Friday, May 23, 2008

Would Hillary Kill
To Be President...literally ?
By Greg Jones

NOTE: (This article was originally written the day before Hillary Clinton's deadly assassination statement which puts a bit of a new light on this article)
As the Democratic primaries wind down and it becomes more apparent that Obama will win the nomination, the heat is being turned up regarding Hillary in the V.P. slot. Time Magazine just did an article that declares how it is actually Bill Clinton who is pushing for Hillary to take the slot. It has also been reported that a special group called VoteBoth (which is secretly run by Clinton staffers) has been formed to help push the media to talk up the 'dream ticket'. So, as she gets closer and closer to losing, the volume gets turned up to put her in the Vice spot.

There are a number of problems with this 'dream'. First of all, Hillary and Bill have said so many negative statements against Obama that they obviously just plain old don't like him. They can't stand that this black guy named Obama who has blocked them from what they just knew was theirs for the taking. They are mad as heck ! We all know this. So why would anyone think that if she was chosen to be Obama's Vice that she would be truly dedicated to making his presidency as effective and great as it could be. Plus, Bill would be hanging around doing little tricky things to sabotage Obama's success in the Oval Office. Not to mention, right now, the Clintons can't stand black folks. We all know it. They hate that we woke up to the Clinton 'con the blacks' tactic that will never work again.

Another fact, if Hillary is on the ticket, the GOP will be pulling out every Clinton scandal in history from Whitewater, Lewinsky, impeachment, Tora Bora just to name a few, which will inspire all Republicans to come out in record numbers not so much to vote FOR McCain, but for the pleasure of voting against The Clintons....who they hate. So Hillary being on the ticket could actually greatly hurt Obama's chances of defeating McCain.

And of course, Obama and Hillary don't see eye to eye on certain issues....Hillary voted for the Iraq war, Obama against. Hillary's health care plan is simply a law forcing all Americans to buy their own insurance or be punished, whether they can afford it or not...Obama's does not. Hillary wants to obliterate Iran, Obama wants to have organized discussion toward peace. Hillary is a huge liar, Obama is not. So it just wouldn't work.

But the MAIN reason that Hillary should never be Obama's V.P. is one that is NEVER mentioned in the MSM (main stream media), although it is brought up regularly in black discussions. Many are afraid that the Clintons are so power hungry that they would literally have Obama killed so that Hillary could fill his Presidential slot. They would probably have some black guy do it (or be framed) in an attempt to temper down the anticipated response of Black Americans. Now, before some of you say that I have just gone too far, I ask you all to simply Google: 'Clinton Body Count'. You'll find a list of close to 30 people who have all been involved with the Clintons who are now all DEAD ! This is a fact. The media knows about this 'body count' but you never hear any pundit mention it at all (although some do 'joke' that Obama would need a food taster....which is an incredible thing to say) But, it is an absolute fact, as power hungry as the Clintons are, the worse thing Obama could ever do is have Hillary next in line. That could just be absolutely suicidal !

'Nobody would do something like that', you may say, but who would think that anyone would invade another country under the fake pretense of 'weapons of mass destruction', blowing up the entire country, even giving it a name 'Shock & Awe'.....killing hundreds of thousands of Iraqis while over 4000 brave Americans are killed and thousands mamed for life like expendable pawns....and all of this ....for some OIL !

Just like we can not put anything past this Bush Regime, we can not put anything past the Clintons. Birds of a feather....destroy together. Now of course, we hope that the Clintons are really not this diabolical. And to the Hillary supporters who get angered by this sentiment, first do the Google check (Clinton Body Count)....then ask yourselves...Would YOU want Hillary (the Clintons) to be YOUR V.P. ? Better safe than sorry !

Disclaimer: We are not accusing the Clintons of anything.....but as Arsenio Hall used to say...this is just one of those 'things that make you go....hmmmmm'

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