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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


(Greg Jones) But another example of why you should NEVER hand the power to the Evil Side (GOP)....through whining, de-energizing, the "we'll fix him (Obama)", self-destructive mentality and not voting ! And THIS is just the beginning of the GOP's diabolical plot to LITERALLY destroy Middle America. Ahead, look for the GOP to turn down state financial aid with the desire to create massive layoffs of teachers, fire, police and more...all heading to their ultimate target of privatizing everything they can and forcing the jobless to work for Chinese wages. Also look for GOP schemes to disband pension plans and union wage/benefit agreements to the level that people will be begging for a Chinese wage job....just to survive. THAT is the fight ahead ! Tried...unsuccessfully to warn folks for months leading up to the midterms....but unfortunately....the whiners 'won'....which only aided the Evil Side (GOP) in their goal of the destruction of Middle America as we know it.

Wisconsin GOP Senators

Pass Anti-Union Bill

Without Democrats Present

WASHINGTON -- In a bold gambit to put an end to the weeks-long budget standoff in Wisconsin, Gov. Scott Walker (R) split his controversial budget-repair bill in two on Wednesday, allowing the Senate to pass the most hotly contested provisions while their 14 Democratic colleagues remained out of state.

The parliamentary maneuver, first reported by local press, allowed the anti-collective bargaining measure to pass with just Republican support. Under Wisconsin law a 3/5s quorum is needed for a statute that is fiscal in nature. No such quorum is needed for non-fiscal matters.

It was also a 180-degree reversal by Walker and state Senate Republicans, who have insisted for the past three weeks that the collective bargaining provision was designed to help alleviate the state’s budget problems. State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R) had previously said he would not attempt to pass any portions of the bill without Democrats present.

Wisconsin Democrats decried the move as an unprecedented and blatant end-run, but it was clear that they were powerless to stop it. Indeed, it took the conference committee only a matter of minutes to pass the severed off measure by a four-to-two vote. Minutes later, the same bill passed through the entire Senate by an 18-1 margin, with Sen. Dale Schultz, a Republican moderate who had proposed a compromise measure, lodging the only no vote.

Justin Sargent, a staffer to Senator Chris Larson (D-Wis.) called the maneuver completely unexpected. It showed, he added, that this “obviously wasn’t about any kind of financing, it was an attack on working families.”

Sargent would not say whether his boss was en route back from Illinois but noted, rightly, that he wouldn’t make it back in time to even lodge an on-the-floor protest. Instead, Larson offered a simple tweet: "Shame."

The new procedural maneuver requires that bill now be sent back to the State Assembly for consideration since that body has passed only the full (not the severed) budget bill. According to Mary Spicuzza of the Wall Street Journal the Assembly will reportedly take up the measure tomorrow.


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