Friday, July 1, 2022


July 1, 2022


 By Greg Jones

In 2004, I saw a Black man give a speech at the Democratic National Convention who was willing to be the sole voice against our invasion of Iraq. That man was a young U.S. Senator from Illinois. At that time most people didn't even know how to pronounce his name, but I knew that if there was any miraculous way we could get him to be the President, he would bring our troops home and stop using them as what I and others considered to be expendable pawns in Iraq. I watched as he appeared on the Oprah Show in 2006 and when asked of the possible Presidential run, he just kind of chuckled off the thought. At that time, I started to post on various anti-Iraq Invasion sites about the new/young Senator....including how we all need to rally behind him to become President. The movement/voice grew into what became The Blacks4Barack Org.  Although an extremely far-fetched idea, particularly since he would find himself running against the wife of who many Blacks nicknamed The 1st Black President (Bill Clinton...because of his cool, sunglass wearing, sax playing appearance on Arsenio Hall's Show), I felt that if Blacks could learn more about the man, the combination of White votes along with Black votes could make this monumental vision a reality. But Blacks were not feeling Obama at first, combined with the pre-defeatist mindset that " America Ain't Gonna Elect No Black President". So I along with others who joined along the way (of all races) worked diligently through blogs, sites, comment boxes, postings, any way/where we could, to help people learn more....not just because he was Black (there have been numerous other Blacks to run for President in the past) but because we all felt he was the right one for the job.  And as we all know...through the grinding spirit of positive, collective, united, uplifting, inspired working/volunteering of so many....Yes We Did !

Fast forward to now, in 2022, where I am sadly finding myself beyond disappointed in what I have always considered to be my Party. Instead of the vibrant, invigorating, united, focused-to-achieve Party that led us to Yes We Party has become overtaken by the spirit of anger, hatred, desire to destroy, so-called cancel (bully) culture, burn-things-down, brick throwing, doxing (posting home addresses, credit card and social security numbers of Supreme Court Justices and others) and other negative actions which are all the complete opposite of what is needed to collectively achieve. It's as if my Party has been highjacked or taken over by some forces that are actually out to destroy, instead of achieve. To tear down, instead of build up...combined with an incredibly anti-American level of disrespect for all things, ranging from the position of President, Supreme Court Justices, schools, churches, 1st Amendment (censoring), 2nd Amendment (used to say Republicans wanted to take our it's the Dems) and the list goes on, including the fact that my Party has even become the Pro-War Party ! Talk about a flip-flop.

It's as if we, as Democrats, have been brain-washed to simply follow our party despite them not doing a good job of addressing the needs of We The People, whom they are supposedly in office to represent. But instead of actually doing the work needed, it's as if they have taken over the Dem leaning media and hired them to try to 'convince' us that a good job is being done....when it clearly isn't. Manipulation, strategic reporting, the withholding of certain truths, constant fake polls and other tactics used daily have become so see-through that it is insulting. Homelessness higher than ever. Gas, food, shelter, transportation prices higher then ever, struggling trucking industry, baby formula shortages, cost of living in general higher then ever...and the list goes on, all while D.C. simultaneously sends billions to other countries ! Crazy !

Part of the manipulation tactics that are totally see-through is to convince folks that if you speak about the things you are not happy with in your own Party, then it must mean that you're for the other Party. That is the exact absolute asinine, puppet-minded, well trained, stay in your place mentality that makes the politicians feel so comfortable and secure at doing absolutely nothing tangible for We The People. The old ' they'll vote for us anyway ' cocky attitude which has actually been the case for so/too long. (same cocky attitude that gave us Trump). I was never a lifelong Dem, or the Founder of Blacks 4 Barack because of anything appealing about the Repubs. But rather, the complete opposite. But just as I, through clear conscious and eyes could easily see the things that I did not like in the Repub Party...I have that same vision and inner capability to see what I don't like in my Dem Party. A recent report in U.S. News stated that more than 1 million Dem voters in 43 states have recently left the Dem Party. That's serious people ! And I doubt if it's because they all suddenly love the Repubs. In fact, I'd guess that many are, just as I, fed up with the do nothing, hate-filled, cockier-than-though, old wrinkled politician mindset combined with the Antifa-sized, burn-it-down, loser mentality, that close to guarantees continuous failure for days, months, years ahead. 

For this reason....I....a proud part of the 'Yes We Did's...and I'm sure many officially declaring myself no longer an automatic Democrat Voter....but on this Day of Independence....I am INDEPENDENT. To the Dem Party/Politicians....a simple desire, plea....slogan that you'll hopefully adhere to....WIN US BACK ! 

Greg Jones' is a national, multi-racial, net/grassroots organization established in 2007 to increase support for Barack Obama for President. Following Obama's victory Greg Jones' was selected to be part of The U.S. Library of Congress Historic Collection as well as a member of The White House Press Pool. Now, although semi-retired, Jones continues to be politically concerned, while enjoying his new hobby as a singer/songwriter known as Greg 'Papa' Jones. His original recordings are available on Spotify, Itunes, YouTube and all major music streaming sites worldwide as well as limited free-downloads through the official site Contact:

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