Friday, November 12, 2010

B4B Thought of the Day !

WONDERING if people understand or realize that the tax cut extension issue (tax cut extension for households under $250K and discontinuance of extension above $250K) will have to be VOTED ON in order to pass ? So when everyone keeps saying ' Obama should ', the end result will be determined by a) how the legislation is finally written by the politicians and b) what our Congress and Senate pass...NOT The President per se. Although he has influence he DOES NOT vote for everyone else. So has ANYONE contacted THEIR Congressperson or Senator's office to tell THEM to " Do The Right Thing " ? Or is everyone just stuck on " Obama should "...through lack of understanding of the legislative process....aka 'The Dumbing Down of America' via corporate media. Just wondering. p.s. And while folks are ranting about how much
'control' we still have during the lame duck session...lest we
forget...we still have this little group called 'The Blue Dogs '....who
are rarely on OUR side. Facts are Facts.