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Monday, August 11, 2008

Why Did The Bush Regime Instruct The Media


About The Russia vs. Georgia Conflict ?

It is obvious that the media has been handed their orders of how they should portray this Russia vs. Georgia 'war'. They are all in lockstep claiming Russia to have started this onslaught, painting the Russians as terrible, barbaric killers of the innocent....which is an outright LIE ! RUSSIA DID NOT START THIS !!!! Below, is a true assessment of what has occurred followed by two eyewitness accounts in broken English but still understandable. Don't be fooled America ! The Regime has an ulterior motive. Now the article:

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From Times U.K.

Russia and Georgia were on the brink of war last night after Moscow responded to a Georgian offensive in the breakaway republic of South Ossetia by sending tanks, troops and war-planes across the border.

More than a thousand civilians were reported to have been killed and large parts of Tskhinvali, the capital of South Ossetia, were reduced to ruins as a conflict with potentially global repercussions erupted after months of rising tension. Georgia announced last night that it was withdrawing half of its 2,000 troops from Iraq as it ordered an all-out military mobilisation.

The country is the West’s strongest ally in the region, one of the staunchest supporters of America’s War on Terror and a vital conduit for Western oil and gas supplies from Central Asia.

“We have Russian tanks moving in. We have continuous Russian bombardment,” President Saakashvili declared as he appealed for international support. “Russia is fighting a war with us in our own territory.”

After a week of skirmishes with separatist militias, Georgian forces began an offensive on Thursday night to seize control of South Ossetia, which broke away in a civil war in the early 1990s and has since sought closer links with Russia.

Russia responded by sending units of its 58th Army, including tanks and hundreds of troops, into South Ossetia while its aircraft reportedly attacked military targets in Georgia itself.

Eduard Kokoity, the leader of South Ossetia’s self-styled government, said that more than 1,400 people had died in the Georgian offensive. The International Committee of the Red Cross said that hospitals were overflowing. Reporters saw trucks bringing wounded Georgian soldiers out of South Ossetia to a military hospital in Gori.

Russia said that at least ten of its peacekeepers in South Ossetia had been killed and another thirty wounded. Georgia claimed to have shot down five Russian jets. Mr Saakashvili told CNN: “It’s like the attack into Afghanistan in 1979. It’s like Czechoslovakia when the Soviet tanks rolled in. If they get away with this in Georgia, the world will be in trouble.”

South Ossetia is little bigger than Luxembourg. but an all-out war would have global repercussions and could leave Russia with a stranglehold on Central Asia’s vast oil and gas supplies. Analysts said that Georgia’s bid for Nato membership, to be discussed at a summit in December, would be complicated greatly by continuing hostilities with Russia. If an increasingly assertive Kremlin succeeds in imposing its will on its tiny neighbour, it might be encouraged to do the same elsewhere in the former Soviet Union.

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Now, a first hand account:

People of the world. You deceived! World mass media conduct propagation of a false information. Russia DID NOT ATTACK Georgia! 07.08.2008 at 22:00 Georgia has attacked South Ossetia. At 3:30 08.08.2008 tanks of the Georgian armies have entered into city Tskhinvali.
Artillery bombardment all the day long proceeded, fights with use of tanks and heavy combat material, both against ossetic armies, and against peace inhabitants were conducted. 2000 civil people already were lost.
The Russian peacemakers have arrived to South Ossetia in the evening 08.08.2008 for settlement of the conflict and prompting of the world in republic and protection of the Russian citizens living on territory of South Ossetia. Georgia has attacked South Ossetia on eve of Olympiad, it is top of cruelty and cynicism.
Proofs and video-materials look on : , , , , , , .We shall tell is not present to WAR!!! this is our first chanel, our force are there,they are dieing not for this lie, our country try to help sivilians, we take them to our hospitals in Vladikavkaz, 30thousands people are in this city, see it all if you want...I copy first part of text becase i dont now language good(sory for this…

A second first hand account:

At first: Georgia the first attacКed peaceful citizens who live in town Tshenval and its surroundings (about 1 o’clock at night 08/08/2008. And no one your chanel told about what happened in Tshenval ). Look at this fact more that 2000 PEACEFUL PEOPLE WERE KILLED with that bombardment (inclding 15 peacemakers from Russia).

At second: Russian armed force can be in South Ossetia by the mandate of U.N.O.
This mandate was verified with the agreement between South Osetia and Georgia in 1992 year.Any qyestions?

But if Georgia is right why are the Georgia Internet’s recources closed? Why did your chanels keep silence about Georgia’s attacks on South Ossetia at the day of begining Olympic Games? Why Do your chanels not transmit cadres from destroyed town Tshenval? There are a lot of ‘’WHY’’, aren’t there?
Watch this VIDEO.
There is an American citizen who was in South Ossetia during Georgian’s attacks. No comments.

NOTE: Now Bush is on TV saying that Russia has 'invaded a sovereign nation'. This is starting to feel like the same manipulative build-up from the Regime/media as the Iraq invasion.

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