Wednesday, November 17, 2010

B4B Question of the Day:

READY ? Although I too am absolutely against tax cuts for the rich, I'm wondering if all of
my fellow Dems are ready for the corporate media/GOP backlash should
the tax cut extension not be given to some of the rich at least
temporaril­y...consid­ering the FACT that through the G-No-P's newfound power, (thanks to the whiny Dems)
not only will more jobs NOT be created, but we can in fact expect
additional layoffs at state and local levels due to GOP cuts....ALL of
which will strategically be blamed on " Obama's decision " (they'll
blame him exclusively) to " raise taxes on the rich "...(supposedly)
disallowing them the ability to create jobs. (That will be the non-stop
spin...leading all the way up to '12). Campaign slogan will be " Vote
Repub...We Won't Block Job Creation ". I know...bunch of malarkey...but
with the guaranteed aid of corporate will definitely work....if we're not READY for their tactics. p.s. Wish Americans understood the FACT that it's the Congresspeople and Senators who will write and pass the final legislation regarding the tax issu....NOT The President. So when people ignorantly state " Obama Should...", they need to realize that it does NOT work that way. He is NOT a Dictator. We go through what's called the 'legislative process'. Manipulation only works on those who lack knowledge.

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