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Just Google...'Clinton Body Count'....then....'Ron Brown's Death'. Also, always keep in mind....the Neo-Cons literally wrote out the plan to invade Iraq, Iran and Syria back in 1992.(Google:PNAC.....Then watch a few of the videos). Each participant signed the plan....and coincidentally ended up on the Bush Administration. Like Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Bolton, Card, and many others. HILLARY IS PART OF THE PLAN.....which is why she is receiving more campaign contributions from defense contractors (bomb, guns, tank manufacturers, etc.) than any other candidate....even republicans....(remember Hillary was the director of her colleges Republican Chapter) which is why she voted to invade Iraq.....then voted to invade Iran. BUSH WANTS BILLARY TO WIN SO SHE WILL CARRY OUT THE PLAN. She is the worse choice for America !!!!.....and Edwards is a rich slick (pays $400 per haircut) trying to act like he caters to the poor....but has NEVER done ANYTHING for the poor. Barack Obama is the answer.....for the RE-BIRTH OF AMERICA !!!!

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Are Black Civil Rights Leaders
Who Support Hillary SELL-OUTS ?
By Greg Jones
As a fifty year old black man from Cleveland, Ohio I'm at the age where my mind is full of memories. I remember how, as a child, we were all so proud as black people to be able to watch Julia on TV, the first TV series starring a black woman.
I would watch 'I Spy' co-starring Bill Cosby with excitement and a sense of connection. I remember the pride we all felt when Carl B. Stokes won as mayor here in Cleveland, becoming the first black mayor of any major city. I remember the shock of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King's death and the riots that resulted in many buildings being burned down in our neighborhood.
I remember the National Guard riding up and down my street making us stop playing football forcing us to go in the house. I remember going to church each night where it seemed liked hundreds of blacks all came together, while we kids were in another area of the church in what was called 'Freedom School'. I remember listening to the preacher who preached the message....and I first learned the song....'We Shall OverCome'.
I remember looking up at the preacher, who was our leader at that time, in total belief. All throughout my growing years I have held steadfast to the vision that we shall overcome. But now, in 2007, I listen to our modern day civil rights leaders and find myself in absolute dismay. The very leaders who, since the civil rights movement of the 60's, had invigorated, motivated and preached the message that we shall overcome through being a united people working together toward empowerment, have unbelievably chosen to support Hillary Clinton instead of a highly qualified, capable, intelligent man who is an extremely credible candidate for President of the United States and is black.
My heart just drops every time I hear an Andrew Young, Al Sharpton, Calvin Butts or Jesse jackson making statements that question whether we should support Barack Obama, and instead, being supportive of Hillary Clinton. It makes no sense at all. How can these 'leaders' claim to have devoted their lives to black empowerment, while simultaneously doing all they can to block our progress as a people? It is the most hypocritical thing I have ever witnessed and I find it to not only be very sad but also destructive to the cause. I ask myself, how could this be? Why would our civil rights leaders be anti a black man who is truly credible, choosing rather to support a white woman instead? So, I just wonder.
I wonder if they are truly sincere about their desire to see us as blacks overcome, or are they just in the civil rights business to make a living? I wonder if the Hillary camp has promised these 'leaders' certain benefits if they 'deliver' the black vote? If that is the case it would mean that personal gain is more important to them than actual achievement and empowerment for us as a people. So I watch as we cry out....we march....we boycott.....then our 'leaders' turn their backs on our very own. To me, that is the epitamy of a SELL-OUT ! I just hope that the average black man and woman will see through the tactics of our so called leaders, and will rally together, as we should, striving together so that one day.....We Shall Truly OverCome !

Clinton Insiders Fear Secret Service

Records Could Damage Campaign
By: Robert Parry

Even as Hillary Clinton's operatives were dropping hints that Republicans would exploit Barack Obama's youthful drug use, some Clinton insiders privately worried about her own vulnerability because the Bush administration possesses detailed knowledge of her movements - and her husband's - over the past seven years.
Because of Sen. Clinton's unique status as the first former First Lady to run for President - and because her husband was succeeded by a Republican - she is the first candidate to have both her and her spouse be subject to regular, long-term surveillance by an Executive Branch agency controlled by the opposing political party.
Since they left the White House in 2001, Bill and Hillary Clinton have been under the protection of the Secret Service, formerly a branch of the Treasury Department and now part of the Homeland Security Department. Records are maintained showing where they go and whom they meet.
Homeland Security is under the control of Michael Chertoff, a longtime Clinton nemesis dating back to his work as a Republican lawyer on the Senate's Whitewater investigation in the 1990s. In 2003, Sen. Clinton cast the sole dissenting vote against Chertoff's nomination as a federal judge in protest against his abrasive conduct during the Whitewater inquiry.
Though Secret Service records are supposed to be closely held secrets, a source close to the Clintons told me that it is believed that senior Republicans have received regular briefings about movements of the Clintons that might prove embarrassing if released during the general election campaign.

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From: DailyKos
Hillary: The Wrong Choice on National Security
by The Bagof Health and Politics
Thu Dec 27, 2007 at 05:39:14 PM PST

Voters think that Hillary Clinton is the best choice on National Security Issues. They are Wrong. Here's why.

Benazir Bhutto, the leader of the Pakistani opposition, was assassinated at a rally today. Bhutto was no saint, but ended up being a martyr for her cause. Bhutto’s assassination leaves a power vacuum in Pakistani politics, and destabilizes the nuclear-armed nation. The aftermath of Bhutto’s death will be seen over the next few weeks. It has far reaching implications; implications that could influence the primary elections here in the United States.

Here in the US, a poll was released today. It validated emerging trends: that Barack Obama is trending upwards, and was on a path towards victory; and that Hillary Clinton is trending downwards and was on a path towards defeat. Politics—especially presidential politics—is about timing. Bhutto’s assassination raises the salience of national security issues in the week leading up to the first votes of the 2008 Presidential cycle.
Buried within the poll is an interesting item. According to the LA Times, "The poll shows that Democrats consider Clinton far-better equipped than her rivals to safeguard national security." Conventional wisdom on this is, as usual, wrong.

Hillary Clinton is saying that she will, in essence, follow her husband’s foreign policy. If Hillary wants to claim credit for the successes of Kosovo, then she should also share in the blame for the disasters of Clinton the First’s administration. Clinton the First faced a foreign policy challenge in his first months in office; after a single incident where 18 soldiers were killed, Clinton the First pulled US troops out of Somalia. That action sent a message to the vile element abroad: terrorism works.
Then there was the bombing of the embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. The bombings occurred in 1998, just as Clinton was getting impeached by the US House for lying about an extramarital affair. A movie was out at the time. It was called Wag the Dog. Its central premise was that a President started a war to distract people from corruption at home. Clinton the First was worried about appearances. There was actionable intelligence on the location of Osama bin Laden—he was in the Sudan at the time. Clinton waited for hours before deciding to launch a missile strike. By the time the missiles were launched, bin Laden was elsewhere, and the missiles just hit innocent villagers.

Then there was the USS Cole bombing, which occurred late in Clinton the First’s term. The US Presidential election was approaching. Clinton took no action other than to impose sanctions. Meanwhile, the September 11th plot was in its nascent stages, terrorists were going on "dry runs," and nothing was being done.
The national security record of Clinton the First’s term is poor at best. There were some successes—peace in the Balkans, although whether that is lasting peace remains to be seen. But there were many failures too--failures that had disastrous consequences and led to the situation that we have today.

Even if you accept the premise that Hillary shouldn’t be held responsible for any actions in her husbands term (which is going against her message, which says she should get credit for everything that happened in the 1990s), there are still problems with Hillary’s record on national security issues. Hillary Clinton voted for the Iraq War; she says she decided to vote for the war after being counseled by Condi Rice, currently Bush’s Secretary of State. Hillary took Rice at her word; she didn’t bother to read the National Intelligence Estimate, and therefore voted to send this nation to war on incomplete information.

