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Don't know where to vote ?

B4B has teamed up with the Voters Information Project to help voters know exactly where they are to go to vote on Tuesday, November 2nd...information on the candidates in the races in their area and more. This easy-to-use interactive app will help make sure you go to the right place. Many polling locations throughout the country have changed which is why this chart is helpful for many. So give it a try....and make sure you Vote literally Save America !
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Another excellent source for verifying your voter registration and poll location is the great services of the Raise Your Vote Campaign. Just click the RYV logo above for your poll location, what to bring when you vote and more.
Knowledge is Power....and we will NOT be suppressed.


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Less than 48 hours to

GOTV ! Fired Up !!!

Ready to WIN !!!!


There have already been numerous attempts to suppress the vote, particularly in minority communities. Fliers in Texas have been passed out telling voters that if they vote a straight Democratic ticket their ballots will not count, which of course is an absolute lie. Robo-calls are being made telling voters that they have such a good record of voting Dem that they don't have to go to the polls to vote this year. Goon squads posing as "voter fraud police" (which there is no such thing) have been harassing voters at various polling stations including standing outside claiming you need all kinds of additional (unnecessary) ID to vote. In Alabama, the polling station in a Black community 'ran out' of ballots. Telling people their names are not on the list is also a common tactic. And the list goes on.

ANYONE who experiences any irregularities or voter suppression attempts should call the


Take this number with you to the polls.
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Saturday, October 30, 2010

WATCH: These (sic) People Are Voting
And THIS is Who We MUST Defeat !

WATCH: (2:00)

Thanks to James Rucker of ColorOfChange for making us aware of this video. As you see, we MUST get out in mass on election day, Tuesday November 2nd to literally Save America !
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Tuesday Is
Save America Day !

Through Unity.

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Black Vote Will Be The Key Tuesday
If You Think It's Bad Now-
Just Let The GOP Win.

By Greg Jones
National Director

ith less than 48 hours until the most imp
ortant midterm election in modern day history, the 'expert' pundits continue the rants that the GOP/Tea Party is certain to take over the House and possibly the Senate as well. During the past two weeks President Obama has traveled the country holding Moving America Forward rallies which have generated upwards of 30,000 attendees, all Fired Up and Ready To Win, proving false the media claims that Dems are not energized.

Early voting across the country has witnessed long lines of eager voters with reports that the vast majority are, in fact, Dem voters, another sign of the Fired Up spirit of Dems. Also, during the past couple weeks, Rev. Al Sharpton has traveled the country with a GOTV campaign designed to emphasize the importance of voting in this midterm to Black voters. On his daily nationally syndicated radio show, Black callers regularly voice their views regarding the upcoming election. Most are Fired Up...Ready to Win. Then there's the group which starts their calls with the same statement..." Obama hasn't done anything for Black why should I vote ?"

Recently, I posted The 244 Accomplishments of President Barack Obama (click link to read) which has received a decent amount of exposure tha
nks to the power of social media, although his accomplishments are rarely discussed in our 'great' media. Just one quick glance at the list proves that The President has done more in the last 20 months than most presidents have in 2 full terms. And the interesting thing about the list is that none of the accomplishments listed say 'for non-Blacks only'.

My point is, every one of the accomplishments that have been achieved have been for all Americans, which certainly includes all of my
Black bothers and sisters. Looking at the list from a Black perspective helps one realize just how ignorant the 'he hasn't done anything for us' statement actually is. And although all of this has been accomplished in just 20 months, The President regularly states that there's still much work ahead.

Despite the inclusion of increased funding to HBCU's which is obviously for Blacks, some will still claim "yea, but that list isn't specifically for us Black folks !" To those well caring brothers and sisters I must remind of the fact that, despite his pigmentation, he is The President of ALL Americans...NOT just Black America. Also, it would be political suicide for America's 1st Black President to get behind the podium and rant...." that I'm The's a list of what I'm going to do JUST for Blacks." Can you imagine ? Better yet, imagine if Dubya had gotten behind the podium and said "'s a list of everything I want to do JUST for White folks !" There would be rioting in the streets....and justifiably so.

