Friday, October 29, 2010

B4B Hot Links !

Clinton Reportedly Urges Meek to Back Out of Race-Throw Support to Crist

Wondering...should Kendrick Meek (D) reportedly at 15%...drop out to throw his support to Charlie Crist (I) reportedly at 41% ? On one hand...hate to see a Dem quit....on the other hand...hate to see a Bagger win. (CLICK for article)

Related article: Crist Would Caucus with Dems if Elected


WARNING: Shady Tactics Ahead !

GOP/Tea Bag Party...One PATHETIC bunch of liars and cheaters that MUST be DEFEATED !!!


Meet Scott McAdams
Alaska's Dem Candidate for Sena

As admitted liar Joe Miller, who is endorsed by the Tea Bag party battles with write-in candidate Lisa Murkowski, it is far from impossible that the republican vote can become so split that Democrat candidate Scott McAdams could in fact, squeak through victoriously. But our great media never reports this obvious fact. And now we hear that a local DJ has enticed over 100 people to add their names to the ballot as write-ins ! Time for We The People to focus on McAdams to possibly steal one from the bad guys. It CAN be done !

Visit: Scott McAdams for U.S. Senate site.
Do what you can to help.