Monday, November 22, 2010

Velma Hart Loses Job !

REMEMBER that plant at the town hall who " claimed " to be an Obama supporter and then whined on national TV about how ' disappointed' she was because Change wasn't coming fast enough ? Like I've been saying....while some of you professional left followers and anti-Obama Black folks on this " hold him accountable " self-aggrandizing trip whined and complained instead of uniting and inspiring....which lead to Dems receiving the biggest beat-down in modern day political history....all because Dems didn't do a simple thing called VOTE....if
you think it's been SO bad up until now....just wait ! Now that you
whiners handed the power over to the other ain't seen
A self-destructive mentality is DANGEROUS !

p.s. She better not need unemployment benefits for too long
now that the Pubs have been handed The Power.
And you whiners and anti-Obama-ists better not lose you jobs either
or you'll learn the hard way too. WATCH !

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