So The President has to do all he can in an all-inclusive manner, just as he has been doing....and don't forget, he's really just getting started. On the other hand, we have the G-No-P/Tea Party bunch, of whom every word that comes out of their mouths speaks against the needs of We The People...particularly We The BLACK (minority) People. I also recently compiled a list of what the GOP will do (click link) if they regain ultimate power and just one glance proves that they are one, very scary bunch, destined to literally ruining the Future of America....starting with all minorities.

They'll block all funding needed to avoid additional massive state layoffs of teachers, police, fire, etc.. They'll dedicate themselv
es to repealing health care reform, cut funds for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and public education. You can kiss the funding to HBCU's goodbye and food stamps, unemployment checks, Section 8, aid for the homeless, all the social programs to help folks...what they ignorantly call 'entitlement programs' will be slashed drastically, while they fight for tax cuts for their rich cronies. They'll push for more state's rights, which is actually their way of saying " going back to the good ol' days (of supremacy) ", while simultaneously working to abolish the 14th Amendment. Let's not forget that they want to abolish the minimum wage, reverse financial reform so people, including Blacks, can get legally ripped off by the banksters. And don't forget their desire to increase the privatization of the prison system, which means the more folks put in jail, the more money their other cronies make. And what color do you think those prisoners will be ?

It's time to wake up. Sure, there's a lot of work ahead. But if Black folks don't turn out in mass numbers this coming Tuesday to literally block what I call the evil plot of the GOP...then if you think it's bad now (
while you're whining all the time about The President) haven't seen ANYTHING yet. Lastly, despite the fake polls pre-claiming GOP victory, most races across the country are actually VERY close. The one group that they are hoping or counting on to not show up at the ballot box Tuesday is the Black voters. Why ? Because they know, the Black Vote WILL Make The Difference ! Prove them wrong. It's time to vote as if your life depends on it....because It Does !

Spread The Word

BoldLet's Get Busy !
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Friday, October 29, 2010

B4B Hot Links !

Clinton Reportedly Urges Meek to Back Out of Race-Throw Support to Crist

Wondering...should Kendrick Meek (D) reportedly at 15%...drop out to throw his support to Charlie Crist (I) reportedly at 41% ? On one hand...hate to see a Dem quit....on the other hand...hate to see a Bagger win. (CLICK for article)

Related article: Crist Would Caucus with Dems if Elected


WARNING: Shady Tactics Ahead !

GOP/Tea Bag Party...One PATHETIC bunch of liars and cheaters that MUST be DEFEATED !!!


Meet Scott McAdams
Alaska's Dem Candidate for Sena

As admitted liar Joe Miller, who is endorsed by the Tea Bag party battles with write-in candidate Lisa Murkowski, it is far from impossible that the republican vote can become so split that Democrat candidate Scott McAdams could in fact, squeak through victoriously. But our great media never reports this obvious fact. And now we hear that a local DJ has enticed over 100 people to add their names to the ballot as write-ins ! Time for We The People to focus on McAdams to possibly steal one from the bad guys. It CAN be done !

Visit: Scott McAdams for U.S. Senate site.
Do what you can to help.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rand Paul Supporter
Stomps Head of Female A
ctivist !

Sam Stein/HuffPo
Scroll down for video of the incident

An ugly scene took place outside the Kentucky Senatorial debate Monday night as what appeared to be a supporter of Republican candidate Rand Paul was captured by a local news affiliate literally stomping the head of a member of the progressive-activist organization

The MoveOn volunteer, Lauren Valle, went to the hospital after explaining what had happened to local press. As of 11:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time she remained there, according to another MoveOn official. According to a local Fox station, Valle had attempted to approach Paul before the debate took place, dressed in a blonde wig and with a "RepublicanCorp" sign mocking him as a stooge of special interests.

Attendees around Valle are heard screaming, "get the cops" as cameras captured her being dragged to the pavement by her red sweater. Once on the ground a man wearing white sneakers pushed the sole of his shoe down on her head. (Read rest of article)


This is the dangerous group
that MUST be defeated !

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" On The President's Mind "

This incredible artwork exemplifies the multitude of issues
The President has been faced with. (artist unknown)

Great Responsibility Requires
A Great Mind.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

B4B Photo of the Week !

President Obama feels the love at a recent rally in Seattle for Sen. Patty Murray

Fired Up ! Save America !