Hillary voted for the Kyl-Lieberman amendment, which would’ve led to a war with Iran if it weren’t for a few brave intelligence professionals that forced the administration to declassify the NIE, which showed this was the same old story (no nukes). The United States military is stressed to its capacity as it is; adding more troops and another occupation of Iran would only diminish our nation’s ability to respond to instability elsewhere in the nation. For instance, if Hillary Clinton’s vote had been followed to its logical conclusion, the United States would have no capacity to respond to instability in other nations, like Pakistan.
The issue of Pakistan itself brings up another area where Hillary Clinton has proven to have poor judgment. Earlier this year, Senator Barack Obama said that military action against Al Qaeda, which currently occupies a mountainous portion of Pakistan, within Pakistani borders should be an option for any US President. Clinton herself attacked Obama, and said it showed that he was "naïve" about foreign policy. Yet as instability rules the Pakistani landscape, The prospect of chaos and of nuclear weapons being within the grasp of Al Qaeda is now very real. Senator Obama surely isn’t naïve for saying that military action should always remain an option in this situation; in fact, it looks like he was pretty wise to say that.

It’s clear from her record of mistakes and her husband’s record of failures that Hillary Clinton is the wrong choice for those that care about national security. The right choice is clearly Bill Richardson, who served as this nation’s Ambassador to the United Nations, has engaged in negotiations with dozens of foreign leaders, and has a solid understanding of national security issues.

If it isn’t Richardson, then Obama—who opposed the war in Iraq from the start and didn’t vote for the Kyl-Lieberman Iran War Amendment—is the better choice.
The same old leadership leads to the same old problem—a world in chaos and instability throughout the globe. It’s time for a new approach. It’s time for somebody not named Bush or Clinton to be in the Oval Office.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Obama Was Right....Hillary Wrong Re: PAKISTAN
By: Greg 'Peace Song' Jones

With the terrible announcement of Benazir Bhutto's assassination in Pakistan, one can't help but be reminded of a recent Democratic debate in which Hillary Clinton literally laughed at Barack Obama's statement that the United States should concentrate on the unrest in Pakistan even if it meant sending U.S. troops to the Afghan/Pakistan border where the Taliban, Al-queda and other terrorists are camped. Hillary did her pompous, smirky laugh stating that Obama wants to 'talk to our enemies (Iran) and attack our allies' (Pakistan border). But as events unfold in the region we are learning more and more of just how disasterously wrong she and our foreign policy have been. We are supporting a crazy dictator (Musharaf) who we have given millions of dollars to....who has point blank told us that he will not go to the Pakistan border to address the true terrorists because they 'made a deal'. It doesn't matter that crazy Mu has weapons of mass destruction and is probably hiding Bin Laden in the border region. And to Hillary.....this is all just fine. Is this the great 'experience' that she boasts having ? Now, as we watch the turmoil increase in the Pakistan region Hillary will surely state that we need her 'experience' to handle the situation when in fact, it is this very mindset or experience that is leading America and the entire world toward catastrophe. Face it Hillary.....You are wrong...Obama was right. Oh.....and need I mention that the recent findings show that our 'enemy' hasn't had a weapons program for years ? But Hillary voted to basically crush Iran........wrong again Hill. And to top things'll probably stay supportive of Crazy Mu along with the other Bushites and regime controlled media 'experts' ! With 'experience' like yours.....who needs enemies ?
NOTE: CNN's Wolf Blitzer just released an email to be read in the event of Bhutto's death. She names Musharraf as responsible. ANYONE (politicians, media, etc.) who is still supportive of Musharraf is dangerous for America and should be investigated. Also, be prepared for the standard 'fear' tactics to kick-in.
Greg 'Peace Song' Jones

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Do we REALLY know the Clintons ?

also: Google......Ron Brown Death

Friday, December 21, 2007

Obama Tells Bush


Says Build First

Washingon, D.C., Dec. 18, 2007 - U.S. Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., today sent the following letter to President Bush, calling on him to abandon his administration's intentions to demolish federally-assisted housing in New Orleans.
Dear Mr. President:
I urge you to abandon all plans to demolish federally-assisted housing in New Orleans, Louisiana, until there is a comprehensive plan to meet the region's extensive affordable housing needs.
Two years ago, when you appeared in Jackson Square, you spoke of America's "duty to confront this poverty with bold action." You explained: "Americans want the Gulf Coast not just to survive, but to thrive; not just to cope, but to overcome. We want evacuees to come home, for the best of reasons -- because they have a real chance at a better life in a place they love."
Unfortunately, there are an estimated 12,000 people already homeless in New Orleans, and thousands more are struggling with costly and slow rebuilding efforts and private rents that have risen 45 percent since the storm. More than two thirds of the housing stock was destroyed by the hurricane, and much of it has not yet been rebuilt. Thousands of residents are still living in trailers with dangerous levels of formaldehyde even though more than 800 days have passed since Hurricane Katrina made landfall.
Despite this harsh reality, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is now planning to reduce the limited supply of affordable housing even further by demolishing 4,500 units of public housing. Notwithstanding your wish for evacuees to come home to "thrive" and "overcome," New Orleans does not have adequate affordable housing options even for the people who are already there.
It is critical for policy makers to answer the following questions before any demolition takes place:
• Is demolition, which was originally planned and approved before hurricane Katrina, still a sensible strategy in light of the region's housing crisis?• How many new units of public housing will be built or acquired to replace the 4,500 scheduled for demolition? If less than 4,500, what is the plan to close the gap to get back at least to pre-Katrina levels? If more than 4,500, what plans are in place to ensure adequate income diversity and economic integration? • What plans are in place to meet the low-income housing needs during the period between demolition and the availability of new housing? • What supports are in place to assist residents during any housing transition?
Almost a year ago, I visited New Orleans and posed similar questions to HUD. I have yet to receive an adequate response to that inquiry.
There is no question that most displaced residents want to come back to their homes and apartments, but that is hardly possible if they return to a city with fewer affordable housing options available than it had before. I support the conversion to mixed income neighborhoods and greater economic integration, but such redevelopment plans must not be at the expense of adequate and improved housing options for the poor. No public housing should be demolished until HUD can point to an equivalent number of replacement units in the near vicinity.
Over the past two years, the federal government has failed the people of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. But there is still an opportunity to demonstrate that they are not forgotten. I urge you to reconsider the demolition of these housing units until there is a comprehensive plan to meet the region's extensive affordable housing needs. Thank you.
Barack Obama, United States Senator

Op-Ed On Giving Ex-Offenders
A Second Chance

Yesterday, Barack Obama published the following op-ed in the Chicago Defender and the Austin Daily News:

In America, nearly a third of African-American men will enter state or federal prison during their lives. Too many will be lost in the criminal justice system and end up in prison, poverty, and unemployment. And in some cases, the lack of job training and support programs means that those who are released could fail to become fully rehabilitated, and may go on to commit more crimes.

There is no question that breaking the law should have consequences, and we have to do more as parents to teach our children that violence is always wrong. But justice must be fair, and punishment must fit the crime. Yet, we still have a system that locks away too many young, first-time, non-violent offenders for the better part of their lives. It’s a system where certain sentences are based less on the kind of crime you commit than on what you look like and where you come from.

In Illinois alone, more than 40,000 people are released from prisons each year with most of them returning to the Chicago community. Almost half of those released from prison lack a high school diploma or GED. Only one-third of inmates receive vocational training or work experience designed to improve their ability to obtain employment once released. Even fewer receive counseling and placement services after their release. Within three years, statistics indicate that more than half will be back in custody.
In today’s economy, without a high school diploma, supporting a family is almost impossible. And with a criminal record instead of an education, the prospects for success are next to none. This has to stop.

