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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hoodwink Alert !

Media/Politicians Tout Passing of Senate Finance Committee Bill As GREAT Accomplishment

With NO Strong Public Option;
Actually WORSE Than What We Have NOW !
(WATCH: Video Below)

By Greg Jones

So today, the Senate Finance Committee passed their version of so-called health care reform 14-9 in what is being touted a great positive step toward health care reform for America, even bragging about being able to attract a yes vote from Republican Olympia Snowe. But the FACT is, if this particular bill was to end up passing as the final bill, Americans would be in WORSE shape than we are now.

One reason, there is NO Public Option of any significance in this 'wonderful' bill, the only means of creating competition against the current gauging of Americans by health insurance companies. NO Public Option means NO way to create truly affordable coverage for the 47 million Americans struggling to survive without health coverage as if this was a third world country, forced to stand in long lines at make-shift free clinics by the thousands for much needed health care. To top things off, this 'great' bill contains a MANDATE, meaning that it will become THE LAW that EVERY (whether you can afford it or not) American MUST buy health insurance or be PENALIZED ! But with NO Public Option, the insurance will still be unaffordable for the 47 million who would have coverage NOW if they could afford it, so this 'incredible' Senate plan will only create 47 million UNINSURED LAWBREAKERS !

Up until now, the uninsured could at least go to the emergency room if their illness got extreme. But under this 'milestone' Senate plan the 47 million uninsured lawbreakers would now be AFRAID to go to emergency, regardless of the severity of their illness, because they'll be afraid of getting CAUGHT without insurance !

This 'historic' Senate Plan is an absolute insult to We The People and the true purpose of Health Care Reform. The ONLY group that this plan helps is the insurance companies who have spent millions lobbying (bribing) our politicians to get what they want. And they certainly are, under this 'super' Senate plan. The bottom line is, if the Senate Plan becomes law we will be in WORSE shape than if they had done no health care reform at all !

Below is a message from former health insurance CEO Wendell Potter whose conscience lead him to become a whistleblower against the corruption of the health insurance industry. Potter explains that any bill that does not include a strong, competitive Public Option is simply A GIFT TO THE INSURANCE INDUSTRY and would be detrimental to the health care needs of We The People.

Don't Be Hoodwinked or Bamboozled !

Our ONLY safety net is a STRONG PUBLIC OPTION. Not just any kind of public option...not co-ops...not opt-in or opt-out...not triggers...those are all WEAK versions of so-called public options frankly designed to benefit the insurance industry ! Only STRONG Public Option will do !!! Please keep in mind that a truly strong Public Option is NOT in ANY version of the bill (which will merge or consolidate during the next few weeks) therefore, someone will have to add it as an amendment in order for a strong, competitive Public Option to even GET IN the bill for consideration.

Unfortunately, due to the absolute greed of our politicians both Democrat and Republican we still have a LONG way to go. And to those who think " President Obama will fix it "...sorry, it just doesn't work that way....which is why he has stated, since day one that he will need OUR HELP ! To All Warriors...Please Help Spread THE if your life depended on it. One Day...It Just Might !

Watch: Wendell Potter

Encourage ALL to FIGHT !
Call your Senator...Congressman...TODAY !

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