WATCH: Funny but Pathetically TRUE !

Buying Democracy-One Race At A Time


But they WILL be stopped in just 8 days...
when we prove...Money Can't Buy You LUV !
Yes We WILL !!!

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

List: 25 (Scary) Things Republicans
Will Do if They
Regain Power

By Greg Jones
Blacks4Barack Org.
National Director

With the barrage of sound bites, talking points and rehearsed rhetoric, many times the message can actually be smothered by all the well-practiced words. With 9 days until the midterm elections November 2nd, it is of vital importance that all Americans know exactly what the Republican/Tea Party goals are, should they be successful in their quest to regain power. A quick look at their actual plans/agenda shows just how detrimental a GOP victory could be to 98% of Americans.

Here's what the Republicans WILL DO...

1) Abolish minimum wage laws which would force American workers to work for less pay
2) Block unemployment benefits forcing millions of Americans to literally starve
3) Slash Social Security benefits-even up to half of what they are now forcing senior citizens to literally starve
4) Gut Medicare funding
5) Gut Medicaid funding
6) Abolish Department of Education
7) Abolish Department of Energy
8) Abolish the Veteran's Administration
9) Cut much state financial aid needed to avoid massive layoffs of teachers, police, fire, etc.
10) Cut of state aid would have a trickle down effect on local municipalities/suburbs-forcing them to do layoffs of police, fire, as well as close libraries, etc.
11) Will defund various categories of new heath care reform stripping millions of Americans of much needed access to quality health care
12) Will reverse aspects of financial reform to aid corporate/wall street in the continuation of unscrupulous practices against Americans
Will extend tax cuts for the richest 2% adding an additional $830 billion more in deficits
14) Will block funding for homeless veterans and homeless women
15) Will disregard the needs of middle America, minorities and the poor
16) Will work toward increased privatization of prisons
17) Will block lending programs/tax breaks for small businesses
18) Will paralyze the Obama administration with endless subpoenas and investigations in hopes of impeaching President Obama
19) Will literally shut down the government by defunding programs
20) Will repeal the 14th amendment which provides citizenship to all people born in the U.S.
21) Will kill cap and trade efforts
22) Will slash food stamp programs
23) Will roll back and repeal equal rights for gays
24) Will privatize Social Security
25) Will cut education spending along with college student aid

These are just 25 (and yes...there's more) of the actual objectives of the GOP should they regain power. As all can see, their views, ideas and goals are extremely AGAINST 98% of Americans and would definitely lead our country down the road to destruction. Now, some will say in nonchalant tone that if the Repubs " only take over the House " that all of these things can't be done (although a number of them will). But the fact is, if they regain power, even
" just " in the House on Nov. 2nd, they would have the momentum (especially the way the corporate media is working for THEM) to capture The Senate and possibly the Presidency in 2012. Then, all of the items listed above could very well become an absolute reality....or nightmare. And no, this is not fear mongering...this is FACT ! (which is why they MUST be stopped in 9 days)

The ever-present spirit of " that could never happen "...teamed with complacency arising from an American life of comfort, is the doorway to major negative surprise. It's already occurring. Who would have thought that values of properties would DECREASE for millions working diligently toward 'The American Dream'....who would have thought that corporations would be allowed by law to buy elections....or that public libraries could become a thing of the past (we had to literally picket/march in Ohio last year to keep them open)...or that college degrees no longer guaranteed a good job....or that we couldn't trust our banks to do foreclosures without fraud...or that some suburbs would charge for the street lights (going on now)....while some let your house burn down to the ground because you didn't pay the $75 fee.

"That could never happen ?" Well...the list goes on...and it's happening now. And if we are not pro-active to block what the Repubs have openly stated they will do...due to our comfortable complacency...then we can expect some major surprises ahead.....and many will be heard saying...." How'd THAT happen ?"

Lastly, although the media is well aware of this list being the GOP agenda it has been very disturbing witnessing to what degree they have purposefully withheld these facts from We The People. Media manipulation is at an all time high and it will be up to us, through social media and every other way that we can, to share the truth...since the media won't. (So, as with everything we post, feel free to share)

Save America...
Through TRUTH !