The costs of crimes are high. But failing to break this cycle costs us even more.
That’s why I am fighting to pass the Second Chance Act, which would support faith- and community-based organizations working with state and local authorities to give former prisoners a second chance at a meaningful life. The Second Chance Act makes funding available for transitional jobs programs and housing, supportive health services, and educational needs. Organizations such as the Safer Foundation and Heartland Alliance have demonstrated success giving formerly incarcerated people in Illinois an opportunity for a second chance. And the Second Chance Act would ensure that the federal government does its part by supporting reentry programs like these that help make our communities safer.
We must create a pathway for people coming out of jail to get the jobs, skills, and education they need to leave the life of crime. That means supporting effective training and mentoring programs to help people transition into jobs. That means reevaluating the laws against hiring people with a criminal record so that we don’t foreclose effective ways to bring people out of poverty and deter them from committing new crimes. That also means giving former prisoners parenting skills so they can give their children the sense of hope and opportunity that so many of them were denied.

Thurgood Marshall said: “None of us got where we are solely by pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps. We got here because somebody - a parent, a teacher, an Ivy League crony or a few nuns - bent down and helped us pick up our boots.”
As we fulfill Marshall’s legacy, let’s bend down and help every kid pick up his or her boots for a second chance.


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Hillary Losing Bill's Support In Iowa !
Bill Clinton:
It Would Be 'a Miracle If Hillary Wins in Iowa'
Saturday, December 15, 2007
Fox News

Bill Clinton said it would be a "miracle" if Sen. Hillary Clinton wins in Iowa, even as he brushed off his wife's top rival, Sen. Barack Obama, as a candidate too green to run for president.
The former president, who has been campaigning tirelessly for the Democratic frontrunner as slipping polls and a series of gaffes have threatened her campaign, made the comments in an interview with host Charlie Rose on PBS Friday, where he also said voters would be taking a "risk" if they elected Obama, according to an article in Editor & Publisher.

As Hillary Clinton prepares for a five-day, 99-county Iowa tour with her campaign beginning Sunday, her poll numbers are running low in the final stretch before the Jan. 3 caucuses.
A Newsweek poll of 395 likely voters taken from Dec. 5 to Dec. 6 showed Obama with 35 percent, Clinton with 29 percent and former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards with 18 percent in Iowa.
In the interview, Bill Clinton said Edwards might even win, which he said would be preferable.

"It would be a miracle if Hillary wins in Iowa, and I'm not just low-balling you," Clinton said, according to the Editor & Publisher article.


Blacks View Latest Hillary Attack

on Obama as RACIST !
By GREG JONES, Blacks 4 Barack writer (Dec. 15)

In what many consider to be a sign of desperation due to the increase of Obama support in the polls, Hillary Clinton's campaign struck with a new smear tactic recently which some blacks consider to be racist. Many are stating that her underlying tone and tactic reflect her subliminal opinion that all black men are drug dealers....even Barack Obama ! After her co-campaign chairman Bill Sheehan 'resigned' for making the drug dealer comment, Clinton's strategist, AKA her Karl Rove, continued to make drug dealer accusations during a cable news appearance while he was supposedly apologizing for the comments, but was quickly exposed for his tactic by John Edwards strategist Joe Trippi..

National talk-radio shows began raising the issue of Hillary's racist remark on Friday. It also raised the question that if Bill Clinton was so 'pro-black', why as President was he responsible for setting the federal crack cocaine penalties to be 8 times harsher than powder cocaine users, knowing that crack cocaine was more of a black used drug as compared to powder cocaine which is more used by whites. A person convicted of possession of 5 grams of crack could be sentenced to up to 8 years in prison while in order for a person to be sentenced to 8 years with powder they would have to have 500 grams. The imbalance of this Clinton law was reviewed recently by the U.S. Courts and is being overturned.

"I'm just not sure about these Clinton's anymore", states Linda Jackson, a black professional and former Hillary supporter. "


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Is Al Sharpton Sabotaging

Barack Obama's Campaign ?
Is Black America Letting Him ?

By Greg 'Peace Song' Jones

The year is 2007. America is being barraged with racial injustices ranging from the Jena 6 case, hangman nooses everywhere, inner-city education collapsing, economic disparity, health care unavailable for millions, injustice in our legal system resulting in prisons filled with black americans.... just to name a few. I regularly listen to talk radio ranging from Dennis Prager, Michael Medved and Laura Ingraham on the Conservative side. I also listen to black radio including Warren Ballentine and Al Sharpton. I'm thankful that Cathy Hughes has created the opportunity through her powerful Radio One Network to allow the Black American voice to be heard. Black radio has been very instrumental in exposing the injustices to Blacks that are occuring in America and has given black listeners and callers the opportunity to express their feelings of disempowerment.

Al Sharpton is a considered to be a warrior who points out and addresses injustice toward blacks. He is a powerful watchdog and the black community knows that if we're done wrong in the legal system we can call Rev. Al and he'll be there. Without him there's no telling how bad things would be. Because of his voice and ability to address injustice, we blacks have 'declared' him to be 'a', if not 'the' leader of the black community. He, along with others recently led two powerful marches that definitely attracted attention to the cause as well as redeveloping unity among blacks. That is powerful.

BUT....I can not express how much it saddens me to watch Al Sharpton's lack of support for a presidential candidate who is qualified, credible, highly intelligent, gifted, caring, heavily supported....who happens to be Black. It was recently announced that Barack Obama is leading in the Iowa polls with a 3% lead over Hillary Clinton. That is incredibly historic......a black man leading in the polls in Iowa !!! That means that caring, politically savvy whites feel that Barack Obama is the best choice to run America. Do you know how powerful that is? But does Al Sharpton rally the black community to support Obama? Not at all. Instead, he claims that he is not endorsing anyone 'yet', (although the primaries start in less than 40 days) but simultaneously makes inuendo that he is against Obama. Now let's look at the facts. Al Sharpton has gone before the Congress to state the injustice occuring in black communities. He recently led the march on Washington against the Justice Department. These actions prove that Al Sharpton is aware of the fact that true change in the federal laws are inacted by the President of the United States. From the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voters Rights Act of 1965, the Fair Housing Act of 1968, even the Immancipation Proclamation, all of these federal laws were passed by the President. That's how it works! So does Al Sharpton think that he can march in Washington and that George Bush will look out the window and say 'Ohhhh....there's Al....Hey Dick...we need to do more for black people!' It will never happen....simple as that. So if you can't change the mind of the person at the top.....then you change the person at the top.

Rev. Al proves through his march that the power of change rests in Washington D.C. but, for some strange reason, he refuses to support, invigorate or even acknowledge the vital importance of electing a man into the Oval Office who will be responsive to the needs of ALL Americans....of course, including the issues related to Black America. Now, we as black people know that there have been blacks put into powerful positions who have turned their backs on the black community. Condoleeza Rice and Clarence Thomas...just to name a couple. We also know that Barack Obama is no Condoleeza Rice. We know that Barack Obama is highly intelligent, capable, qualified, honest, harmonious, caring of all Americans including blacks (Obama was a civil rights attorney and advocate in Chicago) and an excellent choice to run our country.

