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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Addressing the Pro-Left LIE
That Taxes Will Now GO UP
For The Poor

By Greg Jones
National Director

Unfortunately, some on the Pro-Left have been spreading the misleading info that the Obama Tax Deal will end up costing the poor more in taxes. What they
are referring to, while strategically not giving all of the facts, is a tax credit that PRESIDENT OBAMA CREATED (!!!) and included in his Recovery Act of 2009 which is called Making Work Pay, which was written as part of the '09/'10 budget and is also scheduled to expire at years end. What they fail to tell folks is that in his new budget for 2011, The President proposed a year-long extension to the Making Work Pay tax credit. Therefore, if for some reason the Making Work Pay is not extended in the '11 would IN NO WAY be the fault of The President (who created MWP in the first palce and wants it extended)...or this Tax Deal Compromise, but the fault of Congress for stripping it out of the '11 budget.

Right this minute Congress is working the new budget for '11 which was recently presented for passage by Senator Harry Reid as McCain, McConnell, Kyle, Rush & Co. whine about how it's 'too many pages'. Making Work Pay is a tax credit for earners under $75000 per year to receive a tax credit of up to $400 per year for singles and $800 for couples....while higher earners receive partial credit. This has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with the Tax Deal/Bush tax extension being voted on right now!!!! 2 SEPARATE THINGS !!!

Don't believe the Pro-Left whose #1 objective is to mislead while generating donations so they can 'fight for you'. In fact, The President not only plans to extend the MWP tax credit through '11 but he added in the tax bill deal an additional 2% payroll tax holiday which will put more spendable money in ALL paychecks to help the economy...another positive that the Pro-Left is presenting as a negative, claiming falsely that it will lead to the 'demise of Social Security' !!! (expect to see soon from Pro-Left sites..."so send us donations today so we can save SS".) Bottom line my friends...BEWARE of the Pro-Left !!! (and, it saddens me to have to report that Keith O. & Big Eddie just help spread the misinformation...again, unfortunately)

UPDATE: Senate PASSES President Obama's " Tax Cut and UI Benefits for The People " Deal....Now bill goes to the House. Will save average Americans close to $3000 PER YEAR (!!!) in $2500 tax credit per year to college students...Extends UI benefits for 13 MONTHS (instead of just 3)!...HUGE tax credits for ALL small businesses and ...MORE ! All in exchange for extension of the rich tax cuts for just 2 yrs. instead of FOREVER (like they wanted).
That's a pretty darn good deal !

Knowledge Is Power...
Pass It On !!!

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