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Major Job Losses Started Under Bush-
NOT President Obama

By Greg Jones
National Director
Blacks4Barack Org.

While the media-assisted G-No-P attempt to claim that all of the job losses in America are the fault of President Obama, FACT IS, during the last 6 months of the Bush administration, close to 4 MILLION jobs were lost, as displayed by the above chart. Also, the chart proves that in January of 2009, America experienced the worse job losses in a single month with close to 763,000 in total. President Obama was not sworn into office until Inauguration Day January 20, 2009, which means that 2/3rds of January's loss was during Bush's watch. What's disappointing is the fact that these facts/numbers are readily available (and known) by our 'great' media but due to their obvious desire to manipulate to benefit (cheat for) the G-No-P, the corporate media has purposefully withheld these facts from the American people, in order to falsely allow The President to be blamed INSTEAD of Bush.

As evident by the above chart, which was tabulated by the U.S. Congress, it is obvious that there has also been a steady decline in unemployment beginning the very first full month of President Obama's term. The President stresses regularly that we have a long way to go to solve America's unemployment problems, and now when The President states that the Republicans " drove the car (economy) into the ditch "...and that the Democrats are trying to get it out...there's nothing like a simple chart to drive the point home. Share this everywhere....since the media WON'T.

Fight Lies....WITH TRUTH !
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B4B's In Case You Missed It !

UNREPORTED BIG NEWS ! As The President draws 35,000 and 32,000 at various rallies, the national Tea Party Convention scheduled for this month WAS CANCELED due to LACK OF INTEREST ! Why is this NEVER reported in our great media ? And they try to claim that we're de-energized. Yea...right ! Absolute SHAME the way the media are manipulating this election through lies, tricks, fake polls and even silence. But Yes We WILL !!! GOTV !!! 9 Days 'til Save America Day ! Ohh...By the way...a 'big' bagger rally yesterday in Arizona featuring Sarah P. barely drew 500 !!!
(p.s.....please share this FACT...since the media WON'T !)

CLICK for NYT's article


This is SERIOUS !

While the G-No-P 'CLAIMS' they are so against high deficits (although
actually caused by Bush) under the false auspices that they don't want
their children and grandchildren to inherit this high debt....they
don't mind adding AN ADDITIONAL
$700 BILLION to the deficit through tax cuts for the rich...AND...
NOW...their Pledge to America Plan shows GOP wants to LITERALLY starve
Granny through major Social Security cuts ! What a Group.
PATHETIC...and Dangerous for America !!!

GOTV ! 9 days until Save America Day ! Yes We MUST !!!

CLICK for article from Raw Story

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

JOBS ?...TRUTH TIME ! Following the Bush-caused collapse of 2008, President Obama has ALREADY created more jobs in just 20 months than Dubya did in 2 FULL TERMS ! Still long way to go...but the LIE that Repubs would do better is just that...A LIE !
(click graph to enlarge)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

B4B Messages of the Day !

BEWARE: With exactly 2 weeks to Midterm elections, the manipulative media will be in high gear with false/fake polls & reports that the Repubs have this thing 'sewn up'. The oldest political trick in the book....when you have no REAL agenda....just PRETEND like you won already (in hopes that Dem voters believe THE LIE ...and don't vote). ESPECIALLY BEWARE of everything from AP (Associated Press) of the main tools in this manipulation/con, which supplies 'news' to newspapers, television and radio stations across the country. Did you know that AP actually DEMANDS that all of their subscribers actually call President Obama...." MISTER " Obama ? They call it "AP Style Reporting"...I call it DISRESPECTFUL !...(wouldn't call POPE Benedict "Mister Benedict") and you'll notice AP's reports/articles to be anti as well. Makes me think they're on the side of Big Corp. like the Party of No. We're running against the Baggers...against the G-No-P....AND against media manipulation.....and....Yes We WILL !!!! (again) GOTV !!!! (didn't mean to rant...but this is SERIOUS) IT'S FIGHT TIME !!!!

WONDERING....Where's Dubya ?

Is he still in the country ? NOBODY mentions his name....not the GOP candidates...not the they're all pretending he never existed ! But some predict he'll pop-up right after the midterms to push his new coloring book. What a Group. GOTV !!!

