Thursday, May 8, 2008

NightMare For Obama

Now that it is obvious that Hillary has absolutely no chance of winning the nomination her team has obviously instructed certain folks in the media (even some black ones) to push the so-called 'Dream Ticket' of Obama/Hillary. First of all....who's dream is this anyway. I have never heard Obama state that this would be such a dream ticket....why?....Because it would be an absolute nightmare for Obama, Michelle and the entire Obama Presidency. First of all, Hillary despises Obama....and can't stand the fact that someone has blocked her from obtaining the power the she felt destined to obtain. Secondly, Obama and Hillary are total opposites when it comes to character and style. Hillary lies so often that she can't keep track (sniper fire in Bosnia for example) and is so divisive that not only do Republicans have a true hatred for her....(which the Republican controlled media knows...and they know that this Dream Ticket would invigorate Republican voters to come out in mass numbers to defeat the Dream...I can just hear old Flush Limbaugh now) but the longer she stays in the race.....the longer her hate list of even Democrats grows. She is a coniving, slick, will do anything, could care less about truth, or getting caught, deceit filled, power-hungry,semi-crazy, plain old bug-eyed weird woman....who's obsessed with the desire to rule. Obama is the exact opposite....with a deep desire to serve. The two are like water and vinegar....they'll NEVER mix.

Can you picture Obama, Michelle and the girls living in the White House, and at 3 in the morning, getting constant calls from W.H. security because Wild Bill is trying to sneak somebody into the Oval Office? Or do you think Hillary would really try to help Obama's Presidency go smoothly, when the whole time she's hoping he fails so she can take the reigns in 2012. My biggest fear would be that she wouldn't wait until 2012. From the look in her eyes, she seems like the type that Obama would have to have extra security.....just to watch her ! Not to mention the daily need for a food make sure she hasn't poisoned him to fill his slot.

The only people desiring this so-called 'Dream Ticket' are the Hillary supporters. But I guarantee...the only dream that would come out of this would be called Nightmare for The Obama's !
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