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Monday, October 26, 2009

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Harry Reid:
Chooses Public Option with Opt-Out

The Good and MOSTLY BAD of Opt-Out !

By Greg Jones

Well, this is good news and bad news (but mostly bad). In answer to millions of pro-strong public option phone calls and emails Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has announced that there will in fact be a public option in the Senate version of the bill he will bring to the floor, a move that Reid feels will pacify his constituents in Nevada who are overwhelmingly in favor of a strong public option. That's the so called 'good news'. The bad news is his plan will include the 'opt-out' clause which means that the public option plan would start out as a national, all-inclusive plan but will give all individual states the option to opt-out of the strong public option plan resorting to the status quo system with no option at all.

Some say that Reid's opt-out decision is a move that could garner enough support to actually pass in the Senate with the hope that each state would be 'too embarrassed' to opt-out, therefore would remain in the strong public option plan.
But the fact is, the states in which the insurance cartel currently have near monopolies would be at greatest risk of being 'shameless' enough to opt-out with a desire to squash any type of competition that could hurt their pockets. And if you think the lobbying is bad in D.C. just wait and see the cartel in action on a per-state basis.

Bottom line, this is a major crap shoot. If states do remain in the public option plan then that will give residents access to much needed affordable health care coverage. But each state that DOES excercise their right to opt-out will create an absolute disaster for every uninsured resident of those states. Combine the lack of an affordable public option with the anticipated mandate (forcing all Americans to have/buy health care insurance or be PENALIZED) and it is easy to see the nightmare that may lie ahead.

The benefits of the strong public option derive from it's negotiating powers and leverage due to the plan's mass, national number of participants/members, enabling the public option to demand better rates which are passed on to each member. But if states can constantly opt-out of the public option, there can never be a concrete number of members to base true discounts/leverage on. There would be much greater discounts if 50 states are in the plan than if, say 42 states are in. Or what about when 4 or 7 states per year opt out; public option rates for members would have to keep going up accordingly, creating constant inconsistency, and a prime recipe for failure.

Although this watered down plan may have the ability to get the votes necessary to pass in the Senate, since the majority of the Democrat and Republican Senators really DON'T want true, affordable reform thanks to the millions in lobby/bribe money they have taken from the insurance cartel, this plan really does not securely address the health care reform needs of We The People. With 47 million Americans having no health care coverage at all and an average of 44,000 Americans dying each year due to no access to quality health care, the idea of fulfilling the health care needs of the 47 million on a per state basis is at best sad and barbaric. This 'great health care reform' with a potential end result that your life could have been saved if only you had lived in the right state simply means that we could become a bunch of third world countries right here in the un-United States of America.

Will struggling, uninsured Americans be forced to relocate to states that DO have the strong public option ? After they move, will Americans then have to hope and pray that their new state doesn't decide to opt-out one day, forcing yet another out of state move ? Are we to literally play musical states for the simple right to quality health care in order to stay alive ?

Now, the millions of supporters of strong public option are expected to be thankful that this public option will be in the Senate plan while simultaneously holding their breaths in fear that their individual state may opt-out, leaving them still uncovered due to the unaffordability, while becoming lawbreakers thanks to the new mandate. Our politicians may need to include some kind of mental anguish coverage in this plan because if it does pass it could be stressful enough to make one literally lose their mind. On the bright side, with the passing of this plan the politicians will be able to brag that they did give us
"A public option" and some will feel that this is better than absolutely nothing, the original goal of our well bribed politicians.

Many are familiar with the old traditional Indian rain dance. Looks like now we'll be forced to do the American Shame Dance in hopes that we can shame our state politicians to do the right thing for the health care needs of Americans by not opting-out. Something tells me there's going to be a lot of dancing ahead, or, if nothing else, a lot of future business for UHaul.

Shame Them NOW...

Say NO To Opt-Opt
Strong Public Option ONLY !!!

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