Desperate and PATHETIC !
GOP Runs Ads Telling Hispanics

By Greg Jones
Blacks4Barack Org.
National Director

In an absolute insult to the intelligence of the entire Hispanic Community of Nevada, an arm of the GOP has put out a new television commercial asking Latinos in the state to NOT vote in the midterm elections November 2nd. Following the report that Republican Senatorial candidate Sharon Angle recently made the remark that Hispanics actually " look like Asians ", it is becoming more and more obvious that the Republicans have a deep disdain for the Hispanic Community, a sentiment already felt strongly in the Black communities as well. But to be so blatant as to literally run commercials that point blank say...'Don't Vote this November', is absolutely shocking in it's gall. We are hearing reports that this unbelievable 'ploy' is already backfiring on the GOP as Latinos have voiced their shock at these voter suppression attempts by the Right-Wing.

"To ask a community, any community to silence their voice as a way to resolve or react during a time when their voice is most needed, is what makes all this reprehensible," Luis Valera of UNLV's Government Relations said, according to KTNV's report.

To make certain they got their Don't Vote message across to all, the despicable ads were produced in both Spanish and English version. Here is the English version.

WATCH: (English Version 'Don't Vote' ad)

An Absolute DISGRACE to
America's Political Process !

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John Boehner CRIED to
Get BUSH Bankste
r-Bailout Passed !

By Greg Jones
National Director

As the GOP, with the aid of the media, constantly and falsely tells Americans that everything is President Obama's fault; from the high deficit and high unemployment rate to the wallstreet/bankster bailout itself, just an elementary degree of research shows that not only was President Obama NOT President at the time of the Bush bailout, but REPUBLICANS were actually the driving force in the bailout's passage, a fact unreported by our 'great' media. Below is a video of Republican House Minority Leader John Boehner who, in the midst of the Bush economic collapse in September of 2008, to convince his fellow Congresspeople to vote yes, literally begged, complete with tears, for the passage of the Bush bankster bailout.

So when folks try to blame President Obama for America's economic condition (which was actually caused by Bush)...or they try to blame The President for our high deficit (which was also caused by Bush)...or they try to blame The President for the high unemployment or the bailout itself (definitely Bush) simply forward this video to them, post haste. The GOP, in cahoots with the corporate media, are both hoping America has attracted a bad case of amnesia with their constant "Obama did it" meme. But here it is....the TRUTH ! Hate to see a Republican grown man cry...especially to give our taxpayer dollars to the wallstreet crooks....but here it is.


Fight Lies With TRUTH !
...and GOTV !

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

President and 1st Lady Rally in Ohio
Huge Crowd of 35,000 Prove Democrats Extremely Energized !

By Greg Jones
National Director

In what turned out to be the largest political event of the season thus far, President Obama along with our 1st Lady Michelle Obama, excited close to 35,000 energized voters at the Moving America Forward rally held Sunday in Columbus, Ohio. As some pundits have been stating (or hoping) that Dems are not energized about the upcoming midterm elections November 2nd, just one look at the huge crowd proved otherwise. With excitement in the air, the crowd of thousands shouted chants of Fired Up along with the locations famous OH...IO ! The event was held at The Ohio State University featuring speakers including retired Ohio U.S. Senator and famous astronaut John Glenn among others.

The President and 1st Lady informed the crowd of the vital importance of voting in the upcoming midterm election and explained the dire results should the GOP obtain success as The President stated " if they win this election, the chair of a Republican campaign committee has promised that they will pursue the exact same agenda as they did before they took office."

Here's an excerpt: THE PRESIDENT: I mean, it’s not like we didn’t try what they’re peddling. We tried it for eight years. It didn’t work. And if they take over Congress, the other side has already promised to roll back health reform so that insurance comp
anies can go back to denying you coverage when you get sick.


THE PRESIDENT: They want to roll back Wall Street reform so that taxpayers can be on the hook for the next bailout.


THE PRESIDENT: They want to let credit card companies hit you with hidden fees or penalties.


THE PRESIDENT: They want to cut education by 20 percent to help pay for a $700 billion tax break for the wealthiest 2 percent of Americans, folks who don’t need it and won’t even --


THE PRESIDENT: Look, this is the same theory they have been peddling for years. And, Ohio, it is up to you to tell them we do not want what they are selling. We’ve been there before and we are not going back. (Applause.)

