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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Media Hiding Truth That MORE Republicans
NOT Seeking Re-election Than Dems !

With the recent announcement by Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana that he will retire we are being bombarded by the liberal media (yea right) of how this spells disaster for The President because now the Republicans are ' sure bets ' to take control over the Senate and the House since the Dems are dropping like flies. Only one problem. THAT IS A LIE ! The FACT is more Republicans are retiring or not seeking re-election this November than Democrats. Including Bayh, there are 5 Dem senators who will not seek re-election. They are Chris Dodd (Conn.), Byron Dorgan (N. Dak.), and the appointees which include Kaufman who replaced V.P. Biden (Del) and Burris who replaced President Obama (Ill.). Then there are 12 Democrat congresspersons who have declared not seeking re-election.

On the Republican side there are 6 (that's more than 5) Republican senators not seeking re-election and 18 congresspersons. Uhhhh....HELLO the math ! It is absolutely manipulative and conniving on the media's part to constantly imply that the Dems are 'jumping ship' when the fact is more Repubs have 'jumped ship' than Dems. But we NEVER hear that fact. Simply PATHETIC ! Here's the Republican list.
Retiring Republican Senators (6):

George LeMieux of Florida

Sam Brownback of Kansas

Jim Bunning of Kentucky

Kit Bond of Missouri

Judd Gregg of New Hampshire

George Voinovich of Ohio

Retiring Republican Representatives (18):

Arkansas's 3rd congressional district: John Boozman
Arizona's 3rd congressional district: John Shadegg
California's 19th congressional district: George Radanovich
Delaware's At-large congressional district: Michael Castle
Florida's 12th congressional district: Adam Putnam
Florida's 21st congressional district: Lincoln Diaz-Balart
Georgia's 9th congressional district: Nathan Deal
Indiana's 4th congressional district: Steve Buyer
Illinois's 10th congressional district: Mark Kirk
Kansas's 1st congressional district: Jerry Moran
Kansas's 4th congressional district: Todd Tiahrt
Michigan's 2nd congressional district: Peter Hoekstra
Michigan's 3rd congressional district: Vern Ehlers
Missouri's 7th congressional district: Roy Blunt
Oklahoma's 5th congressional district: Mary Fallin
South Carolina's 1st congressional district: Henry E. Brown, Jr.
South Carolina's 3rd congressional district: J. Gresham Barrett
Tennessee's 3rd congressional district: Zach Wamp

Share The Facts...Dispel The Media LIES !
(again !)

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