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Friday, February 8, 2008

Rush Limbaugh To Fundraise For Hillary !
Calls Drive 'Keep Her In...So We Can Win !

Rush Limbaugh is ready to do his part for the GOP by putting on his own fundraiser. Even if that fundraiser is for the only politician that he believes can unite the party -- Hillary Clinton.

today's show:
All right, folks, I need to ask you a question, personal question from me to you. Do I sound like I need cheering up here? I'm getting e-mails from friends, "Boy, you sound like you could use a little cheering up." And they're sending me these stupid little Internet jokes, "for you to smile," like an Internet joke would cheer me up. Spam would cheer me up. But do I sound like I need to be cheered up? I can't wait 'til the Drive-Bys get hold of my thought, my consideration of helping Hillary raise money. They'll miss the reason. They'll just publicize, "Limbaugh is so upset at Romney getting out, he's thinking of raising money for Hillary, period."

But the reason for raising money for Hillary is because that apparently my party is relying on fear and loathing of Hillary to get the nomination, to unite Republicans, who are, some of them, off the reservation. The Republicans do not seem to be relying on leadership in their party to unite the party. They seem to be relying on all these external things, nobody is going to vote for Hillary, negative turnout factor. What if she's not the nominee? We've got make sure she's the nominee if the Republican Party is to be unified. What more loyal thing could I do than to run a fundraiser for Mrs. Clinton? You watch, though, you watch how that will be questioned.

said yesterday that "if Obama is the nominee, we are doomed, and you should get ready and prepared for it now," and previewed what he thinks will be the Democratic arguments against McCain:
She just polarizes people. I think she's going to gin up enough anti-Hillary turnout out there to perhaps be a boon to whoever the Republican nominee is.

CALLER: Absolutely.

Now, if Obama is the nominee, we are doomed, and you should get ready and prepared for it now.

I agree.

RUSH: I'm going to tell you something else that's going to happen. In addition to all this emotion that Hillary's going to revive in people, all this, "I don't care, I'm not going to vote for that woman," you know she's going to redefine negative turnout. You know she is polarizing. I'm going to tell you what's going to happen. It's already started, I pointed this out. Last week after one of the primaries, Anna Quindlen, Newsweek magazine, "How Old is Too Old?" she laid the foundation for the Drive-Bys' eventual turning on McCain as an old guy getting older. I want to predict to you that once he's got this sewn up you're going to see the Drive-By Media start doing stories on his age, and they're not going to be mean, they are not going to be vicious, they're going to be almost sorrowful. Somebody wrote about this in American Thinker today, too, and I can't remember the name. I think I've got it here in the Stack, but take a look at some of the pictures from last night on television. Here you had McCain, you've got an aging senator here, and an aging governor, gray-haired governor there, you've got old people, gray-haired, blue-haired Bloody Mary gang, women, blue hair in the hives and so forth, you've got pearls and so forth. You contrast that to the Obama crowd that is youthful, it's energetic, it wasn't stoic. I am telling you, if that doesn't work, they're going to go after this age business, and they'll do it almost regretfully. We're going to get the worst pictures of McCain. We're going to get him looking tired. We're going to hear references to his forgetfulness. "Isn't it just a shame?" And if that doesn't work, then they're going to do stories on the fact he's nuts. Just mark my words. Mark my words and don't doubt me.

Limbaugh says he's calling his fundraising drive...'Keep Her In...So We Can Win !'

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