1st Lady Michelle Obama spoke of the importance this election has on the future. " I am like every parent that I know. My children are the center of my world. (Applause.) And my hopes for their future are at the heart of every single thing that I do. And when I think about the issues facing our nation right now, I think about what that means for our girls. And I think about what that means for the world that we’re leaving for them and, quite frankly, for all of our children. I think about whether or not we’re leaving the next generation -- and that would be many of your generation, your generation, folks -- whether we’re leaving something better. And that’s really how I look at things. "

The Ohio rally, which teamed The President and 1st Lady together for the first time on the campaign trail, was in support of Democrats Governor Ted Strickland, who is running against Republican Fox News anchor John Kasich, as well as for Lee Fisher who is running for U.S. Senate seat against Rob Portman, formerly a key player in the Bush administration.

With a live musical performance by John Legend, The President's closing remarks sounded the trumpet to the thousands with a call to action. " And if you will recapture that spirit, if you are out there knocking on doors and making phone calls, talking to your friends and neighbors, if you do not give up hope, then I guarantee you that not only are we going to win this election -- because this was never just about putting a President in the White House, it was about building a movement for change that lasted for a long time -- we will build a movement for change that will last 10 years from now and 20 years from now, and we will grow this economy and restore the middle class to its rightful place. And once again, the American Dream will be alive and well. "

As the crowd cheered in unison, one thing stood out most. Despite reports to the contrary, the Democrats are definitely energized. And at the event's close, one couldn't help but to feel; Ohio is... Fired Up !

Fired Up !

Yes We WILL !

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

WATCH: President's Weekly Address
GOP Rewarding Corporations


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Just 17 days to GOTV in mass numbers. Interesting how the media is
slowly but surely backtracking on all of their fake claims/lies that
the Repubs were going to 'stomp' the Dems.....and Yes...We ARE
Energized !!!....and Fired Up...Ready To literally Save
America from the Party of NOthing except aid to the rich and the outsourcing of jobs !!! Also....good to see so many young people getting energized.....again ! Lastly, time to emphasize to those with selective memory....the deficit is high because of the BUSH/Paulsen $787 BILLION bank bailout of Sept. '08...yes....the Repubs....NOT....President Obama.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What the American Opportunity

Tax Credit Means for College Students

Any middle class parent or student who’s worried about paying college tuition will tell you that $2,500 makes a big difference when it comes time to pay the bills. But right now, there's a real chance students will lose access to an important tax credit provides this level of assistance - unless we act quickly.

That’s why President Obama is calling on Congress to make the American Opportunity Tax Credit – a $2500 per year tax credit for working families and students attending college – permanent. To help bring attention to the issue, he's meeting with college students in the Oval Office today. You can help by spreading the word about this important issue as well.

This isn't just an issue for current students - it matters to all of us. Having more college educated workers in the American workforce is crucial to growing our economy. In order to compete in the 21st century global economy, we need to give all Americans the opportunity to pursue a college degree – and that’s exactly what this tax credit does:

  • The American Opportunity Tax Credit gives working families and students a $2,500 per year tax credit for students attending college.
  • If Congress makes this tax credit permanent it would be worth up to $10,000 for four years of college.
  • 12 million more students from working families will have a chance to earn a college degree thanks to a 90% increase in tax credits for education during the first year of the Obama Administration.

Unfortunately, some Congressional Republicans are proposing a 20% cut on education which would mean reducing financial aid for eight million college students and leaving community colleges without the resources they need to prepare students for the jobs of the future. At the same time, they’re proposing to borrow $700 billion to provide millionaires and billionaires with an average tax cut of $100,000.

At times like these, cutting back on investments that are directly related to our economic growth just doesn’t make sense. We can’t afford to shortchange American students, and that’s why the President will continue to fight to make the American Opportunity Tax Credits permanent and to strengthen our education system for all students.


Remarks by The President on the

American Opportunity Tax Credit

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Unreported Truth:
Dems Stomped Repubs in Last Midterm Elections
Biggest Beat-Down in Political History...
So, Yes...Dems DO Turnout.

