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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Unreported Truth:
Dems Stomped Repubs in Last Midterm Elections
Biggest Beat-Down in Political History...
So, Yes...Dems DO Turnout.

By Greg Jones
National Director
Blacks4Barack Org.

As the Republican Party, with a lot of help from the corporate controlled media, continues the rant on a daily basis that the Repubs are automatic victors in the upcoming midterm elections, we frequently hear that the Dem voters have a history of low turnout for midterms, are 'de-energized' as they call it, and will just stay home this November 2nd. But a simple look back at the last midterm elections which occurred in 2006 paints a completely different picture of Dem voters.

First of all, the 2006 midterm elections experienced a record number of total voters with close to 81 million. As the GOP and media claim weak anticipated Democrat turnout, which supposedly assures the Repubs will take over Congress, the fact is, in the last midterm voter turnout was Dems 42 million to Repubs 36 million. So 6 million more Dem voters turned out to vote than Repubs. Another interesting and unreported fact about the last midterm is that the Dems actually put a monumental, no...make that an historic beating on the Repubs. For the first time in the history of the United States, no Republican captured ANY House, Senate, or Gubernatorial seat previously held by a Democrat. Not one seat ! (A point we NEVER hear from our great media)

So the idea (or outright lie) that Dems do not turnout to vote in midterms is not only the opposite of the truth...but is actually simply a weak manipulative ploy to pre-claim Repub victory in hopes that Dem voters will be fooled, dissuaded, de-energized and NOT turnout as they have in the past, thinking it's a victorious done deal already for the Repubs.

Lastly, the media-aided GOP also claims that this November 2nd midterm could be a reflection of the 1994 midterm election in which the Repubs gained seats in record numbers. What they (the media nor GOP) don't report is that when the Repubs took control in 1994, they had not held a majority in the House or Senate for the previous 50 YEARS ! That's a huge difference between now and then since, despite media manipulation and GOP lies, more and more Americans realize that the current state of the country is due to the actions of the previous Republican administration which ended just 2 years ago, as compared to 50.

Bottom line, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain working the knobs of non-stop manipulation through fake polls, rants, rhetoric, so-called 'expert' punditry or corporate sponsored ads of deception. As proven by the results of the last midterm in 2006, if Dem voters do what they very well know how to do, (re-proven in 2008) and that is to Get Out The Vote....then this November's midterm can and will prove that no matter how many lies, no matter how much in corporate big money, no matter how much the media attempts to manipulate...Together....Yes We WILL !

Let's Do It Again !

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