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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Obama's Could Ask:
But Won't !

Now the Edwards are in attack mode. For Elizabeth Edwards to join her hubby with attacking statements of Michelle Obama is representative of desperation and 'old school politics' which is exactly what the Obama's are against and above doing. There are SOOOOOOO many things that the Obama's could bring out about both the Edwards and the Clintons.....but they choose to stay above these tactics. The Obama's could stress how Hillary was actually a Republican in college. How Bill is a cheater and immoral. How Hillary won't allow her records to be opened which means they obviously have things to hide, although she repeatedly states she's been well vetted. How Bill will actually be running the White House, not Hillary. How Musharraf got the nuclear weaponry on the Clinton watch......just to name a few re: the Clintons....As for the Edwards....he's a loser. He lost in his own state. Claims to be for the poor but has done NOTHING to help the poor. Thinks that since he went to Katrina he helped the poor. Gets $400 haircuts....and his hair looks no better than anyone else's which shows extreme waste. And Elizabeth is actually too sick to be first lady....(although we wish her well)...Why would you put a first lady in the White House who could have major medical issues soon that would distract. But again.....the Obama's are above stating these facts. Instead they are concentrating on what we all need......the Re-Birth Of America !!! But you'd better believe, the Republicans will bring up these issues and a whole lot more. VOTE OBAMA !!!