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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sarah Palin's

'Who's (really) The Baby's Mama'...Drama

We normally never discuss rumors or conspiracy theories, but one story is swelling the internet to such a degree that we have to address it. The major question is whether Sarah Palin's fifth child, a 4 month old, is really hers as she claims or her daughter's as being widely reported via the internet.

It seems that Sarah Palin, age 44, who was named as John McCain's V.P. pick just Friday, basically hid her pregnancy from her entire staff and kept it a major secret. She finally declared her pregnancy on March 6, 2008 as reported in Alaskan Daily News. She stated that at that time she was 7 months pregnant. Everyone was shocked and in disbelief of this news seeing as to how Palin showed absolutely no signs of being pregnant including no belly. During her pregnancy Palin not only did an interview with Vogue Magazine who did an actual fashion article on her but Palin also took photos Feb. 5th, Super Tuesday when she should have been at least 6 months pregnant, but all photos show her belly flat as a pancake.

People Magazine did a backstage interview with Palin at the McCain V.P. announcement on Friday in Dayton, Ohio. Palin explained that she had been informed by doctors during her fourth month that her pregnancy would be complicated and that the child would have down syndrome. Again, this was told to her during her 4th month.

In the interview Palin did with The Alaskan Daily when she declared being 7 months along, she incredibly stated that she knew that she would be able to get right back to work immediately after delivering her baby, and that she expected to be out for only a couple days. That's a very strange thing to say when the doctors just reported that your pregnancy is having complications. Could she have known she'd be right back to work because she really wasn't the one delivering the baby....but her daughter was ?

Reports are also coming out that state that the daughter had been taken out of school for 4 to 5 months during this same period of time supposedly for mono. It is also being reported that a number of the daughter's high school classmates say that she was in fact pregnant. The above photo was taken during that period and many say that it shows an extra bit of belly on the daughter.

Other things that just don't add up. The story goes that Palin was in Dallas, Texas at the time her water broke to give a speech. She then waited 30 minutes, gave her speech, and then requested to be taken to the airport so that she could fly back to Anchorage Alaska to deliver her baby. MSNBC's Rachel Maddow states that Palin said she didn't want to have her baby in Texas. The baby was born on Friday, April 18 around 6:30am, which would have made him premature (another reason the water breaking should have been extremely alarming and cause for immediate medical attention...not the ideal time for a 12 hour vacation-style flight).

So, let's get this straight. Palin's water breaks. She sits there 30 minutes waiting so that she can give a speech. She gives the speech. Instead of rushing to the nearest hospital, she and her husband stroll to the airport. Wait for a plane to Anchorage. Flew for 11-12 hours, never informing the airline that she was pregnant or that her water had just broken. (in fact flight attendants state that she looked quite comfortable during that flight and not in labor at all).

NOTE: Articles are popping up in which Palin stated in interviews that at the time her water broke, she called her doctor who said that there was nothing to worry about and that she could take her time and give her speech ! Huh ? Then why when she arrived in Anchorage was she given an emergency inducement in her 8th month ? So the doctor said take your time before the flight and we have to take the baby NOW after the plane landed. All while Palin seemed in total comfort during the entire flight ?

So she gets to Anchorage....has the baby that Friday through emergency inducement...and to top things off, was back to work Monday!!!! (see link) Just doesn't add up. And now that the internet is all over this, pictures from various sites including the Official State of Alaska site which had pictures of Palin during the time of her pregnancy are mysteriously being deleted. (there are also reports that she changed her own Wiki page after her V.P. announcement)

This thing is crazy and I know, sounds a bit far fetched. But I thought the same thing regarding the Edwards love child ! Now, if these are just incorrect rumors, that's one thing. But if this level of deceit is true....then we have a BIG problem here. It is being reported that the National Enquirer is on this which could be a good thing. They're starting to do a better job than MSM. Maybe they'll get to the truth. Or maybe the baby's daddy will just pop up.

Stay Tuned !