Tuesday, October 19, 2010

B4B Messages of the Day !

BEWARE: With exactly 2 weeks to Midterm elections, the manipulative media will be in high gear with false/fake polls & reports that the Repubs have this thing 'sewn up'. The oldest political trick in the book....when you have no REAL agenda....just PRETEND like you won already (in hopes that Dem voters believe THE LIE ...and don't vote). ESPECIALLY BEWARE of everything from AP (Associated Press)....one of the main tools in this manipulation/con, which supplies 'news' to newspapers, television and radio stations across the country. Did you know that AP actually DEMANDS that all of their subscribers actually call President Obama...." MISTER " Obama ? They call it "AP Style Reporting"...I call it DISRESPECTFUL !...(wouldn't call POPE Benedict "Mister Benedict") and you'll notice AP's reports/articles to be anti as well. Makes me think they're on the side of Big Corp. like the Party of No. We're running against the Baggers...against the G-No-P....AND against media manipulation.....and....Yes We WILL !!!! (again) GOTV !!!! (didn't mean to rant...but this is SERIOUS) IT'S FIGHT TIME !!!!

WONDERING....Where's Dubya ?

Is he still in the country ? NOBODY mentions his name....not the GOP candidates...not the media....like they're all pretending he never existed ! But some predict he'll pop-up right after the midterms to push his new coloring book. What a Group. GOTV !!!