Monday, January 28, 2008

Clintons Block Airing of Hillary Movie !

Republicans Hope Hillary Wins Nomination

So GOP Can Win Presidency

You may have noticed that all of the media seems to be pushing Hillary and you've wondered why. Fact is, almost all of the cable news channels and press are owned and controlled by Republicans....and the Republicans want to win. They will do everything they can to help Hillary win the Democratic nomination because they know without doubt that the Republican nominee, whoever it is, will definitely defeat Hillary. (They're totally afraid of Obama).

The Republican Party has such an arsenal of scandalous facts on the Clintons that their mouths are just watering for the chance to tear them down. Scandal after scandal. Flip-flops. Lies, lies lies....and more lies. By the time the Republicans finish with Hillary, Chelsea won't want to vote for her own mom. One of the weapons that the Republicans have 'on the ready' is a new documentary entitled ' Hillary The Movie' which has so much information on the Clintons that they filed a law suit against the producers disallowing it to be advertised.

In a recent interview on CNN, the producer simply stated that if Hillary is the nominee, they're airing the movie one way or another. Do America a favor and don't waste your vote on Hillary. If she wins the nomination it will be your fault when the Republicans are back in the White House. Guaranteed !

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