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Monday, September 1, 2008

The Search For Truth Is Not A Smear !
We Must Find Out The Truth About
Sarah Palin

By Greg Jones

Stories related to Sarah Palin and the pregancy of her 5th child have swarmed the internet at incredible pace. Many are concerned in agreement that the facts just don't add up. It looks to many as if Sarah's daughter Bralin actually gave birth to the child whom Sarah claimed to have given birth too. (see posts below)

Now, the breaking news is the fact that the same daughter, Bralin IS currently pregnant in her 5th month and plans to marry the baby's daddy, Luke. It is commendable that the young couple plans to 'do the right thing'. The case of 'Who's really The Baby's Mama' Drama is not a question regarding Bralin, who has to be going through mental he** right now. It's a question of who is Sarah Palin and what kind of person is she.

The McCain camp today released a statement labeling any mention of the Baby MamaGate or the current teenage pregnancy as 'smears'. THAT'S REDICULOUS ! We, as Americans have the right, and in fact the duty to find out the truth about anyone who could possibly wind up Commander and Chief of OUR Country.
Are we wrong for wondering why EVERYTHING related to Sarah's pregancy just doesn't add up ? Not at all ! Are we wrong for wanting to know the facts ? Not at all ! Should we stop seeking for truth ? NOT AT ALL !

If, and I repeat, IF it is true that Sarah Palin put together a master-minded scheme to cover-up the fact that her daughter had been pregnant, the exposing of the cover-up would not only be BIG news, but an incredible display of an extremely coniving character, a trait that we are currently doing all we can to get out of the White House right now ! If, and I repeat, IF the BabyGate rumors are not true....then simply show some proof.

( Although I would be leary of any birth records from the hospital. Seems that after the 12 hour flight from Dallas to Anchorage, instead of rushing to the closest hospital in Anchorage, where she would have gotten top-notch medical care as Gov. of Alaska, Sarah and hubby drove an additional 30-40 minutes to her home city of Wassila to have the baby there ! HUH ? Could it have been because in order to act like it was her baby....she had to be at the hospital where the baby was born ? )

But now, the breaking story is the CURRENT teenage pregnancy and the GOP, media and McCain camp are spinning this as a 'private family matter' labeling all discussion of the subjects (plural) off limits. But I ask you one question: can you imagine the coverage and tone this would get had this been Michelle Obama ? I shutter to think of how the media and the GOP/McCain would foam at the mouth for the opportunity to destroy.

But not Barack Obama. He has issued the statement, "I think people's families are off limits, and people's children are especially off limits.""Our people were not involved in any way in this, and they will not be," he said. "And if I ever thought that there was somebody in my campaign that was involved in something like that, they'd be fired."

This statement further displays Senator Obama's character and commitment to running a clean, smear free campaign and we commend him for this. But that, in no way, deminishes the absolute right and duty for all Americans to seek for truth regarding any person who can become the President of OUR Country.

To label the search for truth as 'smearing' is absolutely wrong, manipulative and actually Un-American. We, as Americans, who are strong supporters of Barack Obama have chosen him due to our love for our country first, feeling that he is the right person to get our country back on track. And it is that same love for our country that gives every American the right to question the people who may end up in the position that will totally set the agenda for us all to live (or die in the case of war) under.

Finally, some are raising the question is this new revelation from the McCain Camp of the teenage pregancy pre-setting the avenue to let Palin ease out of the race under the disguise of 'Now I need to spend time with my family', which would really be a joke, but I wouldn't be surprised. If McCain had done just a wee bit of vetting....just 1 phone call to the Alaska Daily News to ask if there are any rumors they should be aware of....then he could have simply chosen someone else. Talk about bad judgement....PATHETIC !

There are too many serious questions surrounding Sarah Palin that have to be answered. It is our duty to find out ALL we can about her, good or bad. And NO ! We will not stop in our search for truth. It's that very attitude that has gotten our country in the position we are currently in. And no, we do not work for the Obama Campaign....we work for America !

Photos: Both show Palin when pregnant. Top photo verrrrry obvious...taken during pregnancy of one of the older children. Bottom photo taken after declaration of 7 month secret pregnancy. Huh ?



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