But Rev. Al wants to talk about Obama's lack of experience (although he has the exact same amount of experience that Abe Lincoln had and Lincoln is considered one of the greatest Presidents of all time), not to mention Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson both ran for President with absolutely zero political experience, but never stated that they were far from qualified. Sharpton constantly rants that Obama does not address Black issues which is outright false. Sharpton even spoke negatively about Obama not discussing black issues in a recent debate....not admitting that the questioners never asked any questions regarding black issues. In fact, Obama recently appeared on the Rev. Al radio show and for some reason the Reverend chose not to ask Obama any views on black issues. Interesting. Some so called 'leaders' say Obama is not 'black enough'. Which of the other (white) candidates ARE black enough? And why is Hillary getting so much black support if being 'black enough' is so important? That's just crazy ! To top things off Al Sharpton has openly stated on his radio show that he is not supporting Barack Obama because, as Rev. Al puts it....' He didn't support me when I was running !' (As stated to an Obama supporter who called in on Wednesday, November 21 @ 3:48 eastern) That's so sad.

Does Al Sharpton want to stagnate the black community intentionally so that he remains the 'Head Negro In Charge'? The other day I called the Al Sharpton radio show to say how proud I am that Obama is leading in the Iowa polls. At that time, Sharpton's fill-in host, Mr. Charlie King had a guest on who had been the campaign chairman for Jesse Jackson's Presidential campaign in South Carolina. (By the way Rev. Jackson claims to support Obama but you'd never know it) Instead of this black man, who Charlie King called a political expert, stating how historic it is that a black man is leading in Iowa for the first time in American history....this man minimized this great achievement by pointing out that Obama is only leading by 3% which is the margin of error for the poll. Then he stated that Obama is inexperienced and even called him immature! I couldn't believe my ears! He went on to state that Obama should not be supported by blacks because he is of mixed race and an 'immigrant' who doesn't understand that 'we as black folks are still trying to get our 40 acres and a mule' ! I was amazed ! So, I picked up the phone and finally got through. The screener asked what I wanted to say. I stated that I wanted to say that the man on the show should be ashamed of himself for being so negative and small minded and that it is extremely sad and counterproductive that black folks like him have such a backwards, self defeative attitude. Al Sharpton's screener told me....'You don't REALLY think Barack Obama has a chance to win do you?' I was amazed !!!! And this, on just the day Obama is all over the news for being ahead of Hillary in the Iowa (white state) historic achievement. Is this the attitude that Al Sharpton has instilled on his staff ? Are his screeners swaying callers away from supporting Obama ? Wow !

My black Brothers and Sisters. PLEASE LISTEN !!! What we need right now is a change in the White House.....a person who will care about all Americans including Blacks and make the changes necessary. Rev. Al Sharpton knows that the person who becomes President of the United States will play the most pivotal role in the immediate future of Black America. But is it his jealousy, his desire to keep blacks dependent on him, or his lust to stay top man that makes him 'anti-Barack'?

Rev. Al has the right to vote for whomever he wants. But as the 'black' leader is Al's refusal to support Barack to mean that he feels one of the other candidates would do more for Black America than Obama? If so, then he should speak up telling us who and why he thinks so. Fact is, other than Lincoln, Kennedy and Johnson, no other President has done a thing for blacks in over 200 years. And always remember our so called 'First black President' (Clinton) was responsible for implementing the 3 Strikes Law and for making crack cocaine penalties 8 times worse than powder, knowing that these laws would put greater numbers of black men in prisons.

Rev. Al....if you are sabotaging Obama's campaign.....please stop ! It is time for Black America to stop being misled and rally in support of Barack Obama in record numbers....not just because he is black....but because he is the best person for the job, and will definitely address the issues of Black America. Black folks say America is not ready for a black president which is being proven wrong by the Iowa (white state) polls. The question is.....Is BLACK America ready for a black president, or are we still stuck on the 'white is right' mentality which has been to our detriment. Rev. King wrote a book entitled 'Why We Can't Wait'. NOW is the time my brothers and sisters.

I'm reminded of the story of the praying christian who is sinking in his boat, cries out Lord Help Me...and going to wait on God. A guy comes up in a row boat, tells the man to get in...but the sinking man says...No....I'm waiting on God. Later, a tug boat pulls up and the man again says No....I'm waiting on God. Now, up to his neck in water, a huge cruise liner pulls up, throws the life jacket to the man and again he states, No I'm waiting on God. Of course he drowns. And when he goes to heaven he asks, Lord.....why did you forsake me? God replies (and these are my words) 'Fool.....I sent you a row boat, a tug boat and a cruise liner big enough to hold thousands.....but you were too stupid to get on you got what you deserved.'

My people, through these times in 2007, when we as Black Americans are drowning in disparity, injustice, poverty and is time for us to unite, rally together, rise up and get on board the cruise liner that is here to stop us from our drowning......and the name of that ship is ......Barack Obama !

In addition to Why We Can't Wait, another slogan commonly recited by Rev. Dr. King was....The Time Is Now ! And yes...the time IS now...for us all to get on board. Once we do, we can reach back with outstretched hands to the Rev. Als of this land....
and pull them up....with us.

I'd hate for us to hear....when we meet our Maker....
' got what you deserved' .
Let's Get On Board !

x x x

About the Author:
Cleveland, Ohioan Greg Jones' commitment to a better America and World inspired him to launch Blacks 4 Barack, a national grassroots organization dedicated to invigorating support for Barack Obama for President. Jones is also known for his Maxi-Single Peace Song CD release entitled God Bless the World-While You Bless America which is garnering accolades worldwide. Jones also has been involved in the music and entertainment industry and was publisher/editor of nationally distributed Gospel Reflections Music Magazine.


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National Black Out Day,

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From Warren Ballentine's

Many people marched in Jena , La last month in support of the 6 young >men unjustly charged with attempted murder for a school yard fight. >There are many situations all over the nation that scream of injustice >and unfair treatment of people in this country. There is the woman in >West Virginia who was raped and tortured for days with barely any >national coverage. They called her the N word but as of this writing, >they still had not confirmed they are treating this as a hate crime. We >all know the young groom in NYC who was murdered by the NYPD on the eve >of his wedding. There is the teenage girl in Texas who was sentenced to >jail time for an altercation with a school official. How about the >teenage girl who was sprayed with mase for missing curfew. You can see &g t;her in the video restrained by a police officer twice her size. She was >in handcuffs when she was sprayed. Maybe you heard of the California >girl who had her arm broken by a school security official when she >refused to pick up a piece of cake from the floor. It was filmed by a >school mate and is all over You Tube. You may have heard of the young >man in Georgia who was sentenced to 10 years in prison for having >consensual sex with a young girl. He was 17, she was 15. There was also >the young brother in Florida who died in the custody of the state when >he was admitted to their boot camp. They said he had diabetes but they >couldn't explain his battered body. All of these stories happened within >the last year or two. >Those are just a few instances where people in this country have been >treated unfairly, while 4 young men in Raleigh , NC sue the state for 10 >million dolla rs each be cause they were "falsely" accused of rape. There >are people who spend YEARS in prison and are exonerated that don't get >nearly that much coin. By the way, who else is tired of the Princess >Diana wrongful death inquiry? I mean, come on, it's very sad how she >died but does her death need to be the top news story 10 years and 2 >months after her death? >On Friday, November 2, 2007, Warren Ballentine, Reverend Al Sharpton >and other civil rights leaders are calling for a national boycott. Black >people alone spend 2 billion dollars a day in the United States and we >are only approximately 12% of the population. 2 billion dollars a day, >lining the pockets of companies that have shown no interest in our >interests. We ARE living in the new civil rights movement. We cannot >allow the march in Jena to be only an event. It MUST be a movement. In >the 1950s, the bus boycott was onl y supposed to b e for a few days or >weeks. It ended up being over a year. The goal was for fair treatment >and bus integration. Our parents and grandparents sacrificed and showed >that with faith and strength, they could show corporate America the >power of the community and demanded fair treatment. As we know, those >buses were integrated. This is not about color. This is about class. The >middle class and poor peopl e in this country are not treated as the >Declaration of Independance says we should be treated. It states that >"all men are created equal". Clearly the governing class of the United >States disagrees with their document. >Join us on on Friday, November 2, 2007 and don't spend ANY money. If you >have to shop, do it the day before or the day after. If you need gas, >get it the day before or the day after. We have to join together as a >community. You may be thinking, it's only one day, what di fference will >it make? I had the same thought at first, but just think about it. If we >all save our money that day, it WILL make a difference. That day may >become a weekend. That weekend may become a week and that week a month. >As we showed in the 1950s, we can make a difference if we do this >together. >If you can pass the many dumb jokes and forwards we all get, you most >certainly can pass this important email to all your friends and family. >Show a sign of solidarity. >"In the abundance of water, the fool is thirsty" >"Many tears that are in the heart never reach the eye" >Which would you prefer, money, power and respect or knowledge, wisdom >and understanding?

