Mika Brzezinski sayingthis: "Does this plan add up to the definition of stimulus? I don't think it does. And I don't question the value of food stamps and helping low-income people pay for college. It just shouldn't be in this bill."

Or this: "If you're gonna have welfare programs in this bill, call them welfare programs and pass them, but don't call them facets of the bill meant to stimulate the economy. I do feel like there's some old politics at play here." something like, "I want to look at the plan and how much of it is sort of welfare programs and how much are things that we know, either from history or because economic experts somehow know this, actually stimulates the economy." Or like There's old politics at play, all right -- the old politics of demonizing "welfare spending" without any regard for the simple truth that such spending not only helps those Americans who are struggling the most feed their families, it also does more to stimulate the economy than anything else you can think of.

What you probably won't see is Mika Brzezinski or Charles Gibson or any other TV reporter suggesting that the tax cuts in the bill are not stimulative and should be stripped -- even though they are less effective as stimulus than unemployment benefits and food stamps. At this point, it becomes impossible to ignore the elephant in the room: Television anchors like Charles Gibson are not going to qualify for food stamps anytime soon. But they would certainly benefit greatly from some tax cut provisions that wouldn't do nearly as much to stimulate the economy. (This is not the first time Gibson has shown himself to be badly out of touch on basic economic issues.

During a Democratic presidential primary debate, Gibson challenged the candidates on their support for repealing President Bush's tax cuts for people making more than $200,000 a year by saying that a family in which both parents are schoolteachers would be hit by the repeal. Gibson's cluelessness was so apparent, the audience actually burst out laughing at him.) So far, the news media's coverage of the stimulus debate has consisted largely of repeating false Republican spin and pontificating about which side has been making their arguments more successfully (all the while ignoring the media's own role in aiding the GOP.) The bright side is that if reporters care about informing the public, it's pretty easy to do -- they just have to start basing their reports on the true premise that government spending is effective stimulus, rather than on the false premise that it isn't.

Everything else flows easily from there; for example, asking Republicans why they want to lard up the bill with less-stimulative tax cuts rather than unemployment benefits.

Jamison Foser is Executive Vice President at Media Matters for America.


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

OBAMA LEADS In Delegate Count !

MSNBC just released the final numbers for the delegate count following Super Weekend Sweep and on the Democratic side Barack Obama has made an incredible comeback maintaining a lead in the delegate count 943 to Hillary Clinton's 895 . These are the actual delegate numbers which do not include super-delegates which can change their vote in either direction at any time therefore are considered un-commited. Obama prepares to extend his lead as the campaign goes into Louisiana, Nebraska and Maine this weekend. All viewers of political news programs should beware of false reporting which may state that Clinton is ahead, a tactic commonly enjoyed by quoting super-delegate numbers. Potomac....HERE WE COME !

Visit: MSNBC to see complete candidate delegate breakdown per state
Blacks4Barack Official Site (A Multi-Racial Organization)
Say It Loud...BARACK & I'M PROUD !!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

BEWARE !!! Republican Controlled Media
Pushing Hillary So They'll Win !!!
By: Greg Jones

I must admit, I'm a news and political junkie and I have been since 9/11. I'm one of those who literally watches every cable news show always with the remote in hand and I have learned a lot in doing so which I feel everyone should know. First of all, the news is no longer the's the views. Always keep that in mind. The average person who tunes in occassionally, when time allows during their busy day, is totally mislead when watching only short portions of cable news. All of the news networks know this and they work it in a somewhat masterminded manner. But anyone who is able to watch for a regular duration can see through their tactics which seem not only elementary but are so obvious and blatant that there needs to be regulation by the FCC. Fact number one. The cable news and most newspapers are all Republican controlled. That is an absolute fact. But they like to falsely tell viewers that the media is liberal in case viewers catch any information that they don't want us to know, they blame it on the non-existent liberal media. From CNN, MSNBC to Fox, viewers are being manipulated by the Republican machine 24 hours per day.

