Saturday, August 14, 2010

WATCH: President's Weekly Address
President Obama Promises to Protect Social Security
from Republican Plans to Privatize It

WASHINGTON – On the 75th anniversary of Social Security being signed into law, President Obama promised that he would protect it from the Republican leaders in Congress who have made privatization a key part of their agenda. Despite the financial crisis, they still believe that gambling Social Security on Wall Street is a good idea. This President will not let that happen. For several generations, Social Security has been a promise to America’s seniors – that they will have the chance to retire with dignity – and he will safeguard that promise.


B4B NOTE: The hot, new, anti-obama 'fear-du-jour' has been that the Fiscal Commission formed by The President is going to recommend all kinds of cuts to Social Security which will be extremely detrimental to recipients. This is absolutely NOT TRUE ! The President is dedicated to making certain that Social Security not only remains strong but also continues to serve everyone as it currently does. The concept of privatizing for corporate profits....won't happen. The idea of reducing benefits...won't happen. Boehner's desire to raise the age of eligibility to 70...won't happen. That is....unless the Republicans regain power...then frankly....we're ALL in big trouble. Another reason we MUST turn out in strong numbers this November. Spread the word. Get Fired Up ! Time to fight like your life (or check) depended on it...because it does !

It's Fight Time !

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