Friday, January 25, 2008

Photo of Clintons with
slumlord' Rezko Surfaces
Means Clintons, Rezko have been friends for years !
(Rezko Raised Millions for Bush in 2003)

Hillary Clinton forgets that she has met and took a picture with Chicago slum lord, Tony Rezko. Hillary Clinton condemned Obama for the other night during a debate in regard the law firm's relationship with Tony Rezko in which Obama worked as a lawyer. Looks like the Clintons have never met a slum lord they never didn't like either.

Hillary Clinton injected the indicted developer’s name this week in heated debate with Obama: ‘I was fighting against those ideas when you were practising law and representing your contributor, Rezko, in his slum landlord business in inner city Chicago’… Clinton tells NBC ‘TODAY’ show on Friday: ‘I probably have taken hundreds of thousands of pictures. I don’t know the man. I wouldn’t know him if he walked in the door’… Developing…
I guess Hillary Clinton forgot about this meeting also when she referenced Barak Obama’s ties with Chicago slum load, Tony Rezko. With all the excuses that Hillary Clinton comes up with that she can’t remember and cannot recolect when its convenient for her … do we really need such a forgetful person as president?

Hillary Rodham Clinton dropped the name of Barack Obama’s Chicago patron into the South Carolina debate Monday night, putting front and center a tangled relationship that has the potential to undermine Obama’s image as a candidate whose ethical standards are distinctly higher than those of his main opponent.

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