CSPAN is one network that is most neutral and when viewed through a knowledgable eye, one can weed through enough to get to some truth. The other night I watched the Republican National Committee meeting headed by Chairman Mike Duncan. Held in a huge auditorium filled with hundreds of republicans it became obvious that this was a meeting that discussed the Republican strategy to win the Presidency in 2008. The first speaker was the one and only Karl Rove, the mastermind behind the Bush Regime. I sat there listening and found myself in a bit of shock. Here it was, on CSPAN, the Republicans literally spelling out exactly how they will attack Hillary Clinton should she become the Democratic nominee. It was amazing! They broke out a bunch of charts of all kind of wrong doings, then lists of how she voted on different issues, then pre-produced video footage of crazy statements she's made over the years plus all kind of flip-flop footage. It was incredible. They had everything totally together and super packaged. The program aired for 2 hours filled with 'attack on Hillary' methods.....and wow....what an arsenal. Toward the last 10 minutes they addressed Barack Obama and what their attack will be against him. They mentioned the fact that he voted 'present' a number of times while in the Illinois Senate and the level of his experience. That was it !!!

I learned a lot from this viewing. Firstly, there is no way Hillary will win the presidency. ABSOLUTELY no way !!! The Republicans have soooooooo much on her that by the time they finish with her, Chelsea might not vote for her. But they have little to nothing to use against Obama. Now, back to the news programs.

The Republican controlled news networks KNOW that if Hillary is the nominee it is certain that McCain (who they are now pushing in hopes that their number one choice Guiliani finally wakes up) or Romney (if they are forced to take him) are certain to beat her in the general election. THEY WANT HILLARY TO WIN THE NOMINATION !!! As one sits with remote in hand a number of tactics become obvious. The news constantly does everything they can to show Hillary as the underdog (which is a joke....she's the president's wife running against a mixed race man named Barack). The news lowers her expectations leading up to each primary or caucus, in other words says she's not expected to do well as in their reasoning in South Carolina which is since there are so many blacks there Obama should automatically win, instead of concentrating on the fact of how she is steadily losing black support. This way if she loses South Carolina they can minimize the loss while if she wins they can call it the great upset. They lowered Hillary's expectations in New Hampshire claiming that Obama should automatically win since he had won Iowa, then called her win a great come-back. It's crazy(like a fox). Another tactic is to pound the message in our minds that Obama is not experienced enough when in fact he has held an elected position for twice as long as Hillary. Then there's Bill, who the media is giving more air time than Hillary or Obama portraying Obama as the attacker when in fact Hill and Bill have done nothing but constantly attack and lie about Obama, not to mention their black attackers they've recruited. Obama is forced to answer to these lies and the media wants to portray that he's now 'off his message', while if he had not answered, they would have called him weak. It has been pitiful to watch what we claim to be 'the news. The bottom line is, we are being manipulated.....totally so the Republicans can win. Then there's the news that they don't give us. Did you know that the Democratic nominee will be determined by who has the most delegate votes at the end. Not who wins what state. It's all about the delegate count, and that's it ! Did you know that right now, following Nevada, Obama is winning in the race by 2 delegate votes (Obama 38, Hillary 36, Edwards 18). McCain is actually in third place with Romney in the lead but you'd think McCain already had the whole thing wrapped up based on the (lack of) news. Also, take note of how the news constantly talks about how the squabbling between Hillary and Obama are ruining the democratic side but never mention that the republican side is so ragged that they don't even have a true Republican running which marks the end of the party as they have known it.

Another tactic which is so see through that it is an insult, is for the networks to have their so-called 'experts' analyzing everything. They always have the very same experts....and they always portray Hillary as doing so great while emphasizing the so-called struggles that Obama is having. Then there's the black 'experts' who coincidentally always happen to cater to Hillary. It's really sad to watch this type of third world manipulation and the networks need to be called on it. Meanwhile, we have to know how to digest (or regurgitate) the information we recieve from the so-called news.

What this means is the Republican controlled news networks are going to do everything they can to pursuade the American Democrats to nominate Hillary so they can eat her alive in the general election. ALL Obama or Edwards supporters should be mindful of these manipulative tactics and not allow themselves to be mislead. Work hard for your candidate....don't be fooled. These are the exact tactics of political deception that are ruining our country which Barack Obama is dedicated to change. Remember, no matter what the news says.....Hillary will DEFINITELY lose to the Republicans......and they know it. I must give the Republican media credit. That's a great strategy ! p.s. Watch more CSPAN!

Visit: Blacks 4 Barack Official Site (A Multi-Racial Organization)