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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Desperate and PATHETIC !
GOP Runs Ads Telling Hispanics

By Greg Jones
Blacks4Barack Org.
National Director

In an absolute insult to the intelligence of the entire Hispanic Community of Nevada, an arm of the GOP has put out a new television commercial asking Latinos in the state to NOT vote in the midterm elections November 2nd. Following the report that Republican Senatorial candidate Sharon Angle recently made the remark that Hispanics actually " look like Asians ", it is becoming more and more obvious that the Republicans have a deep disdain for the Hispanic Community, a sentiment already felt strongly in the Black communities as well. But to be so blatant as to literally run commercials that point blank say...'Don't Vote this November', is absolutely shocking in it's gall. We are hearing reports that this unbelievable 'ploy' is already backfiring on the GOP as Latinos have voiced their shock at these voter suppression attempts by the Right-Wing.

"To ask a community, any community to silence their voice as a way to resolve or react during a time when their voice is most needed, is what makes all this reprehensible," Luis Valera of UNLV's Government Relations said, according to KTNV's report.

To make certain they got their Don't Vote message across to all, the despicable ads were produced in both Spanish and English version. Here is the English version.

WATCH: (English Version 'Don't Vote' ad)

An Absolute DISGRACE to
America's Political Process !

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