Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Black Political
Supporters Should Speak Out
Against Hillary's Assassination Insinuation


By Greg Jones

The day before Hillary's horrifically diobolical assassination insinuation, I was in the midst of writing a piece regarding how we, particularly blacks, should treat black politicians who had sided with Hillary. Folks like Charley Rangel, Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, Stephanie Tubbs Jones (my Congresswoman) and the like. Here's a bit of what I had written, "...Let's rally behind them in support of their future political careers. Let's keep voting for them (as long as they keep doing a good job). Let's not go against them....in fact, let's show them some love. I know, some of you think I must be crazy but......"

Then, the very next day as you all know, Hillary made the most incredible insinuation (or hope) that anyone could make. To justify staying in the race because anything could happen....even assassination, was a true shock heard 'round the country. And, although many in the media are trying to downplay her sentiment as a misspeak or gaffe as they call it, we as blacks know the real deal. Hillary was either trying to send a subliminal message to some nut....or deeply hopes harm on Obama. WHATEVER the reason, it is a total abomination that should be addressed accordingly.

Blacks and whites nationwide have bombarded forums and blogs stating their outrage for her incredibly dangerous remark. But one group has been totally silent. Where are all of the black politicians who have supported Hillary up until now? They know, as all blacks know, that from the very first day Obama declared his candidacy, the first question that arose in the minds of all blacks was 'will he get snipered'? We all know that right out of the gate, Obama had to hire 24 hour Secret Service Protection....Why ? Because of the true threat of some nut wanting to harm him or his family.

And now, for Hillary herself to be the one sending out the little code....is just a true disgrace to herself, to her supporters and to all Americans. Every black political supporter should be demanded to speak out against Hillary's destructive mentality and rhetoric. They must each denounce her statement publicly and let it be known that they find her comments to be absolutely improper, sinister and out of line with the progress being made by so many in our country.

If they do not, they will be showing us that they have become so politicized that even the thought of the assassination of a fellow human being, let alone a brother, is a tolerable occurance in their book, which is certainly not in-line with the views and concerns of their constituents. Therefore, they MUST BE VOTED OUT ! I feel confident that this is not the case. But, we shall see. So Charley, Sheila, Maxine, Steph and the gang....please don't let us down. We're counting on you !

As the late, great Johnny Cochran may have put it...
Demand that they denounce...or they must get the Bounce !

No Wonder It Has Taken 40 Years !

Greg Jones
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