Sunday, November 14, 2010


On Tax Issue;
President Can't Win Either Way

Because WE have allowed the corporate media to slant the tax issue as a 'decision' to be made by The President instead of legislation that must be voted on by ALL...this has become a no-win for The President. If the end result is tax cuts for the rich in any form...even temporarily...they'll say " He Caved ". If tax cuts for the rich are allowed to expire, he will be blamed by corporate media/GOP for lack of job growth during the next two years, giving the GOP ineffectiveness a pass. The President will get all the blame...either way....when the FACT is, HE does not draft/write or vote to pass ANY legislation. The end result will be based on the votes in the Congress and Senate. THAT'S to whom the attention/demands should be directed. And we MUST keep in mind we have this little group called the Blue Dogs of which many will side with the Righties...making The President's true desires even more difficult to achieve. So the question is...Have you contacted YOUR Senator or Congressperson today ? You SHOULD be...instead of all this " Obama Should "
ignorant rhetoric as if he's a dictator.

(Greg Jones, National Director, Blacks4Barack)

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