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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Message From An Obama Supporter

Dear Greg,

I love the Blacks 4 Obama emails and web site. Its the most comprehensive up to date place I know of to find information and learn how to help the grassroots efforts. I'm a white woman, 53 years old, with an adopted daughter from China. Her name is Grace. Grace and I helped the campaign some, making calls from a Raleigh campaign office and Grace making a poster for the campaign headquarters office. I also gave money, about $300 total, more than I've ever given to a politician. The amt. was not big but it was added into the tremendous giving of all of us and did add up to something big.

I love our new First Family and our President. I feel sure that he IS the right man to lead our nation now. His conspicous presence in the media makes it so very clear how much our former president, literally hid from Americans. I am so proud of Barack. I love that he is half white, half black, and all together real. I know that when my little girl grows up she may marry a white guy, a black guy, a biracial guy, an asian guy, a hispanic guy, but whoever she chooses, she will be chosing on the basis of love and his character. Grace made a little film, all by herself without any prompting from me or her dad. She read aloud the book, "My Mama Voted for Obama". At the end she talks about how her mama is proud of Obama and that everyone should read this book to their children every night!
Here is our family's You Tube Page

Thanks for this web site. My 75 year old mom voted for Barack too. She is physically challenged and we did the drive up voting in downtown Raleigh. My friend Joyce took her Grandma to vote and her Grandma is in her late 90's and her Grandma's parents were a generation away from slavery.

This is a wonderful time for America, despite the many challenges we are facing. If and when there are specific events in Raleigh NC, I want to help and participate.

If Video Does Not Appear CLICK HERE


Best Wishes,
Kris Fowler