Sunday, May 4, 2008


Pay Attention People: CNN IS THE NEW FOX NEWS !!!! I have been a news/political junkie ever since I started to come to the realization the we were being led like lost sheep regarding our invasion of Iraq. Daily I would flip through the cable news shows trying to weed out a bit of truth (usually found only on CSPAN, DemocracyNow, and a few honest 'experts'). I could spot it long ago, and Huffington Post recently exposed how the military 'experts' were being paid by the Pentagon (aka Bush regime) to lie and mislead the American people regarding Iraq. This means that all of the cable networks have been a part of this manipulation. NOW I'M NOTICING A NEW TREND AT CNN !!!! For the past few months, CNN has quietly made changes that are actually a bit scary. First, they brought Keran Gentry from Fox. Then their overall tone started sounding GOPish. Then they took Solidad and Miles off and replaced them with John Roberts and Campbell Brown (who's husband works at Fox). Then they added Tony Snow (formerly of Fox and Bush's Press spokesperson) they've announced the addition of another former Bush spokesperson Francis Townsend, scheduled to appear regularly beginning next week. To top things off, they've added ANN COULTER as a regular pundit. That was the proof right there. CNN IS THE NEW FOX !!!! Also, if you flip from CNN to FOX during Live broadcasts you'll see that they are using the same camera source, ie....WORKING TOGETHER !! These changes can mean only 1 of 2 things. Either they expect Obama to get the nomination and want to join Fox (and much of MSNBC) in gang attacking him in hopes of Hillary winning the nomination....then, McCain defeating Hillary...and the Republicans controlling the White House......OR they have been notified and instructed by the regime that something big (bomb Iran?) is ahead....Either way the manipulative media is getting set for massive lying. Time to pay attention America....and spread the word....They fooled us once (Iraq War)....but as they say....NEVER AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Greg Jones
NOTE: Pay extra close attention people. The media is doing what they did before....slowly leading up to another invasion...this time Iran. Notice how absolutely nothing is being mentioned on cable news about if the war was over. But, all of the cable networks are racheting up talks about how dangerous Iran is. There's a reason for this. PAY ATTENTION ! They're planning to do it again !


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