Friday, October 19, 2007

NYC Councilman (former Black Panther)



by Rock HackshawThu, 10/18/2007
Many black political activists, some black nationalists and even a sprinkling of black moderates, will celebrate Black Solidarity Day on November 5th, 2007; and in keeping with the theme, a large group of blacks intend to endorse Barack Obama for president on that day. Included in that group is NYC councilmember Charles Barron and his wife (and fellow-activist) Inez Barron. The fiery council member from East New York, Brooklyn, intends to put together a group of progressives of all races, nationalities and ethnicities, behind this endorsement effort. He also intends to line up many anti-Iraq-War activists, some veterans, many church and community leaders, and hopefully also a few elected officials of all races, nationalities and ethnicities.
Barron-a former member of the Black Panthers- claims that he has been closely following the presidential debates and is confident that he is making the correct endorsement. He said that he liked some of the things John Edwards said about poverty in the USA, and also many of the positions that candidate Kucinich has taken. He said that Hilary Clinton has been the most disappointing to him, since she seems to lack core convictions. He said that he arrived at supporting Obama, despite some reservations that the candidate needs to get deeper into black issues while on the campaign stump. Barron believes that Obama is the most inspiring of the lot, and has offered many new ideas for change. He also seems to be attracting many young people and is bringing lots of new voters to the political system. Barron says "that this is all good".
This endorsement couldn’t have come sooner for Barack Obama, since recent national polls show him trailing Mrs. Clinton amongst black voters, by almost 20 percentage points (33-52). This endorsement also would help Obama deal with the question of “is he black enough?” In relation to that question, Barron laughed it off as silly and irrelevant. Barron said that such a moot question has no place at the discussion table, once you realize that all the other candidates bar Richardson (Hispanic) are white. He further added that even though Barack Obama may not be as militant as he (Barron) would like, he appears to be someone willing to work with all people on the political spectrum in order too find the common good.
Barron was highly critical of Hilary Clinton who he claims has taken the black vote for granted. He said that Mrs. Clinton has had seven years in the US Senate and has done practically nothing for black people. He asked where was she on the Sean Bell murder. He said that she wasn’t there when Amadou Diallo was killed by the cops (41 bullets) and she still isn’t there now, almost a year after the cops pumped 50 bullets at Sean Bell’s innocent body.
He said that it is easy for Hilary to come to black churches on Sundays, looking to grab our vote (winning over 90% of the black vote in both 2000 & 2006), but she doesn’t fight for our issues during the rest of the week. He calls her a weekend friend of blacks, but a weekday snob. He then listed a number of black issues that she has failed to respond to: police brutality/murder, racial profiling, the high black unemployment numbers, the double standards of injustice that blacks face from the judicial/penal system, high joblessness among black youth, high drop out rates in school and colleges amongst black males, high incarceration rates of black males, Jena Six, Katrina/ New Orleans, reparations for the descendants of slaves, Congressman Conyers’ health care bill, pervasive racism country-wide, high HIV-rates amongst blacks and Hispanics, predatory lending by financial institutions targeting the black community, high home-foreclosure rates in black areas, high rates of asthma, heart disease, etc. in the communities of color, the failing education system, racial discrimination in housing, health, employment, economic-development, banking, etc; and he added even more, in case you are wondering about some of the missing issues here.
Barron spent a long time listing what he sees as the failures of both Bill and Hilary Clinton relative to blacks, Hispanic and communities of color. He also said that the Bush-Clinton-Bush- Clinton formula for presidential leadership is tried, tired, flawed, and failed.
He further stated that Hilary Rodham–Clinton is not an option for blacks and people of color. He claims that the Clintons have had numerous chances to show what they could do for communities of color and they punted instead of going for fourth down. When I challenged him on this- by stating that the vast majority of black elected officials all over the country are supporting Hilary Clinton over Barack Obama- Barron had an interesting observation to proffer. He said that in his experience as an elected official, he has found that too many black electeds tend to be spineless. He said that they say one thing behind close doors- when in company with other black officials- but then they do something else when they leave the room and meet up with their white masters. He says that the slave-mentality still exists. He gave some stinging examples of such officials by name (I won’t list them here).
He further said that black leaders and black electeds don’t understand how powerful their positions are. He also said that they don’t use the votes they control, as leverage for attaining more resources and better services for their constituents and neighbors. He said that while there are many brilliant individuals amongst the black electeds, that collectively: they are a disappointing lot. He then chastised those of them who just fall lock step behind the endorsements of the county and party bosses, without thinking through what’s in the best interests of the districts they represent and serve. He said that between now and November 5th, he will be working hard to bring more prominent endorsements to the Obama campaign.
Stay tuned-in folks.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Al Sharpton...Jesse Jackson...Black Leaders;
Time to Lead for BARACK !
Greg 'Peace Song' Jones

