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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Why We Started...
Blacks4Barack !

Greg Jones B4B
In January of 2007, Barack Obama declared his candidacy for President of the United Staes. I had been following Obama ever since his powerful speech of Hope that he gave at the 2004 Democratic Convention. Since that speech, I followed Obama as intently as possible feeling that something was truly special about this man. I was extremely impressed with his stance against the Iraq War, a view he exposed at a time when being against the war made one so-called un-patriotic and a move that could have been political suicide. But he stuck to his beliefs and judgement (which later proved to be correct). I would say to myself....I hope Obama runs for President....that's who America needs !
In January, 2007 Obama did it. He announced his candidacy for President. I was extatic ! Here we had a person of great qualities, capabilities, character, judgement and leadership to put America on the right track....and he happened to be a Black Man !

I remember saying to myself that for the first time in my lifetime, there was the true possibilty of America's first Black President. I just knew that all blacks would automatically embrace their brother....and I felt that people of ALL races could eventually come to learn the greatness in this man.

But after Hillary announced her candidacy a bit later, I was sadly amazed at the polls which showed Hillary getting up to 82% of the black support. How could this be. Don't blacks know that Obama is the best choice. But the fact was, at that time the average black knew absolutely nothing about Obama....couldn't even pronounce his name. We knew that we had to do whatever we could to help the Black voter learn more about this qualified man....who happened to be black. So I, along with associates of different races who understood the importance and power of the Black vote started a net/grassroots organization, and named it Blacks4Barack.

The reason for that choice in names was simply that our goal, in our own humble way, was to inspire blacks in any way that we could, to be supportive of Obama....not an easy task considering the fact that Bill Clinton was so loved that he had already been deemed 'the first Black President'.

So we listened to every broadcast possible...every black radio talk every article...just hoping to see some kind of positive support for Obama, particularly in the Black community. But what we found was more discrediting than support combined with crazy statements like 'is he black enough' or of course 'America's not ready for a Black President' just to name a few. (Although good folks like radio talk show host Warren Ballentine and the blog Jack & Jill Politics were particularly inspirational to us as they lead the way toward speaking out for Obama).

Over time, as people became more familiar with Obama, his support level gradually grew...although the slowest group to grasp on was the Black Community. Even 3 days before the first primary/caucus in Iowa, while polls showed him impressively in a strong second place, the black community was filled with doubters.

But, then he WON IOWA ! That was absolutely the most incredible occurance in black political history. A black man won in an all white state....IOWA ! WOW ! As we continued listening and reading the responses to this historic occurance we started feeling that this thing could really happen. If the Black voters would rally in unison behind this qualified black man....combined with the support of all races....we could truly have our First Black President.

Then there was New Hampshire...then Nevada...and when it came time for S. Carolina...the first state with a substantial number of black voters....fate was sealed. Obama had such an incredible victory due to 84% of all black voters voting for him over Hillary. That did it ! The talk shows...the articles...the talk everwhere was that of a movement filled with excitement. And the movement never stopped.

I am so very proud of my brothers and sisters of ALL races and particularly my black family, for rallying behind this highly credible man. I'm most thankful that the words of Dr. King are coming be judged for the content of character...not the color of skin.

We've learned a lot through this historic journey. For one, white people are not as prejudiced as we may have thought. That America IS ready for a Black President....and that when we come together as one, mighty things can take place.

We've won round one with one major round to go. Now is the time for us to stay in Unity....while bringing as many as we can aboard the train toward progress. Get folks registered to vote. That is now the key !

Together, we WILL truly make a difference and we've all ready witnessed....Together...Yes WE Can !.....Yes We WILL !

Thank You ALL !

Greg Jones
National Director
A Multi-Racial, Net/Grassroots Org...
Dedicated To TRUTH !