Wednesday, November 17, 2010



As our name implies we are " 4 Barack " which means we are IN SUPPORT of....therefore from this point make room for supporters...ANY FB "friends" who are now whiny complainers or anti-progress through supportive Unity will be automatically defriended. Your sentiment is not in line with ours and we feel it to be detrimental to the Recovery of America as it only aids the other the lack of support/voting on election day proved. If you find yourself hard feelings...wish you the best.

B4B Highlighted Comment:
From mninter
I agree 100%.
Anyone who has so little faith in the direction our president wants to take this country is no friend of mine, or the nations. Personally I think they should be ashamed of themselves for such a lack of confidence.
Imagine what, how and where WE would be if our forefathers had given up, just said, "to hell with it," stopped fighting for OUR rights as human beings.
We'd have children working in factories, people of African heritage laboring with no compensation, women barefoot and voteless, governed by Nazis, who knows.
Yes. Those who wave the flag of surrender have no place at the table of humanity.
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