I regularly listen to talk radio ranging from Air America, which is more progressive or Rush Limbaugh, Dennis Prager and Michael Medved which are Republican....and black radio particularly Warren Ballentine and Rev. Al Sharpton on the Radio 1 Network which is doing a great job of reaching the black community and creating an opportunity for voices nationwide to be heard.
I find it interesting to hear the different views from the well as callers nationwide...on the subject of Barack Obama for President. Many of the hosts, even callers, on both Air America and the Republican shows voice massive approval and support of Barack Obama. It's actually quite refreshing to see and hear that so many white Americans are ready for a black president, basically because they feel he is the best choice regarding the issues of America and the world. Now, that's progress.
Then I listen to the Rev. Al Sharpton. First of all, let me state that I greatly admire Rev. Sharpton. The work that he does through his National Action Network is developing into becoming a mighty force in the black community nationwide and I feel that all blacks should be supportive of NAN. But when I listen to Rev. Sharpton talk about Barack Obama's presidential campaign I am totally amazed, shocked and beyond extremely disappointed. I'm almost embarrassed. Here we have Rev. Sharpton, who many blacks, including myself, look at as the number one leader for justice and empowerment in the black community.....and here we have a black man...Barack Obama...who is a very serious, capable, qualified candidate for President of the United States, supported by millions nationwide, with a realistic chance to enter the White House.
But instead of rallying, supporting and stating this black historic opportunity as it is....Rev. Sharpton would rather not express his support of Obama at a ll !!! What's wrong with this picture ? I cannot believe that the leader(s) of the black community like Rev. Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson are NOT supportive of what could be the first black president of the United States, ever? That is crazy !!!! (note: Rev. Jackson has quietly declared that he is supporting Obama but has done little or nothing to rally the black community....while polls show Hillary currently receiving more black support than Obama !.....That's CRAZY !) We, as blacks, know that in order for the black communities to rise up out of the muck and mire that permeates, we must all work a family. We know that we always preach that we should be supportive of black achievement, black businesses, our black youth and each other.If that is the case, that we are to be supportive of each other, which I do believe that to be true, then never has that need been more evident than now. ALL black people should be in absolute support of Barack Obama for President, not just because he's black, but because of his stance, capabilities and qualifications. This should be a period of rallying in the streets, shouting with pride that we have a true opportunity to change history and put a black man in the White House. And this rally cry should be lead by our leaders.
Yes, Rev. Al, Rev. Jackson, the NAACP...ALL black leaders should be sounding the trumpet to inspire all black people to vote for this historic change. Why aren't they ? Rev. Al states that he hasn't heard enough from Obama regarding the issues to make a decision. I find that a bit disingenuous seeing as to how I know where Obama stands on the various issues....and so do the millions of white Obama supporters. Rev. Al also says that Obama may not have enough experience. I find that to be a sadly interesting comment, particularly considering both Rev. Al and Rev. Jackson ran for President with absolutely NO political experience, but never stated that they were too new for the post. (NOTE: Rev. Al knows that Barack Obama has been aU.S. Senator for over 2 years.....and that Abraham Lincoln was a Senator for 2 years....and turned out to be considered one of the greatest Presidents of all time). Rev. Al also states that he is not hearing enough talk from Obama regarding specifically what he will do for the black community. Now common sense should tell all black folks that Obama has to play the political game. Keep in mind, he is running for president of the United States...that means everyone, black, white, hispanic, muslim, jews,and all others.
Obama cannot appear as if he will only be concerned with the black community's needs or he has absolutely no chance of winning. Maybe that's where Rev. Al went wrong with his campaign. Does Rev. Al think that Obama should be shouting 'ungawa...Black Power' during each debate ? There is no way that he could do that and expect to win. But once he is President, common sense tells us that he would be more receptive to the needs in the black community than any other candidate. That's just common sense based on what we DO know about Obama. Then some folks want to say he's not 'black enough'. That is the most pathetic thing I've ever heard. First of all, his name is Barack Obama......not like Jesse or Al. Secondly, Obama is half Kenyan.....that's pretty black !!! Sometimes I just wonder to myself, why aren't Rev. Al and Rev. Jackson leading the rally to support this historic cause ? Could they be jealous that Obama has already achieved more acceptance than they did during their campaign efforts ? I would hate to think that to be the fact. Or, could Rev. Al be hopeful that Hillary will win because he feels that she will assist him in his personal efforts if she is elected President ? I hope that too is not the case.....that would be selling out.....and I would never believe our leader(s) to be sell-outs. But for our leaders to not boisterously support Obama is like saying that they feel a white person would do better or more for the black communities, which history has proven is just not the case. Then what can it be ? That is the question.
I believe that Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would be very proud and thankful to see that, in spite of all of the weights that have burdened and held the black community down, one black man has risen to such a level that he is a viable choice to be President of the United States in 2008. I believe that Rev. King would truly lead a powerful movement to change the tide of history. I envision marches, flags, signs, songs, t-shirts, buttons and millions of blacks proudly expressing jubilee for this opportunity to make a real change in our country.
WE SHALL OVERCOME....has been our motto for the black struggle for many generations and we are still struggling, in oh so many ways. And we will never overcome, until our leaders wake up, stop 'hatin' and vigorously lead the cause that will truly make a positive difference in our country, in our black community, and in the entire world. Rev. Al....Rev. ya' both....but on this subject...
It's Time To LEAD !!!

(Greg 'Peace Song' Jones)

NOTE FROM GREG JONES: At a time when we are planning rallies and boycotts we should understand the absolute, real power in electing Barack Obama President....a man who is surely to address the issues at hand.....Remember, in spite of any and all 'self' improvement we may do, the U.S. Gov't still controls America. We have an opportunity change the U.S. Gov't....WAKE UP BLACK AMERICA....... Don't wait for the 'leader'.....

Greg Jones is the singer/songwriter who's new CD release entitled
'God Bless the World-While You Bless America'
is considered the Musical Message for World Peace
and is garnering accolades worldwide.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

ASA COONS proves
Homeland Security Should Start in our Schools !!!
By: Greg 'Peace Song' Jones

This is a horrific week in the City of Cleveland, Ohio. In one of the top public schools located in the heart of the City of Cleveland, a 14 year old allegedly entered his school with 2 guns, 3 knives and 2 boxes of ammunition, and after changing his clothing into his black trench coat gear, proceeded to shoot up the school shooting 2 teachers and injuring 3 students before turning the gun on himself, taking his own life. We are thankful that the victims have survived and commend the students at SuccessTech for their exemplary handling of this incredibly terrible occurence.

In the aftermath of such a terrible ordeal, fingers will be wagged and blame issued in many different directions. Some will say that folks should have realized the mental disorder within this 14 year old shooter. Some will blame the boy's parents and family. Some will also place blame on the Cleveland Public School System for not having more security, including the idea that more metal (gun) detectors should be available in every school, along with more security guards, which could have wharted off this catastrophe. But, then there are THE FACTS. Fact is, ever since George Bush initiated his wonderful 'No Child Left Behind' Program, the Cleveland Public School System has been in severe dire financial straits. During the past 3 years the school system was forced to lay-off or fire over 1000 Cleveland School teachers, security guards, school nurses etc., due to the lack of federal dollars, which is the responsibilty of the Bush administration. The school system has been so broke that a number of the schools were forced to discontinue sports programs, music programs, in addition to the drastic reduction in staff and security. If the school board HAD purchased metal detectors for every school, or hired more security guards, they would not have had the funds to even buy books ! And then there is the HOMELAND SECURITY.

How in the world are we making our homeland more secure, when the Bush administration is simultaneously cutting much necessary funding needed to protect our public schools, evidently not realizing (or caring) that our youth....our students...our children...should be priority number one....for 'HOMELAND SECURITY'. The time is speak out for what is really needed in OUR country. Instead of spending trillions of dollars to 'reconstruct' other countries.....we must DEMAND that American dollars be spent to take care of the true, obvious needs that exist here....on our America. This deadly ordeal, which occured across the street from the FBI Building, could have....and should have never happened.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Want WAR in IRAN ?....VOTE HILLARY !!!

(Despite recent NIE findings we must ask ourselves if Hillary's commitment to the PNAC is stronger than her commitment to America)

From: Jerusalem Post
Democratic presidential candidate and New York Senator Hillary Clinton said Tuesday that it might be necessary for America to confront Iran militarily, addressing that possibility more directly than any of the other presidential candidates who spoke this week to the National Jewish Democratic Council.

Clinton first said that the US should be engaging directly with Iran to foil any effort to gain nuclear weapons and faulted the Bush administration for "considerably narrowing" the options available to America in countering Iran.
Still, she said, all avenues should be explored, since "if we do have to take offensive military action against Iran, it would be far better if the rest of the world saw it as a position of last resort, not first resort, because the effect and consequences will be global."


Thursday, October 4, 2007

REPUBLICANS: The Problem With America

By: Greg 'Peace Song' Jones

Over the past 7 or so years, I have watched our country go from being an incredibly united country (as evidenced following the horrific 9/11 tragedy) to being a country almost on the verge of civil war(s). No not in Iraq.....but here ! In America. The 'United States'. It is so sad to see what we as a country have disolved to becoming. When one looks back in review in wonderment as to how we could have become such a divided, hate filled, selfish, lost country being led like lost sheep....there is only one answer.

The Republicans. I listen to Republican/Conservative talk radio and watch Fox News and just shake my head in absolute disgust. The hosts, as well as callers, all sound very intelligent and articulate, but the words that come out of their mouths show nothing less than sheer ignorance never before witnessed in modern day American history. Here, you have a group of people...who call themselves Conservatives. But what exactly is that phrase supposed to mean. It can't mean that they 'conserve' anything. They spend our tax dollars like there's no end. They could care less about conserving the environment, aka conservation.

