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Saturday, October 23, 2010

B4B's In Case You Missed It !

UNREPORTED BIG NEWS ! As The President draws 35,000 and 32,000 at various rallies, the national Tea Party Convention scheduled for this month WAS CANCELED due to LACK OF INTEREST ! Why is this NEVER reported in our great media ? And they try to claim that we're de-energized. Yea...right ! Absolute SHAME the way the media are manipulating this election through lies, tricks, fake polls and even silence. But Yes We WILL !!! GOTV !!! 9 Days 'til Save America Day ! Ohh...By the way...a 'big' bagger rally yesterday in Arizona featuring Sarah P. barely drew 500 !!!
(p.s.....please share this FACT...since the media WON'T !)

CLICK for NYT's article


This is SERIOUS !

While the G-No-P 'CLAIMS' they are so against high deficits (although
actually caused by Bush) under the false auspices that they don't want
their children and grandchildren to inherit this high debt....they
don't mind adding AN ADDITIONAL
$700 BILLION to the deficit through tax cuts for the rich...AND...
NOW...their Pledge to America Plan shows GOP wants to LITERALLY starve
Granny through major Social Security cuts ! What a Group.
PATHETIC...and Dangerous for America !!!

GOTV ! 9 days until Save America Day ! Yes We MUST !!!

CLICK for article from Raw Story

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