Saturday, January 19, 2008

Obama Now Leads By 48 !!!

Obama just swept Hillary over the weekend with victories in Nebraska, Washington State, Louisiana, Virgin Isle and Maine on Sunday which was an incredible accomplishment going up against the 'inevitable'. But everyone must know the facts. The media has such a desire to see Hillary and McCain as the nominees that they are totally misleading the public. The Democratic nominee will be determined by who recieves the most delegate votes....PERIOD ! Not who wins which state....not even total number of votes. It's the number of delegates......that's it !!! The media wants us to feel like Hillary has the lead in the race which is an outright LIE !!!! If you listen to the media you would think Hillary just won the presidency ! DON'T BE FOOLED AMERICA. Obama is now leading by 48 delegate votes !!!! Hillary was so disgusted by her spanking that she fired her senior advisor on Sunday.
Some news outlets are also trying to fool the public by emphasizing and only posting what's called the superdelegate numbers. Super-delegates are political people who had 'pledged' their vote to a specific candidate before the first primary. Super-delegates are not counted because they can change their mind on the drop of a dime. Since they are not committed votes they should not be counted yet. It would be nice if the media would be honest for a change. Which is exactly why we need a man of true integrity.......BARACK OBAMA 2008!!! Spread the truth !!!!
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