They'd rather sit on a melting glacier ignorantly debating global warming than to think that maybe it is a possibilty or at least something that should be looked into to conserve the future of our world. They can't want to conserve life.....(although they literally are obsessed to see Rowe V. Wade overturned) because they are absolutely pro-war. Don't forget, they are also the so-called religious right ! So they're pro-life....very religious...and pro-war !!! Is that weird or what ? In addition to that weirdism....they are a sad group that deep inside is actually controlled by hatred, bigotry and a desire to rescue the collapsing white power structure in America.

They are so filled with fear of power loss that their driving force has become total hatred. Whoever their Conservative leaders (sheep herders) tell them to hate(Rush, O'Reilly, Hannity, Bush, Cheney, etc.)....that's who they Stepford controlled sheep. At first they were told to hate Bin Laden(made sense at the time).....then The Taliban (remember them ?). All of a sudden, it was Saddam Hussein....then Al Qaida. Meanwhile, don't forget they were hating the French and Germans for awhile for not going along with the Iraq war....even wanted to stop drinking french wine and even wanted to call french fries 'freedom' fries to punish the French. That died out though after awhile (french fries tasted too good).

Then, remember Shorty over in Korea ? They were hating him for about three weeks right after they hated Syria for about two weeks. Then it was Iran.....They started on Iran around July 4th of last year....but that died down after about 6 1/2 weeks. Meanwhile, they hated the Mexicans for coming to America for a better living......and more recently...back to hating Iran. (Note: No more Bin Laden, Taliban, Syria or Shorty in Korea)...Whew ! If it wasn't for the sheep herders....they wouldn't be able to keep up with who they are to hate next. And sadly, here on the homefront, that very hatred has swelled in their spirits to such a degree that racism has escalated to a modern day KKK level. Nooses...police brutality...injustice...prejudice....all stronger now than in the last 30 years.

I'm trying to keep this short so I'm not dicussing the corruption amongst these Conservatives....or their desire to rule the entire world...or how they could care less about the homeless or the needy or the Katrina victims. Don't forget.....they're supposed to be the so-called 'religious' right. The Bible says 'that you will know them by their fruits'.....meaning by what they do and how they think. I do love The Lord and I must say....those of us who truly know and love The Lord know that a true Christian does not want innocent soldiers dying in vain. They do not want the hungry to starve or the homeless without shelter. They would hate the pitiful response to Katrina.....and they would have a Godly spirit that allowed them to know how they....themselves....THE REPUBLICANS...are ruining the great land of America....the "United States"....and simultaneously hurting the entire world.

The time is Now to TAKE BACK AMERICA !!! (Oh Yea !! They also hate the Democrats !!!)

Greg Jones

Jesse Jackson Reaffirms Support for Obama

From NBC/NJ's Aswini Anburajan
The Obama campaign just forwarded us a statement from Jesse Jackson, who reiterated his support for Obama, despite being quoted by the Columbia State saying that Obama is "acting like he's white" for not speaking more forcefully regarding the racial incident in Jena, LA."I reaffirm my commitment to vote for Sen. Barack Obama," Jackson says in the statement. "He has remarkably transcended race, however the impact of Katrina and Jena makes America's unresolved moral dilemma of race unavoidable. I think Jena is another defining moment of the issue of race and the criminal justice system. This issue requires direct and bold leadership. I commend Sen. Obama for speaking out and demanding fairness on this defining issue. Any attempt to dilute my support for Sen. Obama will not succeed."


Sunday, September 30, 2007

Blacks4Barack ! presents

Message To Black America !
JENA 6, Racism, Injustice
and The New Movement !

In an attempt to sabotage Obama's campaign, black 'leaders' like Al Sharpton and writer Shelby Steele claim Obama can not win the black votes needed to win the nomination because he does not address black issues which is a bold faced lie. Here is Obama's 'Message To Black America'. Stop the hatred Al & Co..Obama Is For ALL !!! (read)