By Greg Jones
National Director
Blacks4Barack Org.

As the Republican Party, with a lot of help from the corporate controlled media, continues the rant on a daily basis that the Repubs are automatic victors in the upcoming midterm elections, we frequently hear that the Dem voters have a history of low turnout for midterms, are 'de-energized' as they call it, and will just stay home this November 2nd. But a simple look back at the last midterm elections which occurred in 2006 paints a completely different picture of Dem voters.

First of all, the 2006 midterm elections experienced a record number of total voters with close to 81 million. As the GOP and media claim weak anticipated Democrat turnout, which supposedly assures the Repubs will take over Congress, the fact is, in the last midterm voter turnout was Dems 42 million to Repubs 36 million. So 6 million more Dem voters turned out to vote than Repubs. Another interesting and unreported fact about the last midterm is that the Dems actually put a monumental, no...make that an historic beating on the Repubs. For the first time in the history of the United States, no Republican captured ANY House, Senate, or Gubernatorial seat previously held by a Democrat. Not one seat ! (A point we NEVER hear from our great media)

So the idea (or outright lie) that Dems do not turnout to vote in midterms is not only the opposite of the truth...but is actually simply a weak manipulative ploy to pre-claim Repub victory in hopes that Dem voters will be fooled, dissuaded, de-energized and NOT turnout as they have in the past, thinking it's a victorious done deal already for the Repubs.

Lastly, the media-aided GOP also claims that this November 2nd midterm could be a reflection of the 1994 midterm election in which the Repubs gained seats in record numbers. What they (the media nor GOP) don't report is that when the Repubs took control in 1994, they had not held a majority in the House or Senate for the previous 50 YEARS ! That's a huge difference between now and then since, despite media manipulation and GOP lies, more and more Americans realize that the current state of the country is due to the actions of the previous Republican administration which ended just 2 years ago, as compared to 50.

Bottom line, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain working the knobs of non-stop manipulation through fake polls, rants, rhetoric, so-called 'expert' punditry or corporate sponsored ads of deception. As proven by the results of the last midterm in 2006, if Dem voters do what they very well know how to do, (re-proven in 2008) and that is to Get Out The Vote....then this November's midterm can and will prove that no matter how many lies, no matter how much in corporate big money, no matter how much the media attempts to manipulate...Together....Yes We WILL !

Let's Do It Again !

Greg Jones Breaking It Down is a new regular feature from the Blacks4Barack Org.
and as all materials through B4B, is free to be shared/linked. Knowledge is Power...Pass It On.

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Forbes Magazine lists the

" World's 100 Most Powerful Women "
....and g
uess who's #1.

SO PROUD of our 1st Lady Michelle Obama !

See complete list: CLICK HERE

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Despite the G-No-P's non-stop, fake, media-driven polls falsely claiming that " most Americans HATE Health Care Reform "...looks like the TRUTH is starting to get out.


Majority of Voters Likely to Back Candidates
Who Supported Health Care Reform

Amanda Terkel

A new survey by the Public Religion Research Institute (PPRI) bucks the conventional wisdom that voters are overwhelmingly mad about health care reform and that candidates who embrace it on the campaign trail are putting themselves at risk.

Fifty-four percent of voters say they would be more likely to back a candidate who supported health care reform, according to the poll. That number includes 51 percent of independents and 79 percent of Democratic voters. Fifty-nine percent of Republican voters, however, say they would be less likely to vote for a candidate who supported the legislation.

"This isn't a shock to anyone who's actually been on the ground, in the 50 states, organizing," said Arshad Hasan, executive director of Democracy for America, which provides grassroots support to progressive candidates. "We've been shouting this from the rooftops all year, and this data backs it up. Most people are tired of being ripped off by big insurance companies and were hungry for reform. That's why President Obama ran on health care as an issue, and that's why Democrats should stand by it now. If anything, people are upset that reform wasn't stronger."

A recent Kaiser Family Foundation Health Tracking poll also found that 49 percent of the public has a "generally favorable" view of the Affordable Care Act, and 40 percent have an unfavorable view. (read rest of article) Health Care Reform: Another of President Obama's 244 Accomplishments ! (CLICK for complete list)

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