Thursday, May 8, 2008

Blacks4Barack Launches:


Following N. Carolina and Indiana, it has become obvious that there is absolutely no way Hillary Clinton can win the Democratic nomination. With 6 primaries remaining it is impossible for her to catch Obama in the delegate count, number of states won or even the popular vote, so the bottom line is she must face the fact that OBAMA HAS WON ! Hillary's staying in the race is extremely harmful to the Democratic Party, not to mention how this forces Obama to continue spending funds campaigning against Hillary instead of McCain. We know that Hillary is trying to recoup some of her losses (her 11.4 million dollar loan to herself plus her 10 to 15 million in unpaid debt) but her mismanagement of funds and inabilty to generate adequate contributions should be her loss....not a cost to Obama...therefore.... Contact the DNC to let Howard Dean know that we feel that Hillary should step down in a respectful manner since she is obvously not going to win the nomination (without cheating....which will not be tolerated)

This would be the right gesture for her political future as well as the right gesture for the Democratic Party.
Just Call The DNC Today at
.....respectfully request the DNC to ask Hillary to step-down NOW ! Then it will be time to concentrate on The Re-Birth Of America !

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