Speech from Howard University
"To all of the honored and distinguished guests faculty staff and students, it is a privilege to be a part of today's convocation, and an honor to receive this degree from Howard.
Now there are few other universities that have played so central a role in breaking down yesterday's barriers, and inching this country closer to the ideals we see inscribed on the monuments throughout the city.
It is because of those victories that a black man named Barack Hussein Obama can stand before you today as candidate for President of the United States. I am not just running to make history. I am running because I believe that together we can change history's course. It's not enough just to look back and wonder how far we've come; I want us to look ahead with fierce urgency at how far we have to go. I believe its time for this generation to make its own mark, to write our own chapter in the American story.
Those who came before us did not strike a blow against injustice only so that we would let injustice fester in our time. Thurgood Marshall did not argue Brown so that we could accept a country where too many African American men end up in prison because we'd rather spend more to jail a 25-year-old than to educate a 5-year-old. Dr. King did not take us to the mountaintop so that we would allow a terrible storm to ravage those who were stranded in the valley. He did not expect that it would take a breach in the levees to reveal a breach in our compassion; that it would take a hurricane to reveal the hungry God asked us to feed, the sick he asks us to care for, the least of these he asks us to treat as our own.
I am certain that nine children did not walk through the doors of a school in Little Rock so that our children would have to see nooses hanging at a school in Louisiana. It's a fitting reminder that the 50th anniversary of Little Rock fell on this week. Because when the doors of that school finally opened, a nation responded. The President sent the United States Army to stand on the side of justice. The Congress passed the Civil Rights Act of 1957. The Department of Justice created a civil rights division and millions of Americans took to the streets in the following months and years so that more children could walk through more doors.
These weren't easy choices to make at the time. President Eisenhower was warned by some that sending the army down to Little Rock would be political suicide. Resistance to civil rights reform was fierce. We know that those who marched for freedom did so at great risk, for themselves and their families--but they did it because they understood that there are some times in our history, there are moments when what's truly risky is not to act. What's truly risky is to let the same injustice remain year after year after year. What's truly risky is to walk away and pretend it never happened. What's truly risky is to accept things as they are, instead of working for what they could be. In a media driven culture that's more obsessed with who's beating who in Washington, or how long Paris Hilton is going to be in jail, these moments are harder to spot. But every so often they do appear. Sometimes it takes a hurricane, sometimes it takes a travesty of justice like the one we've seen in Jena, Louisiana.
There are some who will make Jena about the fight itself. And it's true that we have to do more as parents to instill our children with the idea that violence is always wrong: It's wrong when it happens on the streets of Chicago; it's wrong when it happens in a schoolyard in Louisiana. Violence is not the answer. And all of us know that more violence is perpetrated between blacks than between blacks and whites. Our community has suffered more than anything from the slow, chronic tolerance of violence. Nonviolence was the soul of the civil rights movement. We have to do a better job of teaching our children that virtue.
But we also know that to truly understand Jena you have to look at what happened both before and after that fight. You have to listen to the hateful slurs that flew through the hallways of that school. You have to know the full measure of the damage done by that arson; you have to look at those nooses hanging on that schoolyard tree, and you have to understand how badly our system of justice failed those six boys in the days after that fight. The outrageous charges, the unreasonable and excessive sentences, the public defender who did not call a single witness.
Like Katrina did with poverty, Jena exposed glaring inequalities in our justice system that were around long before that schoolyard fight broke out. It reminds us of the fact that we have a system that locks away too many young first time nonviolent offenders for the better part of their lives; a decision that's not made by a judge in a courtroom but all too often by politicians in Washington and state capitals across the country. It reminds us that we have certain sentences that are based less than on the kind of crime you commit than where you come from, or what you look like. It reminds us that we have a Justice Department whose idea of prosecuting civil rights violations is to roll back affirmative action programs at our colleges and universities; a Justice Department whose idea of prosecuting voter fraud is to look for voting fraud in black and Latino communities where voting fraud does not exist. And you know that these inequities are there. We know they're wrong. And yet they go largely unnoticed until people finally find the courage to stand up and say they're wrong--until someone finally says: It's wrong that Scooter Libby gets no jail time for compromising our national security while a 21-year-old honor student is sitting in a Georgia prison for something that was not even a felony.
It's not always easy to come out and say this. I commend those of you at Howard that have spoken out on Jena Six or traveled to the rally in Louisiana. I commend those of you who have spoken out on the Genarlow Wilson case. I know it can be lonely protesting this kind of injustice. I know there's not a lot of glamour in it. Because when I was a state senator in Illinois we have a death penalty system that had sent 13 innocent people to their death--13 innocent men that we know. I wanted to reform the system, and I was told by almost everyone that it was not possible, that I wouldn't be able to get police officers and civil rights activists to work together, Democrats and Republicans to agree that we should videotape confessions to make sure they weren't coerced. Folks told me that there was too much political risk involved, and it would come to haunt me later, when I ran for higher office. But I believed that it was too risky not to act. And after a while people with opposing views came together and started listening. And we ended up reforming that death penalty system, and we did the same when I passed the law to expose racial profiling.
So don't let anyone tell you that change is not possible. Don't let them tell you that standing out and speaking up about injustice is too risky. What's too risky is keeping quiet. What's too risky is looking the other way. I don't want to be here standing and talking about another Jena four years from now because we didn't have the courage to act today. I don't want this to be another issue that ends up being ignored when the cameras are turned off and the headlines disappear. It's time to seek a new dawn of justice in America.
From the day I take office as President of the United States--has a ring to it, doesn't it? From the day I take office as President, America will have a Justice Department that is truly dedicated to justice, the work it began in the days after Little Rock. I will rid the department of idealogues and political cronies, and for the first time in eight years the civil rights division will actually be staffed with civil rights lawyers who prosecute civil rights violations, and employment discrimination and hate crimes.
And we'll have a voting rights section that actually defends the rights of all American to vote without deception or intimidation. When fliers are placed in our neighborhoods telling people to vote on the wrong day, that won't be an injustice--it will be a crime. As President of the United States I will also work every day to ensure that this country has a criminal justice system that inspires trust and confidence in every American regardless of age or race or background. There's no reason that every person accused of a crime shouldn't have a qualified public attorney to defend them. We'll recruit more public defenders to the profession by forgiving college and law school loans. I will be asking some of the brilliant young minds here at Howard to take advantage of that offer. There's no reason why we can't pass a racial profiling law like I did in Illinois, or encourage states to reform the death penalty so that innocent people do not end up on death row.
When I am President I will no longer accept the false choice between being tough on crime and vigilant in our pursuit of justice. Dr. King said: 'It's not either/or, it's both/and.' Black folks care about stopping crime. We care about being tough on violence. But we can have a crime policy that's both tough and smart. If you're convicted of a crime involving drugs, of course you should be punished. But let's not make the punishment for crack cocaine that much more severe than the punishment for powder cocaine when the real difference is where the people are using them or who is using them. Republicans have said they think that's wrong, Democrats think that's wrong and yet it's been approved by Republican and Democratic presidents because no one has been willing to brave the politics and make it right. But I will, when I am President of the United States of America.
I think its time we took a hard look at the wisdom of locking up some first time nonviolent drug users for decades. Someone once said, and I quote: 'While minimum sentences for first-time users may not be the best way to occupy jail space, and/or heal people from their disease.' You know who said that? That was George W. Bush--six years ago. And I don't say this very often, but I agree with George W. Bush. The difference is that he hasn't done anything about it. When I am President of the United States, I will. We will review these sentences to see where we can be smarter on crime and reduce the blind and counterproductive warehousing of nonviolent offenders. We will give first-time nonviolent drug offenders a chance to serve their sentence where appropriate, in the type of drug rehab programs that have proven to work better than a prison term in changing bad behavior and reducing recidivism. So let's reform the system. Let's do what's smart. Let's do what's just.
Now there's no doubt that taking these steps will restore a measure of justice and equality to America. It will also restore a sense of confidence to the American people that the system doesn't just work, it works for everyone. But there's a broader point I'd like to meet here today. If I have the opportunity to lead this nation, I will always be a president who hears your voice and understand your concerns. A President whose story is like so many of your own. Whose life work has been the unfinished work of our long march towards justice. And I will stand up for you, and fight for you, and wake up every single day thinking about how to make your lives better.
The truth is, though, one man cannot make a movement. No single law can erase the prejudice in the heart of a child who hangs a noose on a tree. Or in the callousness of a prosecutor who bypasses justice in the pursuit of vengeance. No one leader, no matter how shrewd, or experienced, or inspirational, can prevent teenagers from killing other teenagers in the streets of our cities, or free our neighborhoods from the grip of homelessness, or make real the promise of opportunity and equality for every citizen.
Only a country can do those things. Only this country can do those things. That's why if you give me the chance to serve this nation, the most important thing I will do as your President is to ask you to serve this country, too. The most important thing I'll do is to call on you every day to take a risk, and do your part to carry this movement forward. Against deep odds and great cynicism I will ask you to believe that we can right the wrong we see in America. I say this particularly to the young people who are listening today. ...
I know that you believe it's possible too. The most inspiring thing about the response to Jena was that it did not begin with the actions of any one leader. The call went out to thousands across the internet and on black radio and on college campuses like Howard. And, like the young Americans of another era, you left your homes and you got on buses and you traveled south. It's what happened two years earlier when Americans from every walk of life took it upon themselves to save a city that was drowning. It's how real change and true justice have always come about. It takes a movement to lift a nation. It will take a movement to go into our cities and say that is not enough just to fix our criminal justice says what we really need is to make sure our kids don't end up there in the first place. ...
It's time to finish what we started in Topeka, Kansas and Little Rock, Arkansas. It will take a movement of every American from every city and town, every race and every background to stand up and say: No matter what you look like or where you come from, every child in America should have the opportunity to receive the best education this country can offer. Every child. We recruit an army of new teachers, and we pay them better, and we give them more support. It will take a movement to ensure that every young person gets the chance that Howard has given all of you, to say that at the beginning of the 21st century, college education is not a luxury for those who can afford it--it is the birthright of every single American. So when we go back to your class rooms and your dorm rooms and you begin this new year at Howard University, I ask you to remember how far we've come, but I urge you to think about where we need to go. I urge you to think about the risks you will take and the role you will play in the movement that will get us there.
And I finally ask you to remember the story of Moses and Joshua, I spoke about this when I was in Selma, the 42nd anniversary of Bloody Sunday and the march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge. Most of you know that Moses was called by God to lead his people to the promised land. And in the face of a pharaoh and his armies, across an unforgiving desert and along the walls of an angry sea, he succeeded in leading his people out of bondage in Egypt. He led them through great dangers and they got far enough so that Moses could point the way toward freedom on the far banks of the river Jordan. Yet it was not God's plan to have Moses cross the river. Instead he would call on Joshua to finish the work that Moses began. He would ask Joshua to take his people that final distance. Everyone in this room stands on the shoulders of many Moseses. Many Moseses fought and battled here at Howard University. They are courageous men and women who marched and fought and bled for the rights and freedoms we enjoy today. They have taken us many miles over an impossible journey.
And to the young people here: you are members of the Joshua Generation. It is up to you to finish the work that they began. it is up to you to cross the river. When Joshua discovered the challenge he faced he had doubts and he had worries. He told God: 'Don't choose me, I'm not strong enough, I'm not wise enough; I don't have the training; I don't have enough experience.' God told Joshua not to fear; he said 'Be strong and have courage, for I am with you wherever you go.' Be strong and have courage. Be strong and have courage in the face of anything. Be strong and have courage and we will cross over into that promised land together. Thank you."

Senator Barack Obama
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