Sunday, October 24, 2010

List: 25 (Scary) Things Republicans
Will Do if They
Regain Power

By Greg Jones
Blacks4Barack Org.
National Director

With the barrage of sound bites, talking points and rehearsed rhetoric, many times the message can actually be smothered by all the well-practiced words. With 9 days until the midterm elections November 2nd, it is of vital importance that all Americans know exactly what the Republican/Tea Party goals are, should they be successful in their quest to regain power. A quick look at their actual plans/agenda shows just how detrimental a GOP victory could be to 98% of Americans.

Here's what the Republicans WILL DO...

1) Abolish minimum wage laws which would force American workers to work for less pay
2) Block unemployment benefits forcing millions of Americans to literally starve
3) Slash Social Security benefits-even up to half of what they are now forcing senior citizens to literally starve
4) Gut Medicare funding
5) Gut Medicaid funding
6) Abolish Department of Education
7) Abolish Department of Energy
8) Abolish the Veteran's Administration
9) Cut much state financial aid needed to avoid massive layoffs of teachers, police, fire, etc.
10) Cut of state aid would have a trickle down effect on local municipalities/suburbs-forcing them to do layoffs of police, fire, as well as close libraries, etc.
11) Will defund various categories of new heath care reform stripping millions of Americans of much needed access to quality health care
12) Will reverse aspects of financial reform to aid corporate/wall street in the continuation of unscrupulous practices against Americans
Will extend tax cuts for the richest 2% adding an additional $830 billion more in deficits
14) Will block funding for homeless veterans and homeless women
15) Will disregard the needs of middle America, minorities and the poor
16) Will work toward increased privatization of prisons
17) Will block lending programs/tax breaks for small businesses
18) Will paralyze the Obama administration with endless subpoenas and investigations in hopes of impeaching President Obama
19) Will literally shut down the government by defunding programs
20) Will repeal the 14th amendment which provides citizenship to all people born in the U.S.
21) Will kill cap and trade efforts
22) Will slash food stamp programs
23) Will roll back and repeal equal rights for gays
24) Will privatize Social Security
25) Will cut education spending along with college student aid

These are just 25 (and yes...there's more) of the actual objectives of the GOP should they regain power. As all can see, their views, ideas and goals are extremely AGAINST 98% of Americans and would definitely lead our country down the road to destruction. Now, some will say in nonchalant tone that if the Repubs " only take over the House " that all of these things can't be done (although a number of them will). But the fact is, if they regain power, even
" just " in the House on Nov. 2nd, they would have the momentum (especially the way the corporate media is working for THEM) to capture The Senate and possibly the Presidency in 2012. Then, all of the items listed above could very well become an absolute reality....or nightmare. And no, this is not fear mongering...this is FACT ! (which is why they MUST be stopped in 9 days)

The ever-present spirit of " that could never happen "...teamed with complacency arising from an American life of comfort, is the doorway to major negative surprise. It's already occurring. Who would have thought that values of properties would DECREASE for millions working diligently toward 'The American Dream'....who would have thought that corporations would be allowed by law to buy elections....or that public libraries could become a thing of the past (we had to literally picket/march in Ohio last year to keep them open)...or that college degrees no longer guaranteed a good job....or that we couldn't trust our banks to do foreclosures without fraud...or that some suburbs would charge for the street lights (going on now)....while some let your house burn down to the ground because you didn't pay the $75 fee.

"That could never happen ?" Well...the list goes on...and it's happening now. And if we are not pro-active to block what the Repubs have openly stated they will do...due to our comfortable complacency...then we can expect some major surprises ahead.....and many will be heard saying...." How'd THAT happen ?"

Lastly, although the media is well aware of this list being the GOP agenda it has been very disturbing witnessing to what degree they have purposefully withheld these facts from We The People. Media manipulation is at an all time high and it will be up to us, through social media and every other way that we can, to share the truth...since the media won't. (So, as with everything we post, feel free to share)

Save America...
Through TRUTH !

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