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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

President Releases Long Form Birth Certificate
to Shut Up Morons Like Trump,
Michelle Bachm
ann and other
'he's not one of us' racists.


In 2008, in response to media inquiries, the President’s campaign requested his birth certificate from the state of Hawaii. The state sent the campaign the President’s birth certificate, the same legal documentation provided to all Hawaiians as proof of birth in state, and the campaign immediately posted it on the internet. That birth certificate can be seen below.

When any citizen born in Hawaii requests their birth certificate, they receive exactly what the President received. In fact, the document posted on the campaign website is what Hawaiians use to get a driver’s license from the state and the document recognized by the Federal Government and the courts for all legal purposes. That’s because it is the birth certificate. This is not and should not be an open question.

The President believed the distraction over his birth certificate wasn’t good for the country. It may have been good politics and good TV, but it was bad for the American people and distracting from the many challenges we face as a country. Therefore, the President directed his counsel to review the legal authority for seeking access to the long form certificate and to request on that basis that the Hawaii State Department of Health make an exception to release a copy of his long form birth certificate. They granted that exception in part because of the tremendous volume of requests they had been getting.

B4B NOTE: The true culprit in all this ignorance has been the media who has given non-stop coverage combined with legitimizing the racist, birther 'he's not one of us' sentiment guised as a birth certificate issue. Absolutely PATHETIC !

President Obama:
" We don't have time for this silliness"

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