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Friday, February 1, 2008

Politicals Target Blacks4Barack Blog
DailyKos/Politico Attempt To Scar Obama Campaign via B4B blog
posting of Robert Novak's Revealing Hillary Civil Rights Article !
By Greg Jones

I occassionally do a search of our site, Blacks 4 Barack to see what sites or blogs may have picked up on some of the things we're discussing and to my surprise....make that shock....I saw that there were national articles about us on the major political sites.....Politico and Daily Kos, both of which I have always enjoyed. I immediately clicked to see what it was about....and I could not believe my eyes. They both wrote national articles about my posting of Washington columnist Robert Novaks May 2007 article on my personal Barack Obama blog. Novak's article entitled Hillary, King, Goldwater discusses Hillary Clinton having been a 'Goldwater Girl' (Senator Barry Goldwater was against Civil Rights Act of 1964) during the same period she claims to have been 'inspired' after hearing a speech by Dr. Martin Luther King, a story she commonly tells on the campaign trail. Novak's article questions how Hillary could have had two different mindsets at the same time.

Politico and DailyKos' whole point in their articles was to somehow blame Senator Obama for what was posted on the Blacks4Barack blog. To top things off, they went as far as to have the headline in big bold print 'Should Obama Be Accountable....'. ACCOUNTABLE ? This is America Daily Kos and Politico. I, Greg Jones can say whatever I want on my blog just as you can on yours and I will continue to do so. And to try to use an article by Robert Novak that I post on my blog in an attempt to discredit or scar Senator Obama is absolutely pathetic !!! Also, to falsely claim that the posting of Novak's article is the Obama Campaign way to try to smear Hillary is preposterous.
First of all, the article was written by Robert Novak....not Barack Obama. Secondly, it was posted on my community blog by me, Greg Jones, a Barack Obama supporter. Finally, everything in the Robert Novak article is true....Hillary Clinton was a 'Goldwater Girl'! This is a fact that even she wrote about in her own memoirs saying that she 'was a Goldwater Girl all the way down to my cowboy boots'. Truth is not a smear. Truth is truth. So if you Politico and DailyKos are upset that the truth about Hillary is coming out then say that.....but don't falsely insinuate that it is a smear tactic by the Obama campaign.

The fact that you are both this desirous to create negativity for the Obama Campaign is not only very revealing but extremely sad. Who are YOU working for ? I know that Senator Obama has been thoroughly researched all the way back to kindergarten, but now you're trolling through blogs of his supporters in hopes of finding ANYTHING you can to tarnish him with. And to blame Senator Obama for an article written by Novak in 2007 is really going to far. While you're trolling why don't you interview Ms. Clinton and ask her how she could have been be pro civil rights and pro Goldwater at the same time. While you're at it, ask her and Bill why Ms. Mirian Wright Edelman, (founder of the Children's Defense Fund, another story often shared by Clinton) is extremely upset with the Clintons to this day.( Google: Mirian Edelman Amy Goodman)

While I have your attention allow me to explain why it is upsetting to some of us, as blacks, to hear that Ms. Clinton was a staunch supporter of Senator Barry Goldwater who is known to have been a segregationist and adamently opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 while running for President against LBJ. Many of us are hurt to find this out because we had admired and even somewhat trusted the Clintons. For her 'Goldwater Days' to be exposed to us is quite revealing. Imagine, if someone claimed to honor a great Jewish person, then found out that the same person honored a Nazi at the same time. That would be very offensive to many in the Jewish community. It's the same thing here to many of us. We are pleased that Ms. Clinton has adjusted her civil rights stance since then, but we do have the right to question the contradictory facts about her past.

Since Senator Obama is totally dedicated to Unity, he would never bring up any issue related to the Clinton's past. I bring it up, on my own, not so much for Senator Obama.....but more so to let my fellow blacks (and whites) know the truth about the people we had brought into our hearts to the degree of even calling Bill 'The First Black President'.

Even though I am not a huge fan, I do thank Robert Novak for his very enlightening article. I'm sure you well informed political experts had seen it before, since it's been all over the internet for the last year. It's been on MSNBC's site.....Tucker Carlson discussed the article, in The Washington Post, Real Clear Politics, Townhall, etc (where's your aticle about them 'smearing' Hillary?) and all of a sudden you people are so desperate to scar Obama that you want to blame him for Robert Novak's article ! Again, that's pretty sad.....but I do thank you for the great exposure. Now I'm really ALL FIRED UP !!!!!

P.S. It's people like you who sit up nights trying to figure ways to divide people. That is why millions of us are for Barack Obama......his honesty, integrity, leadership and dedication to Unity! Not to mention....truth !
Greg Jones

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