Friday, November 19, 2010

Unemployment Extension
THURSDAY...Congress turned down extension of unemployment benefits. 11 Dems voted WITH the G-No-P for the starvation of Americans....and this while fighting for deficit increasing tax cuts for the rich. Absolutely PATHETIC ! And as so many rant about all that should be done during this lame duck session since we supposedly still have 'the majority'...keep in mind that WE have this little group called the (dirty) Blue Dogs who, just like these 11 (traitors) to side with the GOP against the needs of the American People. FireDogLake's David Dayen posted a list of the dirty 11 and reports them to be Berry, Boyd, Bright, Cooper, Lincoln Davis, Hill, Minnick, Nye, Peterson, Shuler, Taylor Only three of them will be in Congress next year, including Minority Leader candidate Heath Shuler.
Here's more from Huffington Post on the disgusting, anti-American turn down of life sustaining assistance. (Click for HP article) Time to bombard your Senators and Congresspeople with phone calls/emails/faxes (scroll down our left column to our 'recommended links' section for Your Senator/Congressperson contact links) to DEMAND that they Do The Right Thing ! If it's not extended NOW....for the entire year of 2011...we KNOW the Repubs won't do it after January.

Time To FIGHT !

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