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Friday, July 23, 2010

The Republican/Corporate Plot
to KILL The Middle Class

By Greg Jones
National Director

Since September of 2008 under President George W. Bush, unemployment has skyrocketed, banks have tightened credit , millions of homes have been foreclosed upon, all while the Republicans incredibly work in lockstep to do all they can to exacerbate the problem. For weeks they voted against much needed life-sustaining unemployment extension for millions of American families forcing many to literally starve. They've voted against desperately needed state aid funding necessary to avoid layoffs of police, fire, state workers as well as teachers. Although fiscal responsibility was never of importance during the Bush years, now while under the fake auspices of deficit concern, the very same group has rallied in unison to continue the Bush tax cuts for the super-rich, minimizing how the tax increase for the rich would help reduce the deficit by generating $678 BILLION to the Bush-depleted U.S. Treasury while pretending that the tax cuts won't continue to add to the deficit they 'claim' to be concerned with. Bottom line-they want the rich to get richer and the rest to literally be broke. But why ?

First, due to their absence of having any kind of concrete political plan or agenda to solve the country's needs, the Republican game plan has become to do all they can to bring the country down in hopes that Americans will be so frustrated that they'll vote for The Party of No in 2010 and particularly 2012 in retaliation. Regardless of the fact that they don't really have an actual viable candidate for the presidency, the Republicans feel that if Americans are financially broke enough, homeless enough, fed up enough in general, they will get an instant case of amnesia forgetting that this all started under Republican Bush...and will flock by multi-millions to the No Agenda gang to be rescued. Block unemployment benefits/checks. Make states force layoffs. Support banks not giving loans to individuals or small business owners, even with perfect credit. Help the economy spiral downwardly as fast as possible. Rep. Alan Grayson has actually received death threats for speaking out regarding the pathetic scheme of the Republican party whom MSNBC's Ed Schultz calls "economic terrorists". And although extremely anti-American, this master plan does have more potential for success than no plan or agenda at all. But the regaining of political power through strategic economic destruction is not the only goal of the Republicans.

As most know, the Republican party is 1000% on the side of big corporations. The very companies who have out-sourced all of the U.S. jobs in manufacturing, telecommunications, service industries and more to various foreign places across the globe, wherever they can get their products made for the cheapest price. Most are made in China, where so-called U.S. companies hire Chinese companies to make their products like Barbie Dolls, Tide detergent, Pampers, and the list (see list of 'American' products Made in China)) goes on, while continuing to give the impression that their products are 'Made In America'. Fact is, most products are NOT Made In America anymore due to corporate greed. Since the Chinese will sweat for hours sewing clothes, making car parts or Barbie dolls for 1/10th of American wages, greedy corporations have come to realize that they can't lose through the safety net called globalization. The only ones who do lose are the millions of Americans who become jobless as their jobs are been shipped overseas. So the 'Made In America' products are actually made in China, then shipped to America adding to the U.S. unemployment surge and the huge trade deficit which currently exists.

How can the greedy corporations expect Americans to buy their products if they're out of might ask ? They don't. Henry Ford was once asked why he paid Ford workers such high wages. "That's the only way they can afford to buy one of my cars" he replied. But due to greed, those days are over. U.S. corporations have found a totally new customer base...a new market...and that is China which has 1.3 BILLION people (that's 1 billion more than the U.S.) and India with just a few less. As example, McDonald's Happy Meal sales have been down in the U.S. but overall the company is doing quite well thanks to all the Meals being sold in China and India. And the same applies for almost ALL products. So they don't care if we're too broke to buy their products because free trade has come to their greedy rescue. But there's still that little issue of the cost of shipping the products from China back to America which can be very costly.

The greedy sit....plotting "if only we could save more on the shipping". What if there was a way to get Americans to work for super low wages like the Chinese do. What if the unions could be broken up entirely and all previous wage agreements/contracts became null and void. What if there was a way to make Americans unemployed in such high numbers that they would take whatever job they could get, regardless of the wages, just for survival. What if, to speed up compliance, life-sustaining unemployment checks were stopped, forcing families to literally starve if they didn't settle for pretty much any job obtainable at the much lower pay. What if companies laid everyone off...and then said the only way they could be rehired was to take super-significant pay cuts and reduction in benefits. What if credit for small businesses was blocked by banks or government small business aid disabling them from hiring, growing or even staying in business. Hmmmm.

But the greedy corporations would need law makers, policy makers, political people like an entire political party to make this diabolical plot become a reality. What if a law was passed through the Supreme Court which allowed these same greedy corporations to be considered as an individual with the right to contribute unlimited funding for the political party/persons of their choice. The corporations could legally bribe the politicians with non-stop contributions to make their money-making scheme a reality. It would mean the total restructuring of the American workforce. Paying Chinese wages to workers right here in the good old U.S. of A while continuing to give huge bonuses and tax breaks to what would then truly grow to becoming America's ruling class. If only the corporations had a political party that would work the plan. And if that party was able to regain power they would be able to excelerate the scheme, making it come to fruition even sooner ! But noooo. No party would be THAT anti-American by tearing down our entire U.S. economy and workforce. But I can't help but to hear in my mind, the voices in unison of the Republican party...the very strategic Party of No...a.k.a. the Party of Greed...chanting THEIR version of those famous words....Yes We Can ! And supporting the originator of that inspirational phrase, President Barack Obama, is the ONLY way the 'killers of the middle-class' will be stopped. The Time Is Now...To Unite...AGAINST the master plan of the Republicans. Oh....and did I mention that they would also like to get rid of all so-called entitlement programs like welfare programs and Social Security...just to make sure we have no choice...but to follow the Chinese way. Sayonara.