Friday, January 18, 2008

Should Hillary Apologize to Blacks for being

AGAINST Civil Rights Act of 1964 ?
Blacks Learning 'Goldwater Girl' Hillary Was AGAINSTthe Civil Rights Act of 1964....Feel Deceived !

An article by Washington columnist Robert Novak (Google: 'Hillary, King, Goldwater) reveals that Hillary Clinton was a staunch supporter of Sen. Barry Goldwater (who was adamently against the civil rights act and a segregationist) during the same period she claims in all black church appearances that she was for the civil rights movement. Blacks feel that it was impossible for Hillary to have been a Goldwater Girl and pro civil rights at the same time which leads to the assumption that Ms. Clinton is re-inventing her past. Many blacks feel deceived by The Clintons. Should Hillary Clinton make a public apology to blacks for lying in black churches